Lost Legends: Part 2

Upon arrival at Sarthal, the second crypt in my search for the Gaulur amulet fragments, I came upon the students and teacher from the College of Winterhold. This one forgot that classes had started a long time ago, and the first field trip into the dangerous ruins was planned, if a bit impromptu. So while I’ve been running across Skyrim stealing riches, building houses, and killing dragons and things, this group of fools stood outside in the snow for Divines know how long. The nincompoops. They must be very happy I finally arrived. It’s nice to know they didn’t want to start without me.

"You're the welcome wagon?"

“You’re the welcome wagon?”

We go inside, and I am tasked with finding some magical artifacts. It took some scrutinizing  but I found three rings on the floors in some tunnels, and an amulet on the wall. Sadly it was not the amulet I was looking for, but it led the way deeper into the dungeons. My teacher follows a little, then stays behind to study a chamber full of corpses… After a while he catches up to me and we encounter Jyrik, the oldest of the three brothers from the Legend of Gauldur. It seems the Jyrik is drawing power from this big old orb behind him, and my college professor rushes to it and casts lightning at the orb, draining it of it’s power. I recall momentarily that lighting magic does drain magicka after all, and it seems to work because in a few moments, Jyrik is no long invincible. My blades cut him down in seconds.

After taking the amulet, I’m sent to the college to inform the Arch-mage, and once I do the Arch-mage tells me to visit the Arcanium, the library in the college for some information on the orb. The orc who runs the library tells me some other mage had run off with the books I need and I have to find them. Nice.

"FROST! Leave this Drgaon ALONE! I can handle this!"

“FROST! Leave this Dragon ALONE! I can handle this!”

I bypass this quest and head down into Geirmund’s Hall, just east of Ivarstead. Along the way a dragon drops out of the sky behind me. I never heard him flying overhead, but I heard him land. Rest assured, if you hear a loud THUMP behind you, be prepared to fight a dragon! Sure enough I turn around and there it is. I dismount and fight with my swords, and my horse Frost joins in the fray, rearing up and waving his front hooves at the dragon. REALLY!? Horses fighting dragons? Oh come on!

One of these days Frost I swear, a dragon kight drop out of the skies and eat you for lunch and I won't be there to stop him!

One of these days Frost I swear, a dragon might drop out of the skies and eat you for lunch and I won’t be there to stop him!

After the dragon dies I climb back into the saddle and scold my horse. “Very brave of you, but that dragon coulda one-shotted you… or bit you actually. I got ownership of you by a couple of persuasion attempts that were successful, and that’s better than buying a horse. I don’t want you to die now. UNDERSTOOD!”


Okay, so he’s not Mr. Ed.

So! Down to Geirmund’s Hall, and after quite a bit of exploring I encounter Sigdis. I’d have thought the ghost of Geirmund would have helped but I guess he was resting in peace so comfortably that he couldn’t be buggered. I shrug my shoulders as I pocket the third amulet. I exit the underground crypts and find Frost still standing under the tree where I left him. GOOD! I was hoping he’d stay put. Was actually worried he might go off hunting vampires next.

Now that I have all three amulet fragments, I have to figure out a way to restore them to their true form, all in once piece. I’m betting Gauldur himself might be able to do something about it. I get on Frost and ride along the southern roads, skirting what’s left of Helgen and stopping at Lakeview Manor, one of my homes.

When arrived I saw there were bandits all over the place. Darn! I dismount and draw my bow and start shooting at them while my horse, Frost, starts rearing up and attacking the bandits as well.

“Frost! If you don’t cut that out, you’re going to end up dead someday!!!”

I take aim at a bandit, thinking Frost is somewhere behind me. I fire my bow, and right at that moment Frost came charging into view to attack my target. The arrow hits Frost and he goes flying across the ground and lays dead near my doorstep.

“WHAT DID I TELL YOU! Argh! … Hissss! Bad Horse! Bad Horse! NO CARROTS!”

I warned you! Did you listen to me FROST!? Oh no! You just had to help! It was just a measly old bandit! Not as dangerous as a fire-breathing dragon! ARGH!

I warned you! Did you listen to me FROST!? Oh no! You just had to help! It was just a measly old bandit! Not as dangerous as a fire-breathing dragon! ARGH!


Lost Legends

Riding in the night on my newly acquired horse, Frost

Riding in the night on my newly acquired horse, Frost

Warm sands, friend.

Amaki’dar stumbles upon a book called, “Lost Legends,” which featured a tale of a great wizard who was murdered, who had three sons that fled the scene of the crime and were hunted down and slain. All three brothers, as well as Gauldur the murdered wizard, and the king’s battlemage Geirmund who had fallen in battle during the chase… well, High King Harold ordered them all to be sealed away in crypts and their names struck from all pages of history so it may never happen again. The only clue Amaki’dar has to go on is the name of a crypt outside of Solitude, Folgunthur. Amaki’dar decides to go see if the legend has any truth to it.

Amaki’dar arrives at the crypt, not far from Solitude, and it seems to her that there is already a party, perhaps inside the crypts at this very moment. A camp site with tents and supplies is near, but the fire looks as if it has burned out and gone cold days ago. I found a journal, written by someone named Daynas Valen. It seems he’s looking for an amulet within the ruins, and he has the Ivory claw to unlock it’s resting place. I rush into the ruins, hoping to catch up to him.

First thing inside, I see a pressure plate on the floor, spilled blood, and the dead bodies of adventurers and draugr. I carefully sidestep the traps and make it to the first chamber. Pillars of animal totems, and a key hole for the ivory claw are in here, and the gate is already open… I go through, and after fighting more draugr, I finally find the dark elf. It’s Daynas…. he had died right next to another key hole, and I find the claw in his pockets along with a notebook.

I found a dead Dark Elf, who has in his pockets a set of notes on the Gauldur Legend. Very informative! Thanks for the Ivory Claw, btw. Onward!

I found a dead Dark Elf, who has in his pockets a set of notes on the Gauldur Legend. Very informative! Thanks for the Ivory Claw, btw. Onward!

This book tells more detail about the Gauldur legend as Daynas had learned of it. Four thousand years ago, it seems, Gauldur was a very powerful and wise wizard, and he had three sons who were always in their father’s shadow, and they grew jealous of their father in time. The brothers names were Jyrik, Sigdis, and Mikrul. Jyrik was the eldest son, and discovered that the secret of their father’s powers came from an amulet which he never parted. The three brothers plotted together and killed their father and stole the amulet, splitting it between the three of them. They then went on a murderous rampage killing people and attacking villages with their new powers. The High King of Skyrim sent his battlemage, Geirmund, to track down the three brothers and slay them before any more harm could come to Skyrim.

Mykrul, the youngest son, was run to ground in Folgunthur, where I was standing now, and though he fought for three days and three nights, he was at last overwhelmed and entombed there… or here, actually.

Geirmund pursued Jyrik to the shattered crypts of Sarthal. Ten veteran wizards fell before Jyrik’s elemental magic, but he could not overcome them all together. He too fell, and was sealed within the ruined city.

Finally, Sigdis was cornered in the southern parts of Skyrim. He challenged Geirmund to a duel, knowing his foe was honor-bound to accept. They were evenly matched, and so they fell together on the field before Ivarstead. The King ordered a tomb built there to entomb both of them; Sigdis for his crimes and imprisonment so he may never rise again, and Geirmund so that he may watch over his old foe.

As for the wizard Gauldur, he was interred in a cave not far from where his tower once stood. Once it was done, the king declared that the names of Gauldur, his three sons, and Geirmund were to be wiped from the records of history. Under pain of death, no word of them was to be spoken, lest any try to recover the amulet that had been sealed at so great a cost.

This is a secret stash area. You can come back to it when you're finished with the dungeon. This is located in the room with the puzzle that was solved when you first enter the crypts.

This is a secret stash area. You can come back to it when you’re finished with the dungeon. This is located in the room with the puzzle that was solved when you first enter the crypts.

Well, this dark elf heard of it somehow, and he managed to get the Ivory claw that would open up the tomb leading to Mykrul, and now he was dead due to the draugr, or perhaps a combination of draugr and traps? Daynas and his henchmen did not make it far.

Guess that means I can leave… So I pick up the claw and use it to lower a nearby bridge and press on. I wasn’t going to leave without that amulet! … besides, if I didn’t press on, I’d never be rid of this quest in my log! Might as well recover it before some vampire does or something.

I eventually make it into the deepest parts of the crypt, a huge puzzle door blocking the way, but with the claw I open it easily. Inside is the tomb Mykrul was placed, and all along the walls are more sarcophagi, bound to have more draugr in them. I bet if I get  close enough then — YEP! The sarcophagus lid blasts off with bang and Mykrul gets out, and about 4 more dragur burst out of their own resting places and get ready to amble around like the undead they are.

One well aimed shot and he'll be down before you can blink... okay, maybe two... three?

One well aimed shot and he’ll be down before you can blink… okay, maybe two… three?

I draw my bow, shoot… Ffffft! Mykrul goes down with one arrow… well, three actually. I have the perk where my arrows have a chance to paralyze the target. The problem is they sometimes become paralyzed before the darn arrow even hits them, so what happened was I shot one arrow, and in a heartbeat Mykrul goes stiff as a freaking plank and falls over on his side, and the arrow goes sailing harmlessly past him. In ONE bloody second!

“Oh what a load of bull–!”

Four other draugr turn and look at me.

“Oh bother.” I shoot another arrow, and it clatters on the floor in front of Mykrul. Cursing under my breath I quickly redraw and fire the third arrow. This one finds it’s mark and Mykrul dies instantly. Since Mykrul is now dead, the other draugr he had under his control crumple to the floor like marionette puppets whose string have been cut. I sigh with relief.

Then I frown to myself.

“It took them three days and three nights to kill this guy four thousand years ago, and it only took me three freaking arrows? What the bloody hell were those Nords using back then? Feathers? Did they tickle him to death? By the two moons…”

I continue to grumble under my breath as I make my way up to Mykrul and I find the first amulet upon him. Then I find a secret passageway and, oh look, a word wall… this one is for Frost Breath! Finally, this Khajiit knows all three words of the frost breath shout. Now I can really mess with those fire-breathing dragons. Mwa-hahahaha.

Onward Frost! We must get toe Sarthaal next!

Onward Frost! We must get to Sarthaal next!

I climb out of the ruins before long and return to my new horse, Frost. I hoist myself into his saddle and click my tongue, and we starts off at a canter. I veer east, going across the freezing marsh, heading towards to college of Winterhold. I have some unfinished business there.

May your road lead you to warm sands!

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