A Conjurer in Skyrim Part 2: Windhelm and High Hrothgar

Rynn the ConjurerI haven’t played as a conjurer in a while, so I thought I’d dust off this old save file and summon a flame atronach and conjure a sword and go adventuring. I went up to Windhelm to visit for a bit. I get a quest to collect Queen Freydis’s Sword from a spider lair, and then go into the Forsaken Cave to find something called The White Phial. Considering that the White Phial is for an alchemist, I’m sure it’s not something to help with fingernails. Phial, not file. Anyway I go, I get them, I get back. While the blacksmith rewarded me with an increase in my smithing skill, the alchemist gave me a scant 5 gold. Now I can imagine that the sword must be covered in rust and spider webs, but the blacksmith was more rewarding than the alchemist. True, the phial was cracked, but he’s spent his whole life looking for that artifact, and he only gives me five gold. I tell off his assistant, who pays me 500 gold for the bother. THAT’S BETTER! Humph!

Hey, the greybeards are summoners too! How 'bout that!

Hey, the greybeards are summoners too! How ’bout that!

Then I head on south to the foot of High Hrothgar and climb the seven thousand steps. All this time I’ve have Lydia with me, and by now I’ve given her a dwarven shield I found (I think I found that when I was killing spiders while looking for the queen’s sword), and I’ve gotten some robes of conjuration.

There’s something weird about all this. Whenever I start a new game, I pick something like archery, or destruction, or conjuration, and level up those skills as best as possible, but when it comes down to it, I don’t get any gear to drop in chests of off monsters that give me bonuses in that area, like destruction spells cost 12% less magicka to cast, or deal more damage with bows and arrows, that sort of thing. NO! It’s always the things I don’t use, like two handed weapon bonus, or alteration robes, or heavy armor. I usually have to save up enough gold to buy the items I do want if I’m lucky enough to come across them. And then guess what happens? The next thing I kill or the next chest I loot has an item I’ve been looking for. Like say I just bought a leather helmet that does 10% more damage in archery, then a few minutes later I’m in a cave, I unlock a chest, and lo-and-behold, there’s an elven helmet that deals 15% more damage in archery… and then I’m like, Why didn’t you appear in the last chest I opened?!

Calcelmo runs into the White Phial Store when I try to kill him before he kills someone else. I backstab him with my conjured sword. Sorry about the mess, mister cheepskate alchemist!

Calcelmo runs into the White Phial Store when I try to kill him before he kills someone else. I backstab him with my conjured sword. Sorry about the mess, mister cheepskate alchemist!

Anyway, I’ve managed to get a few things, set my skills up so when I kill something with my sword then it fills a soul gem, if I have any empty ones anyway. In this way I can level up my enchanting as well. And considering that I’m conjuring a sword and using that all the time, I put a couple of perks into the one-handed tree and one in the light armor tree (I’m wearing vampire boots I enchanted to resist fire and some leather bracers to increase my magicka).

Up on High Hrothgar, I learn the second word for Unrelenting Force and the first word for Whirlwind Sprint. Now I get to go all the way back down the mountain and tell Klimmick that a climb this trip had been. Of course, I decide to avoid mentioning my training with the Greybeards, since they live in seclusion after all and I assume there is a reason three of the four are pretty silent most of the time. Master Arngeir is the only one who’s tongue isn’t tied.

Then I head back down the mountain and tell Klimmek that I delivered his supplies to the Greybeards, and shortly after that, two weirdos in orangy robes ask if I’m the dragonborn. Uh oh.

Whatever you're selling, I don't want it!

Whatever you’re selling, I don’t want it!

I try to deny it, after all I’m only just now learning how to use the voice thanks to the Greybeards, but they call my bluff, saying something about Miraak and how he’s the true dragonborn and that all imposters will be killed or something to that effect, and they attack me. I summon my flame atronach and my sword and defend myself, Lydia starts shooting arrows, and the town guard of ivarstead rushes in to help kick some arse. Once the cultists are dead I check their pockets and find a note. Seems they came from an island called Solstheim and that one Miraak sent them. Huh. Well I’m not in the mood to get sea sick and hunt down other dragonborns, if any. Instead, I pocket the letter and leave.

Time to head out.


Dreaming of Warcraft

I’m flying over the forest, dodging the trees as well as I can for a Sandstone Drake. It’s not easy to fly at 310% speed, not to mention the mounted bonus from the guild perk, but I was also carrying a passenger! I stop soaring and hover for a moment, constantly beating my wings to maintain my altitude.

“Okay, Coy, look down there. You can see that there’s a lumber mill across that lake, or river… body of water. See it? With all those tree-like elementals? And enemy monsters walking about mindlessly?”


“Okay, so, over this way,” I turn to the forest to my right and flap my way past a tree. “Over the cliff you have trees galore, and this little clearing with a polar bear in it. That’s our target.” I ponder momentarily why a polar bear is in a temperate forest. Something about this brings to mind of the coconuts from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

“Ah, okay!” Coy says. “You coming?”

I turn my head and call out, “Yeah!? You coming with us? We’re over here!”

“Look for the lumber mill!” Yeah, we were using voice chat, but we seemed to be missing out headsets and were shouting across Azeroth, but it was okay because even though our voices carry, only party members can hear us.

Then the phone rings and I wake up. When I get up and go answer it, I press the wrong button, and thus failt o answer the call. It was still pretty dark in my room though so I couldn’t see that I was pressing the delete button instead of phone. So the call goes to my machine, and the caller hangs up.

And guess what? I set the phone down, turn to my bed and think, “Shoot! I left coy hovering in midair! I gotta log back in and… wait… how to I log back into a dream and pick up where I left off…”

So you see, the one thing I hate about World of Warcraft is that there is no “save” feature because the game is always being played by other people even when you aren’t on. I sometimes prepare myself for a fight against a rare or something and go to press a hotkey to quicksave it, but nope!

I guess that applies to dreams as well. When you wake up, you can’t just go back to sleep and turn on the dream and log back in to the last place you were. le sigh!

Transmute Mastery

In World of Warcraft, there is only once class that I know of that still has specializations. That would be Alchemy. There used to be specializations in blacksmithing, which were weaponsmiths and armorsmiths, which made special weapons and armors respectively. Also, leatherworking, specializations that made certain armor types. For some bizarre reason, Blizzard did away with these specializations.

The only other profession that has a specialization is Engineering, which has goblin and gnomish engineering. As for alchemists, they actually have 3 specializations, but they all act similarly. Potion Mastery, Elixir Mastery, and Transmute Mastery, and all of them allow you to occasionally, and randomly, create more than just one item. Elixir Mastery allows you to make extra elixirs and flasks, which is great for making flasks for raiding, but if you need living steel bars for other professions like engineering or blacksmithing, then a transmute mastery is what alchemists should go for.once in a blue moon transmute

Or so I thought. For a long time, my character Owlaf had been a transmute master, and almost the entire time of the Pandaria expansion, she hasn’t seemed to have gotten an extra bar of Living Steel to proc when she transmuted Trillium Bars. I started to doubt the system and sent several “suggestions” thanks to the new blizzard submit bug and submit suggestion buttons. I was tempted to tell Blizzard where they could really shove their transmute specializations. After all I was only getting procs on Trillium bars and gemstones, but not living steel.

But today, when I transmuted some steel for a friend of mine, I finally got a proc. I created two Living Steel bars instead of the usual one, and I wasn’t even crossing my fingers. I therefore came up with the calculations for transmuting epic bars. I can only create extra Living Steel…. once in a blue moon.

Bandits, Hagravens, and Ghosts

Sapsorrow, now at level 7, has just finished clearing out the Halted Stream Camp. Before returning to Whiterun to collect the bounty and giving one mammoth tusk to Ysolda, I decide to grab the Family Sword from Valtheim Keep for Amren. So with Faendal coming along we cut across the tundra and kill three bandits that are attacking Whitewatch Tower, and I level up to 8 after hitting the bandits with a couple of fireballs. Yay! I take a few things from the bandits and give the arrows to Faendal, as well as a few other things to help ease my burden.

We follow the river, killing all the mudcrabs and slaughterfish that we find, and then assault the tower full of bandits. Normally, if you approach from the road, there’ll be one bandit that stops you and demands you pay about 200 gold to use their road. There are some speech options you can try to increase your speech skill with, but this time I didn’t have the chance to initiate the conversation. Turns out I scared an elk when I came out of the river, and the bandits tried to kill it. I guess elks refuse to pay tolls all the time. So since the bandits were already in a fighting mood, I had no choice but to start fighting them. I guess I can see the logic of the situation, I mean after all it’d be a lot easier to count out our coins when we’re dead. Forget the toll business, let’s just kill them!

Well, after the toll booth bandit is dead I run inside and go upstairs and start casting fury at some of the bandits. All the fighting has caused the bandit leader himself to come down from the tower on the other side of the river, and I had just hit a bandit on the bridge linking the two towers with fury. Naturally the bandit leader kills him quickly and then comes after me. I hit him with a combination of fireballs and my frostbite staff. Once he’s down the remaining bandits go down one after the other. Fury helps with multiple enemies, it makes them fight among themselves if you use it right. I find Amren’s Family Sword and then we head out, going back toward Whiterun.

Along the way we kill four wolves, and then we spot a fire atronach. Atronachs are elemental creatures that are summoned from Oblivion, and it looks like someone summoned a fire elemental and it killed it’s master. We shall see. I equip an ice spike spell in my right hand, and three spikes takes it down. As I examine the atronach, I see a dead witch nearby. That’s what I thought… a summoning gone wrong. Tsk tsk tsk.2013-07-08_00009

Once back in Whiterun, I head into the Bannered Mare, and the innkeeper says, “Here’s a gift. If you don’t like it, too bad,” and then she gives me a bottle of Alto wine. WOW! Nobody ever gives me a bottle of wine in real life, haha! I ❤ Skyrim! I purchase a room at the inn and spend the night; got quests to turn in and bartering to do in the morning.

As I sell the extra things to Belethor, I check to see what wares he has and I spot one rare find – a necklace of waterbreathing. It set me back by about a thousand gold, but fortunately I had a great deal of things to sell. In the end Belethor had zero gold and I had to go to Warmaidens to sell the rest. Then its off to Dragonsreach to use the enchanting table. I disenchant the necklace to learn the water breathing enchantment, then enchant several rings and another necklace with waterbreathing, then sell the extra rings and keep one necklace on hand.

After leaving the keep, a courier comes up and delivers a letter from the Jarl of Falkreath. Apparently my good deeds in Whiterun has reached Siddgeir, and he wishes me to be his thane. It would give me another housecarl and the right to buy land in Falthreath hold so I can build my own home. Hmmm, I haven’t even bought Breezehome yet. Methinks I’ll hold off from visiting Falkreath for the time being.

For now I walk all the way to Orphan Rock to get Nettlebane, a special old dagger used by a hagraven to make sacrifices of spriggans. Spriggans are kind of like atronachs, only these are of the element of nature and are usually found guarding trees and such, and no mage can summon them or control them. Why hagravens like to chop them up for sacrifices, I don’t know. I can do better with sage sticks and quartz crystals myself. Or maybe it’s through the sacrifices that the hagraven is throwing huge firebolts at me that explode when they hit me. ACK! What the hell! I hide behind a tree stump and drink health and magicka potions and then run across a fallen tree that acts as a bridge to get to the hagraven, and then I zap her with sparks to help drain her magicka. No Magicka means no healing and no firebolts. HUMPH!

Now with Nettlebane in my possession, I decide to head on around the mountain and get to Ivarstead. When I rent a room for the night, the innkeeper mentions the haunted barrow outside the town. I ask for more information, and he tells of the time when someone named Wyndelius claimed to be a treasure hunter and went exploring the barrow, and the following night they all heard screams from the barrow and never saw him again. Some time after the innkeeper himself claims he saw a ghost wandering about the barrow, so he and the villagers keep their distance from the place.

As I approach the barrow the next morning, Faendal, who’s right behind me, saus, “Look at these ruins. Might be gold inside!” I laugh to myself and we go in, and we discover that Wyndelius never did die. According to his journal he came up with a potion to make him appear spectral and he used this illusion to scare the locals into staying out of the ruins so he could explore them alone. However he could not find the dragon claw to unlock the door and delve any deeper, and so prolonged isolation, or maybe the potion itself, drove him insane, making him believe he was a ghost haunting the barrow and had to protect it from invaders. I kill him and then take the journal to the innkeeper. So that’s one myth busted, and the innkeeper is relieved to know the truth. Wilhelm gives me something as a reward for my efforts – a sapphire dragon claw.

Ironic. The treasure hunter had no idea that the locals had the claw. Hah! I take the claw and unlock the ruins and go exploring. Then we get to one of the last chambers, a room full of sarcophagi. Oh boy. The last time I came in here with a follower, I went rushing on in ahead and the gate closed on me and my follower was locked outside, thus forcing me to fight off the zombies alone. Not gonna happen this time!

I turn to Faendal and say, “I need you to do something.”

“Alright, what is it?”

I turn and tell him to wait there, and he walks right past me and into the main chamber. Now, an evil part of me wants to get locked outside and, well, Let’s see how he likes it! But I’m just not that evil, so I run in after him, and now we’re both inside and the gate locks us in, and skeletons and draugr start to rise from their resting places. Now this is what teamwork is really about Faendal! We kill all of them and head into the last chamber to loot a treasure chest and learn a word off the wall at the back of the room. So now I know the first word for Kyne’s Peace, but I lack a dragon soul to unlock it. Well… when am I ever gonna use this one anyway?

Now I’m at level 11, and I have two perks in the conjuration tree now so I can cast Soul Trap with less magicka used. This will help with filling soul gems for enchanting needs. I do have one perk in illusion and six in the destruction tree, with one perk point unused for the moment. Illusion is at 24, Conuration 26, Destruction 36. Just so you know my leveling progress. Of course sneak and lockpicking are up a little too, but I haven’t spent any perk points in those areas yet. I’m biding my time.

For now, I check my bags, and all the soul gems I got are now full, so I dual-equip firebolt and start climbing the steps to High Hrothgar…Sapsorrow

Fun Fact of Skyrim: Anise’s Cabin

Anise's Cabin is located across the river and a little northwest from Riverwood. Anise, the harmless old woman living in the woods.

Anise’s Cabin is located across the river and a little northwest from Riverwood. Anise, the harmless old woman living in the woods.

I couldn’t believe I hadn’t noticed it before. Earlier as I was playing a new game as Sapsorrow, my Dunmer mage, I was returning from Bleakfalls Barrow on foot to Riverwood. I had passed up Anise’s Cabin and saw two dots appear on my compass guide at the top of my screen. Uh-oh, bad guys. I go into a crouch and sneak around, but they don’t see me. They do see Anise, however. Anise always used to say to me that she’s just an old woman, and I always noticed that she’s a bit of a strange old hermit, living alone in a small cabin in the woods. Well, to my surprise, she gets up off her chair, conjures a familiar that dies almost right away as the bandits attack her. Shocked, I turn back and help defend her. Then once both bandits are dead, she attacks me!

I’m thinking to myself, WHAT THE HELL!?

Then I did some research of my own. It turns out that Anise was really a witch. Shouldn’t surprise me since her sister is a Hagraven. Wait, let me back up. It all started when I participated in a drinking contest with a man named Sam… After having one too many drinks, I wake up in the temple of Dibella in Markarth. After cleaning up and apologizing, the priestess tells me that while most of what I said when I arrived was slurred, she was able to understand something that sounded like Rorikstead, so I go check there. Turns out I stole a farmer’s goat and sold it to a giant. I threaten the farmer, telling him to tell me what I said or he would end up like his goat. He then tells me that I left a note, most of which was smeared, the only legible parts being “After repaying Ysolda in Whiterun.”

Now we’re getting somewhere. Finally I get to talk to someone reasonable. After all I gave her a mammoth tusk once, and I occasionally sell her sleeping tree sap when I find any. So you can imagine my surprise when she greets me rather angrily, demanding her ring back if the wedding wasn’t going to happen. I tell her I don’t care about the ring, just tell me where Sam is! She points the way to Morvunskar and that’s when I discover the whole thing was a sort of prank played on me by Sanguine, the deadric prince of debauchery. He does give me a nice weapon, one that looks great on the wall in Breezehome, and then he teleports me back to the very inn we had our drinking contest in the first place.

As for the ring, I never went after it. Turns out the ring was given to a hagraven named Moira in Witchmist Grove. Moira, I always knew from my research on the Skyrim Wiki, is actually Anise’s sister, the Anise who lives just outside of Riverwood in a shack. I always thought it was interesting, but never paid it much more mind than that.

Normally I've just stolen her book and left. It might explain why I've always overlooked this trap door in the floor, which is located near the dresser and bed in one corner of the cabin.

Normally I’ve just stolen her book and left. It might explain why I’ve always overlooked this trap door in the floor, which is located near the dresser and bed in one corner of the cabin.

Turns out there was more than meets the eye here. When I was travelling past the cabin, a pair of bandits ran past and attacked Anise. She retaliated, then turned on me. Once she was dead, I decided that there would be no harm in my examining her home and taking things. That was how I found out about the trap door.

I've been in here before as Sapsorrow, now Amaki'dar comes in to visit. Wow. Whatta place!

I’ve been in here before as Sapsorrow, now Amaki’dar comes in to visit. Wow. Whatta place!

Almost 1500 hours played in Skyrim and it took me this long to find a trap door? Then again I wasn’t looking for this one! I pick the lock and head inside, and my jaw drops! An alchemy lab and an enchanting table? A satchel for storing alchemy ingredients? And whats this letter? Oh wow. Apparently Moira was supposed to come over along with someone named Helgi. Hmmm!

“Helgi, dear, why do you hesitate? You can feel the power coursing through your blood! You have only to reach out and grasp it! Renounce that boy of yours and come, come live with me in the forest. My sister will be here soon. Together, we can form a proper coven, and your training will truly begin.”

Hall-ooooo… Well, looks like their coven won’t ever be formed. Thank goodness! I mean hagravens and a witch coven right outside of Riverwood, the first real nice town I encounter when I first entered Skyrim? No thank you! And Helgi… Helgi was the name of a little girl that died in a house fire in Morthal. No others with the name Helgi that I know of!

Back off, witch!

Back off, witch!

I exit the cellar and go outside, and Anise puts a shield up around herself and says that no one can know about her secret, the fact that she’s a witch. Well, too bad, I’m gonna blog it, wretch! And whoa, she’s attacking me with her flames spell. At the moment I’m playing on Amaki’dar, my level 78 khajiit in dragonscale armor. “Hey, that tickles. Cut it out Anise!” I shoot her in the face with one dragonbone arrow from my dragonbone bow. Maybe I should have just scratched her with my claws… oh well. Too late.

Well, now that I’ve killed her I can expect to encounter hired thugs, maybe. We shall see!

Meet Sapsorrow

The Legendary Dragon

The Legendary Dragon

Amaki’dar has reached level 78 at last, and managed to find and kill a legendary dragon, thus getting an achievement on Steam. That makes the last achievement she can get until I decide to buy the Dragonborn expansion. Till then I’ve pretty much done everything there is to do in the game. So I decided to start a new game as a Dunmer mage specializing in destruction magic. Dear readers, meet Sapsorrow!

I'm unbound and about to burn my foes to cinders!

I’m unbound and about to burn my foes to cinders!

During my escape from Helgen I chose to side with the Stormcloaks as usual. I ignore the advice that Ralof gives me about giving the axe a few swings, but I do take his gear. I’ll need armor after all. I equip a fire spell in one hand and a shock spell in the other, and once we get into the torture chamber I obtain a wizard hood and robe, which I don for magics sake. While I’m in there, I take the opportunity to pick all the locks on the cages and dungeon cells. Yep. My inner thief is peeking out. Next thing I know I’ll be heading to Riften instead of Whiterun first thing upon escaping Helgen. Sure enough I escape the dragon attack and my own execution at Helgen, and now I have the freedom to do as I see fit in Skyrim. Maybe I will become a thief int he long run, but in the meantime, I follow Ralof towards Riverwood and pick some plants along the way. I’m planning ahead, wanting to make some magicka potions when I reach town so I’ll have some on hand.

Once in Riverwood I meet Faendal, a wood elf who’s vying for affection from Camilla. Problem is he has competition. A bard named Sven is after her too, so Faendal has an idea. He gives me a letter to give to Camilla and say that it’s from Sven. When I do so, Camilla tells me to tell Sven that she’s not seeing him anymore. I tell Feandal that Camilla won’t be spending much time with Sven anymore, and he gives me 25 gold, the money he’s earned from working at the lumber mill. Sweet. Not only that but I can now ask him to follow me. A free sellsword. Nice.

Yeah, I help him cozy up to another woman, and then I ask him to come with me on many adventures. No logical, just evil. :P

Yeah, I help him cozy up to another woman, and then I ask him to come with me on many adventures. No logic, just evil. 😛

While visiting the Riverwood Trader, Lucan happens to have a few things for sale that I’d like to have. Novice Robes of Destruction for example, and a Circlet of Minor Illusion. If only I had 3856 Septims! Sadly I only have 299, after buying spell tomes for Frostbite and Fury. Swell. Lucan did suffer from a break in recently though, and he promises me some gold if I get his golden dragon claw back. Hmm!

First I head into Embershard Mine, kill all the bandits and take what I can. Back in Riverwood I sell it all and found that I make about 1100 gold in the process. Sweet. Now I’m up to 1305 gold, but it’s still too little to buy either of the items I want from Lucan. Rats! Well, C’mon Feandal, let’s go to Bleakfalls Barrow and get this over with! We go through the ruins, get the claw, I find a stone tablet and some nifty things to disenchant later, and return to Riverwood. Now I have enough gold for the robes of Destruction. Sweet! I leave and go into South Brittleshin Pass to kill a bunch of skeletons and a mage, and then use the enchanting table to disenchant the various items I found so far.

Let's see whats behind door number one!

Let’s see whats behind door number one!

Upon reflection, the way enchanting works in Skyrim is very different from World of Warcraft in many ways except one: when you disenchant an item, you destroy the item. Now in World of Warcraft, you learn enchantments from trainers, vendors, and from random formulas that you might find from monsters all over Azeroth. You disenchant magical items (armor or weapons) to get materials you need to create new enchantments that can be placed on armor or weapons, and you can either enchant your own items that you are already using or put them on enchanting velum to save them for later or store them in the guild bank so others can use them.

In Skyrim on the other hand, you learn the enchantments by disenchanting armor and weapons, and you only have to do this once per enchantment. Then in order to enchant an item, you need the item in question, a learned enchantment, and a filled soul gem. Soul gems are usually empty, so either you use a weapon that has a soul trap enchantment on it, or you cast the spell Soul Trap on an enemy. Either way, when you use Soul Trap on an enemy and kill it in time, then their soul gets trapped in the soul gem, and then you can use it to create new enchantments or recharge enchanted weapons. Very different ways of enchanting, eh? I think I prefer World of Warcraft’s version, in the sense that you don’t have to kill and use the souls of living things to power enchantments. Skyrim’s version is a little darker, but then again it is simpler than WoW’s. In WoW, there are a lot of different enchanting materials, some of which are hard to come by and more expensive to obtain.

To the batmobile Robin! Wait... wrong batcave!

To the batmobile Robin! Wait… wrong batcave!

So when I was finished disenchanting some items and learning new enchantments in the process, I leave the caves through the northern exit. Faendal says, “Hey, look! A cave! Wonder what’s inside!” I glare at him and say, “You block-head! We just came from there!” I wonder if he’s on Skooma. We head east towards Whiterun and help the Companions kill a giant and offer me membership. Not sure if I’ll join right now. After all I am a spell caster, not a warrior. Then on inspiration, I head on east even further and go into another cave, this one being a bandit lair called White River Watch.

First thing I know is that I’m being greeted by a blind bandit who mistakes me for someone else and tells me that the boss is waiting up at the summit, and that I better not keep him waiting. Ah. Thanks for the heads up there, human! I then cook him in his own armor and proceed. Next are some bandits plotting a mutiny. I cast Fury on one of them and he gets killed in the ruckus, then Faendal and I kill the others. Then we overhear some bandits talking over a captured wolf, trying to decide whether or not they can tame it. I find a chain on the wall and pull it. The cage door opens and the wolf attacks the bandits. In the end we kill all the bandits, including their leader, and then head back down to Whiterun.

I steal some Argonian Ale for a beggar, discuss how we might repair the tree in the center of Whiterun, and then check in at the tavern for the local gossip before getting some rest. I learn of a face sculptor in Riften, the Shrine of Azura, the Companions are hiring, and that the Jarl put out a bounty on some bandits in Halted Stream Camp. The next morning it’s raining, and I go talk to Ysolda and Amren, and now I get to find a mammoth tusk and a Family Sword. Yep. I like to be kept busy!2013-07-07_00012

So now I got tell the Jarl of Whiterun about the dragon attack on Helgen, and then we visit with the court wizard named Farengar, whom I tell, “Look out! You’re about to step on your own Shock Rune!” He says, “What, I never even cast a… ah I see. You have some knowledge of the higher art,” and then he starts to tell me about his research and asks me to go get a dragonstone from Bleakfalls Barrow. But I’ve already been there so I already have the stone.

Next is when I go out and slay a dragon. At level 6? Good thing I have reinforcements! Ireleth and the guards come with me, but Faendal is nowhere in sight. Where is that wood elf of mine? By now I have a few perks invested in the Destruction tree and I tookt he precaution of buying some new spells from Farengar, namely Firebolt and Ice Spike. When the dragon attacks, sure enough he’s a fire breather, so I attack with Ice Spikes. After a nice little battle, the dragon dies and I take his soul and shout, “FUS!”

When I head back to Whiterun, a courier comes to me with a letter from a friend. Turns out some folks were uneasy by my shouting at the Western Watchtower. It seems to me that unless my voice carried that far, the only folks who heard the shout was Ireleth and the guards who were with us. So if they were the ones who knew about my shouting, why is it that they’re over there and the courier is coming from the city? I shrug my shoulders and accept the delivery. This guy oughta work for FedUp. I read the letter, turns out I can learn a word of power at Northwind Summit, which is somewhere between Riften and Windhelm. Joy. Rapture.

I get back to the palace and tell the Jarl that the dragon is dead and I am Dragonborn. And oh look, it’s Faendal! WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN!? I give you a hide helmet of minor archery and you hide in the map room while I go kill a bloody dragon? BAD WOOD ELF! Gimme that helmet back! DISENCHANT!

Now it’s time to go everywhere and do everything. ^-^

Watch the sky…

Thanks for dropping in!

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“I’ve got to keep my eyes open! Damn dragons can swoop down at any time!”

I rolled my eyes as I walk past the guard who says this to me, and I say, “Yeah yeah, here, have some coffee. That should help keep you up tonight… ” Then as I cross a bridge I keep talking to myself, “but if only I had a septim for every time I heard that. I mean seriously. This never happens. NEVER! I mean a guard says the dragons can swoop down at any time, oh sure. At ANY time… except at that very moment. I mean what are the odds? A guard says that the dragons can swoop in at any moment and a dragon attacks right after that? Yeah right. That’s never gonna–”

SWOOSH…. a familiar black shadow crosses the bridge so fast I can’t get a screenshot, but I do stop and think, “No… EFFING…. WAY!” and turn around. Sure enough, said damn dragon is now attacking the guards!


It’s one of those moments. It commonly happens in the morning when I start playing. I think of something, and… well… SWOOSH, in this case.

I run  back across the bridge and join the attack. At first the dragon breathed fire at the guards just outside of Honningbrew… erm, Black-Briar Meadery West, and now he’s flown off to the other side of the river to attack the farms. Oh sheesh. Being a Khajiit, I HATE WATER! Oh well, it only goes up to my knees. GRR.

A short battle later and the dragon dies and I take it’s soul.

Next time a guard says something like, “Watch the skies, traveller.” or “…damn dragons can swoop down at any time.” Then you know where I’ll be looking.


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