Ragnaros Heroic

Last night Owlaf went back into the Firelands with help from her guild and a couple of random players we pugged from the city. Personally I wouldn’t mind bringing my mage in there someday to try for some cool gear, and other times I wish I could trade off my legendary quest to my mage, but that’s not possible at all. In fact, I wish the current legendary quest applied to all characters. I mean, my mage is the one who’s furthest along on the quest, getting slowly closer to getting the cloak, but all my other alts are either on the first phase or the second phase, or stuck on the Change of Command quest. I’m just wondering why can’t Blizzard do this for the current legendary… have it account bound. Meaning my mage has unlocked the first three rewards from the legendary (the weapon gem, the socket, and the helmet gem), so why not let all my alts have access to all these rewards instead of having to grind on all of them separately? It’s very tedious and tiresome, and it’ll be out of date soon anyway, as soon as Blizzard comes out with another expansion and we all move on to level 95 and get a new legendary to work on….

Anyway, I digress. Poor Owlaf has been on this legendary quest ever since it came out, which was years ago, and she’s still on the last phase of the quest in question. She has to collect 250 smouldering essences off the killed bosses in the Firelands, and once that’s done she needs to kill Ragnaros and loot his heart from him. The heart part cannot be looted until I get all 250 of the essences first, and as of last night, Owlaf has 180 essences. Just 70 to go now!

The way it works is that when the boss dies, if someone is on the quest then the dead body will have a duff on it called smouldering. I then equip my staff and use it to channel a spell, which syphons the essences off the dead boss. The exact amount varies depending on the size of the raid and the difficulty.

Well, last night with this group we decided to do, we planned to do it on heroic so we could get more essences from the bosses for me. There was also another agenda for heroic: we had already beaten all the other bosses on heroic except for Alysrazor, and the only way to kill Ragnaros on heroic was to kill all the other bosses on heroic as well. Alysrazor gave us trouble in the past, but this time it was pwn or bust.

First we got down the fire spider boss, and I was able to syphon the essences off that boss. Then we downed lord Ryolith, and we even got an achievement for that one by simply dpsing his right foot only. With the damage we could do at level 90 and during patch 5.4, it was pretty quick. Normally we’d have to steer him onto volcanoes to weaken his armor. In this case, several of them spawned right under his feet, and our ultimate dps did the rest.

Then Ryolith died, and for some reason I could not syphon the essences. Odd, I thought to myself and mentioned it to the raid, and proceeded to open a ticket with Blizzard about it. I mean I’ve been working on this quest for two years, I’d like to get some progress, you know?

So then we moved on to Alysrazor, and we down her on heroic mode in flying colors! Then, lo and behold, while I’m just getting ready to syphon the essences off the boss, I see one of the stranger pugs, a mage, doing it. It turned out she was on the legendary quest too, and according to her, she only needed to kill ragnaros to get the heart and no longer needed the essences. And yet here she was, syphoning essences just for the hell of it. Needless to say I was furious. Since she syphoned the essences off the last two bosses it meant that I could not do the same, so in reality she was stealing my quest progress.

Leadership of the raid was then passed to me, and after a minute of chewing the mage out, I reported her for cheating, put her on ignore, and kicked her out of the raid. Good riddance.

All the same, I was still mad for the rest of the run. I even altered my ticket to alert blizzard to this foul play, but I doubt they’d do anything at all. The great and powerful GMs are no more. Now it’s the game developers who have all the power to change stuff in the game and you have to submit a suggestion or a bug report to them to get any real progress. GM’s are just customer service, which does NOTHING.

We considered kiting one particular boss for an achievement, but in the end we decided it’d be easier if we just did that on normal mode, and we killed the rest of the bosses on heroic to unlock and kill ragnaros on heroic. I’ll admit, we wiped a few times on Ragnaros, but it was mainly due to bad luck with the adds from the splitting blow. When one player had to leave we managed to get more guildies in, and it turned into a guild run at last. On that attempt was when we downed it, and our guild “LOWERCASE” got the guild achievement at last.

Special thanks to my friend and guildie Voldemort for this screenshot. Good game!

Special thanks to my friend and guildie Voldemort for this screenshot. Good game!

Then I remembered one other thing and double checked my personal achievements. Once confirmed, I nodded to myself and announced it to the rest of my friends: By killing Ragnaros on heroic mode, we have unlocked the title “Firelord” for our characters!

So now, Owlaf is “Firelord Owlaf.”

The downside is that I missed out on some of the smouldering essences from a couple of the bosses, but at least I made some more progress last night. 180/250 Smouldering Essences, then I can kill Ragnaros again and loot his burning heart from him and complete the quest at last.

Congratulations to LOWERCASE, level 25 alliance guild on Feathermoon, for downing Ragnaros on Heroic Mode in the Firelands. Also grats to the following players for coming and getting their “Firelord” titles and for helping me with the legendary quest: Warguz, Mommia, Akainakali, Mamasun, Voldemort, Yurameshi, Gankingpally, and Draynam. Good job everyone, it was an awesome run!


The Woes of Owlaf

Now that patch 5.4 is out there in World of Warcraft, we all get to run around like chickens with our heads cut off, killing mobs elite and rare left and right. None of my toons got the legendary cloak, and according to Blizzard Entertainment, this means I cannot kill the new world boss at all. Elitist jerks, how dare they.

Then out of curiosity, I decide to try and solo a warbringer. Yeah, you heard me. Those Zandalari Warbringers that were introduced in patch 5.3 as part of the troll invasion of Pandaria. Normally, it would take a group of five to take one on: A tank, a healer, and three DPS, but the more the merrier. I was soloing the thing today. The one I hate the most is the ones that cast fear.

Where's the referee? I seriously need the judges ruling on this!

Where’s the referee? I seriously need the judges ruling on this!

Now I don’t know about you, but I detest fears with a passion. I would think that it’s impossible to scare a druid in bear form. I mean, have you ever seen a grizzly bear running for it’s life? If anything, that troll ought to lie down and play dead and hope I go away. But no. Every so often I get feared and start running around out of control, sometimes right up to the vengeful spirit who’ll take a couple of deadly swipes at me. I’m careful though, using my abilities and cooldowns to stay alive. I can be a pretty good tank when I want to be.

Well, while fighting the Warbringer in Krasarang Wilds, naturally he’s on a small sandy island surrounded by water. Most of it is shallow enough to stand in, but then it gets deeper the farther away. When I get feared that far, to the point where I’m swimming away, the Warbringer follows me, cannot “swim” per say, and begins to evade my attacks and could very well reset. Well I make it back to shore and onto the sand, and the warbringer is with me all the while. I think to myself, Yes! I kept him from resetting! Sweet, he’s not evading anymore. Nice! and I continue to pwn.

A flat second later, while in combat and without him running back to his spawn location, he’s back to full health. I had him at 1%, and he resets so I have to fight him all over again… another ten minutes of fighting? You are kidding me Blizzard.

So when you get feared, and if you take a swim, odds are the mob will reset even if you get back to shore, which I think is crazy and just plain wrong. Ten minutes of fighting, I get it down to 1%, and it resets to full health? What’s the point of even trying?

I’d love to get all three mounts, seeing as how I have yet to even get one, but at this rate, it’s just insane.

Of course it would take me a long time to get these Warbringers down by myself. Well, I would tackle them with my friends, if they weren’t so busy running around on an island where time ceases to exist. I did encounter two lower level players the other day though, who were after the warbringers not only for the loot, but for the XP as well. The problem was as a healer and a dps, they couldn’t take on the warbringers and so only took on the scouts. I joined up with them and we could bring down the Warbringers within a few short minutes. Their dps was low, but it helped.

One of the warbringers dropped the mount and I was ecstatic at first and rolled Need. I lost the roll. The healer won it and learned it right away. I leave group, a little disappointed and fly away to do some archaeology. Halfway through a dig site, I get a curious feeling about the roll on the mount and type /loot. It brings up the loot window and I check on the box to see who rolled what on the mount. The healer rolled a 48… and so did I.

That pissed me off. I hated ties. To me, it didn’t show any sign whatsover of a tie breaking roll. It seemed to be that the game say two high rollers and merely rewarded the mount to one person at random. I was incensed. I would think that if there was a tie, the game would announce it and automatically reroll the tied players to help break it. Or if it didn’t reroll to break the tie, then it should have rewarded the loot to the players who tied, meaning both of us should have gotten a mount.

But nooooo.

Poor Owlaf the Night Elf Druid. Unlucky at loot rolls and drops. Far behind all those folks with the legendary cloaks. Nerfed beyond compare and reason. Always suffering from one disappointment after another.

Thank you World of Warcraft, thank you Blizzard Entertainment. I just love being angry, incensed, perturbed, furious, and otherwise upset about the evil random number generator god, who does not favor me at all.

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