My Hunter’s Insomnia Adventure

Yeah, it’s been a long time since I posted here. Sorry for the MIA, but you know how it is.

My hunter in World of Warcraft. She’s on the server Feathermoon, and is a worgen. For the Alliance! I woke up early this morning and logged onto my hunter for a bit. Her name is Escaflowne, named after the TV series of the same name. I tend to name her pets after certain characters in the series, like the corehound is Dilandau, the T-rex is Sherezade, one of my spirit cats is Nariya, and so on.

Well, for the last few months I’ve been using a transmog that was troll based. But while adventuring on the Timeless Isle last night, I happened upon a random blue item drop. It was “Ennadee’s Twirling Longbow.” Small looking and thin, I couldn’t help but realize that this bow matched the heroic pandaria mail gear with the gold and white. So I checked my void storage to see what I had and made a list via my mog-it addon. The only things I was missing was a pair of boots and a belt. I made it easier on myself and had my leatherworker spend two of her spirits of harmony to buy the pvp patterns I’d need and craft the two pieces of gear, and having plenty of scales I had no problem making these.

Then I thought about a cloak. One model that looked nice dropped from Glubtok in the Deadmines on heroic mode. I had no desire to go digging around in that place, so I looked for duplicates. It turned out the exact same model dropped from the second boss in Magister’s Terrace on normal mode. I figured I’d go run through there and see if I could get it to drop, and even if it didn’t I’d be getting reputation with the shattered sun offensive. First though I went through it on heroic to see if I could get the orb that turns you into a blood elf. No luck there, so I exit the dungeon and run through it a few more times on normal mode, but with no luck. When the game wouldn’t let me run it again (“You have entered too many instances” message), I hearthed back to the shrine to consider other models, sell my junk and blues, and repair a bit.

Finally I decided to try for the similar models that were rewarded from quests. One of which was in the Nexus. I consider the idea and decide to take a taxi out there. Sure enough it was the one quest that has you kill the last boss in the place, and we all know how big the nexus is. Good thing I’m a worgen engineering hunter. When I wasn’t fighting, I was aspect of the cheetah/darkflight/rocketboots. ZOOM!

So in the end I got the cloak I was looking for and I managed to get my transmog to look like is does now in these images. But before I went into the nexus to do that quest for the cloak, I decided to go into the Eye of Eternity and kill Malygos. I already had the blue drake, but I wanted to try for the azure. I got him down to 20% before he became unattackable and I had to kill the flying adds. Then once on a drake it was just a matter of staying out of static fields, pressing 3 to restore my health, 1 to put a few combo points on Malygos, and 2 to consume the combo points to apply a stacking DOT on him. The more you stack that, the faster his health goes down, trust me.

Well, once Malygos went down, I wasn’t thinking like this: “PleasedropPleasedropPleasedropPleasedropPleasedropPleasedropPleasedropPleasedropPleasedropPleasedropPleasedropPleasedropPleasedropPleasedropPleasedropPleasedropPleasedropPleasedropPleasedropPleasedropPleasedropPleasedropPleasedropPleasedropPleasedrop…”

I just thought, “well another day, another pwn. let’s check the cache and see what I get to sell.”

I didn’t believe my eyes! Malygos dropped BOTH DRAKES! Blue and Azure at the same time! WOW! Shame I already knew the blue one and had no way to sell or trade it to anyone since it was soulbound and I ran the instance alone in the wee hours of the morning. So instead I had to delete the blue one, but I definitely kept the azure one. I’ve been hoping to get this one for a long time.

So after the malygos kill and putting the azure drake in my stables, bringing my mount count to 187, I went and got my cloak, hearthed home to store my items in the void storage and alter my transmog, and all done!


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