Yikes! I found the Yak Vendor!

(writing in the point of view of Owlaf, a level 89 Night Elf Druid, Realm: Feathermoon)

I finally managed to stumble upon a yak salesman. Yeah you heard me! Yaks! And they aren’t even yakety! I want a yakety yak!

And the salesman, Uncle Bigpocket told me, “Don’t talk back!”

Welcome to Courvelle Toyota! Would you like to test ride the 2012 gray riding Yak, on sale now, all patch 5.0’s must go!

Anyway, he sells three yaks for now. Two of them are just under three thousand gold pieces to me. One blonde (that’s a new mount color I’ve seen) and the other is gray. They seem to be small, but I’m betting what they lack in size they make up for in strength.

And that is certainly proven with the most expensive mount Uncle Bigpocket has for sale: the Grand Expedition Yak! A whooping 108,000 gold pieces, I know the moment I buy this one, I’ll have nothing but moths left in my pocket. This yak seems bigger than the others, and that’s a good thing since this one is carrying something on his back. A large series of luggage is crammed together and tied up on the Yak’s back, and hanging on either side of it are seats, and each one has someone sitting in it already. One seems to be a vendor, but what’s that other one? An arcane reforger? Wow! No wonder the price is so high. This would be much more useful than the Travelers Tundra Mammoth I have… Similar, but it doesn’t have the reforger. There also seems to be an umbrella on top of the packages… Guess it’s there to keep it all from getting wet!

I bet I’d look silly as a moonkin on this, but silly is my middle name… Owlaf-silly-moonkin. That’s me…. well, not really.

So now I know where to find the yak seller, up in the Kun-Lai Summit at the Grummle Bazaar… or is that bizarre…. no that’s strange… Anyway, 3k and 110k for these. Start saving those coppers and silvers! ^,^


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