Damn Wizard!

Khajiit welcomes you friend.

This one has become legendary, not in the game difficulty sense, but in a few skills. Leveling up archery and sneak and lockpicking is a wonderful challenge, thanks to patch 1.9 of skyrim. So lately I returned and decided to take care of a few loose ends.

Namely thievery.

Once I restored the Thieves Guild to full strength I decided to go see what this boy wished in regards to the Dark Brotherhood. Why were assassins constantly trying to kill me on the roads? I had no idea. So when I visit the boy he told me to kill someone for him, mistaking me for a member of this Dark Brotherhood. Guess my mysterious client who wants me dead will have to remain mysterious for now. I head down to Riften and kill Grelod the Kind, and eventually get kidnapped by the leader of the DB and offered invitation to the organization.

Eventually I am offered my own contract. After speaking to an apothecary assistant, she tells me to kill two people and even hands me some poison to help with the job… the poisons only do 6 points of damage for ten seconds. Bah! I’ve brewed more powerful poisons than that methinks. Still I pocket them and head out.

Once in Raldbthar, I find a gate with a master lock upon it. I pick it, only breaking about ten picks in the process and gain access to an upper level that overlooks the room that my first target is in. Up here are two stationary weapons, like over-sized crossbows that shoot giant bolts at distant enemies. These two are positioned up here, pointing directly at the bandits below, and the levers are right here. Chuckling softly, I pull the levers.

The bolts slam into the campfire and the floor, and the bandits don’t react at all. Not even a blink. I frown.

I considered my weapons. I could probably sneak about and stab them in the backs… too easy… Or I could hurl balls of fire at them… nah, not at my neglected skill. Arrows… also too easy. Hmmm… I do have a 90+ Illusion magic skill. With my current armor I don’t have the ability to lower the cost of my illusion spells greatly and my magicka is not that high, so a second level spell will do.

So I cast Frenzy upon them, and the mark gets hit with it. Immediately the other two bandits stand up as the mark draws his sword. One bandit gets behind the mark, and stabs him in the back! NICE! Then I frenzy the other bandit and she kills him too. But now the remaining bandit starts looking for me. I immediately cast Calm just for the hell of it.

“Keep your fancy magic to yourself, mage!”

I blink. Wha-?! The bandit goes and sits back down as I stifle my giggling glee. The bandit actually told me off for casting a spell at her? HA! That’s funny.

"Don't cast your fancy spells on me, mage!"

“Don’t cast your fancy spells on me, mage!”



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