Snow Veil Sanctum Answer

I was looking at my blog stats this morning and came across something interesting. In one of my stats I get to see how people reached my blog, and one of them is searches. One of the searches was this:

snow veil sanctum after you are shot you end up outside is there any reason to go back in

I never went back before, to be honest. Snow Veil Sanctum is only accessible during the Thieves Guild quest line, and going in there not only gets you ahead in the quest line for the Guild, but there are some rewards to discover as you go through the tomb. The dungeon is almost a test of your skills, but sometimes Mercer Frey will attack when you’re trying to sneak past a group of draugr, or you try to kill one and he wakes the other five nearby.

However, there are some notable items that can be found in the sanctum while you are tripping the traps and waking angry demented zombies:

  • Model Ship can be sold to Delvin Mallory (when attempting to pick up the model ship, avoid shooting the explosive lanterns above, as they will throw items nearby all around the area making it difficult to loot some of them).
  • Light Armor skill-book Ice and Chitin in the same room as the Dragon Word Wall
  • Skill book, Three Thieves – bone chimes room.
  • Word Wall – Disarm

The word wall for the Disarm shout is one of the last things of interest in the ruins, except for the quest itself. Once you’re shot, the quest ends and the new one starts when you recover outside. The last room in the dungeon is locked with a puzzle door, and Mercer Frey uses his own “key” for unlocking it, and if you’ve completed the entire quest line, you’ll know which key this is. When you go in, you get shot and a cut scene occurs. Once it’s over you’re outside the sanctum. The only thing worthy of note in that last room is a skeleton, presumed to be Gallus.

If you managed to find the skill books, the model ship, and the dragon shout, and if you completed the quest in question, then there is no real reason for going back in there unless you wanted to sneak past Draugr that might have respawned. I wouldn’t know because I’ve never gone back, never saw a need to since I always get the word wall and the model ship, which are the two things I recommend getting if you never want to go back in there again.

I hope whoever was searching for the answer to their question reads this, and I hope it helps.

Eyes open. Walk with the Shadows.


Another Owlaf Druid. Hoot Hoot!

It's an Owl!

It’s an Owl!

My favorite realm of Feathermoon has all 11 character slots filled, so when Feathermoon was merged with Scarlet Crusade, I was able to make more characters and have them in my guilds that are on Feathermoon. In a sense, the two realms are one. The only annoyance is having to exit the character menu to select the realms in question. If Blizzard Entertainment reads this, then my recommendation would be to come up with a way to display all characters on merged realms. Use an arrow to scroll through the list… or make them all minimized icons, and when you click on it to select it, it loads it’s basic information such as level, class/race, location, professions, and so on. Of course, it’s just an idea…

At any rate, I created a new druid on Scarlet Crusade, a Troll named Owlaf… Yes yes, I already have an Owlaf on Feathermoon, and now I have another one. When I type /played, it shows me that I’ve played a total of 3 days and 17 hours. That much play time and I’m at level 86. Woot!

So I pug into a couple of dungeons just to do the quests and hope for some blue items, and I still need to replace my shoulders, but while in Jade Temple, the warlock dies and goes AFK during the first fight. By the time we’re at the third boss area he still hasn’t said a word, let alone released and rezzed. The rest of us get into a little discussion as to what to do with him.

Why we kick people who go AFK... and how we come to that reasoning.

Why we kick people who go AFK… and how we come to that reasoning.

Even in a dungeon group with random, total strangers, they still refer to me as Owl. I love it. 🙂

Or at least they recognize the Owl part of my name, which is a nickname I enjoy using. With my comment in the instance channel, I was thinking of myself as a troll witch doctor, sort of. Yet because of my name, I was still thought of as an Owl. I was surprised.

Owl guess that this is the beginning of a lot of fun times… times of shrinking heads, playing with voodoo dolls, and pecking the eyes out of my enemies. Taz-dingo!

Low Level Mount – Sea Turtle FTW!

Meet my newest toon – Amaki. A female Troll hunter. Being at a low level I always like to come up with ideas on how to develop my toons in World of Warcraft early on. So for my hunter, I once again decided to go with mining and engineering. Now engineering was great for making bullets and arrows for ranged weapons, which was a must up until the end days of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, but then right as Cataclysm was being released, Blizzard did away with all ammunition, so now hunters never run out of ammo. Now I do admit it is nice not having to worry about restocking your supply of ammo or worrying about having the best ammo equipped, but I do miss being able to make my own ammo and working hard to get the best. The best arrows/bullets at the time were a reward for gaining reputation with the Ashen Verdict, and almost right after I got the recipe for that, they released the change that removed them from the game forever. FML.

Turtles all the way down!

Turtles all the way down!

But with engineering, you can still make weapons. Early on you can make sticks of dynamite that you can throw at a targeted location on the ground, and you can make scopes that you can attach to any gun, bow, or crossbow, and you can even create these ranged weapons as you level up. At end game, you can make the best scopes to attach to your weapons, and when you first hit max level, if you leveled your engineering up too, you can probably make a decent weapon to use until you can get a better one to drop in a raid or heroic dungeon. So as you can see, Engineering is an excellent choice for a hunter. Not to mention being able to make helmets that resemble goggles.

So as I was leveling the engineering and mining skills, I recalled that the Darkmoon Faire was open for the week, so I took a teleport from an NPC in Orgrimmar and headed on in to play the games and do quests for my professions. Then on a whim I decided to hunt and kill the Darkmoon crawlers that lurk in the waters around the island for their meat and claws so I could level my cooking skill. Sure, I could wait till I get to Pandaria and level my cooking in a pinch there, but I also like to cook as a level as well. Each to their own.

Now as I was swimming about and sniping level 10 crawlers, a thought occurred to me… These crabs were spread out in the water and I might eventually get all the way around the island, but I swim so slowly! Then I remembered the Sea Turtle.

The Sea Turtle is the only mount in the game that has to level requirement or skill requirement in order to ride it, even though the game will tell you otherwise. To get the idea, if you have a low level character, You can open your pet/mount window by holding down SHIFT and pressing P. When you do that, select the tab for the mounts you have on your account. Below level 20, and without training, they should all be grayed out. Even the Sea Turtle will be gray, and mousing over it, it will tell you “You do not meet the requirements for this mount.”

But in fact, the Sea Turtle CAN be used at ANY level. Normally I’d click and drag a mount icon to my action bars so I can click on there easily to mount up, but at a low level you can’t do that until you get the riding training. Yet there is a way. You can make a macro that lets you mount on your Sea Turtle, if you have one.

Open up the menu by pressing Escape, then click on the word “Macros”, and name whatever name you wish for your new macro, and in the edit box for the macro’s programming, just type the following:

/cast Sea Turtle

and that’s it! You can even leave the icon for this macro as a question mark, and it will automatically use the icon for the sea turtle itself if you did this correctly. Then you can move the button for the macro onto your action bar, then click and voila! You’re on your sea turtle!

The Macro Menu. I use an addon called Macro Toolkit, just fwi

The Macro Menu. I use an addon called Macro Toolkit, just fwi

Now as far as mount speed is concerned, the reason you CAN mount on this at a low level is because the sea turtle is the only mount in the game that moves at the default run speed on land, so your sea turtle won’t go faster than you can on foot. However, it is a fast swimmer. Normally when you swim, you move at 67% speed in the water. 100% speed is your run speed on land. On the sea turtle, your swimming speed is increased by 60%. That means on a Sea Turtle, you’ll be able to swim in the water at 108% speed. That’s faster than walking on land, and it’d way faster than swimming dog-paddle or froggy style.

And here’s a bonus: The guild perk for increasing mount speed applies to the Sea Turtle, but only on land – swim speed is not altered. So players who are not in a guild or are in a low level guild without the perk, their turtles would move at the same speed as walking on land – but for guilds who have the perk, the sea turtle will move at 110% on land. It may not seem much, but imagine to look on that player’s face when you pass him up on a turtle on the way to the quest giver!

when you're not moving, hit the Spacebar or type /mountspecial to see what your mount does. Horses rear up on their hind legs, wolves growl. The Sea Turtle goes into it's shell!

when you’re not moving, hit the Spacebar or type /mountspecial to see what your mount does. Horses rear up on their hind legs, wolves growl. The Sea Turtle goes into it’s shell!

Now the question you might be asking yourself is, where can I get this fabulous mount? Well, that’s the tough part. You’d have to fish it up, and be extremely lucky as well. You can fish this mount up from any pool of fish (not open water) in Northrend, Cataclysm zones, Pandaria, and from the Shipwreck Debris around Darkmoon Island. I got mine unexpectedly while fishing for Emperor Salmon just outside the Stormstout Brewery in the Valley of the Four Winds in Pandaria. I don’t remember if I was using bait or fishing gear at the time, but my jaw did drop when I got this mount.

From me to you, I wish you all the best of luck for this mount if you’re still fishin’ for it, my congratulations to those who got it, and my thanks for reading this blog. I hope you make use of this macro for your low level toons that have the sea turtle in your collection. 🙂

Heimskr… Fixed by Unofficial Skyrim Patch, and Scorned by Inigo!

Behold Heimskr! This resident can be a target for the thieves guild on occasion, but once his house is destroyed by the civil war he no longer can be robbed or anything like that. But perhaps this character in Skyrim is more known for standing in front of a statue of Talos and giving his speech all day long. He is a priest of Talos, and a doomsayer of sorts. His sermons can be heard as you head to the temple of Kynareth, or up to Dragonsreach, or over to Jorrvaskr where the Companions are located, so odds are you either stood nearby to listen to the whole thing, or you heard bits and pieces of it over time and heard the whole thing anyway. Some players may kill Heimskr just to silence him. I did in one game, and came to regret the decision because as I would traverse Whiterun from the shops in the market up to the palace, I’d hear nothing; it felt as though something was missing.

After I completed the civil war questline… I probably should mention that I always join up with the Stormcloaks, mainly because first thing in the game you are a prisoner of the Empire and are about to have your head cut off. Given the choice, I’d go with the Stormcloaks any day of the week. That being said, I’m not sure what happens to Heimskr after the battle for Whiterun if you sided with the Imperials, but I do know what happens when you side with the Stormcloaks and win the battle for this city. As far as Heimskr goes, his house is destroyed, but I think that along with Severio Pelagia’s house is always destroyed no matter which side you are on. However, Severio will always die, but Heimskr will live. Heimskr’s house being destroyed, he will set up a tent between Jorrvaskr and the statue of Talos. Since I never side with the Imperials, I don’t know if he continues to deliver his sermons in front of the statue or if he’s arrested and thrown into the jail in Whiterun. But if you sided with the Stormcloaks, he sleeps in his little tent at night and delivers his sermons during the day in front of the statue.

To the left you can see Inigo, and behind him is what's left of Heimskr's house. To the right you can see Heimskr himself, fully clothed and preaching away.

To the left you can see Inigo, and behind him is what’s left of Heimskr’s house. To the right you can see Heimskr himself, fully clothed and preaching away.

The only problem before was this: After the battle for Whiterun(Stormcloaks), Heimskr would be in rags instead of his robes. A bug to be sure. My thoughts would be that when you deliver the axe to the Jarl, he tells you to take it back and then asks his Steward to get some ink and the good parchment, so he can send a letter to Solitude to officially side with the Empire. Once the Imperials arrive, have to enforce the White-Gold Concordat, they arrest Heimskr for worshiping Talos. Then the battle for Whiterun occurs. Unbeknownst to us, the Stormcloaks release Heimskr from prison so he can resume his sermons to the great and mighty Talos… but thanks to a bug in the game, they forget to give him his clothes.

And that is why, folks, Heimskr will preach Talos in rags (or undergarments if you wish to call it that).

Fortunately there is a way to fix that. A certain series of mods that applies fixes to the games is available, the one in particular is called “Unofficial Skyrim Patch,” written by a team of programmers I assume who devote themselves to discovering bugs and repairing them as well as editing graphic problems, fixing broken quests, audio and subtitles, you name it! I can’t begin to explain all their fixes, but suffice it to say that they’re constantly doing what Bethesda is not (or so it seems to me), and that is making sure the game continues to run as best as possible.

The most recent file was released on February 19th, 2014, as of this blog anyway. I’m sure they’ll come out with more fixes in the future, but there was one fix I saw in their changelog that made me laugh out loud. I quote:

  • One more chance Heimskr, either you’re fixed now or we’re undoing everything we’ve been trying to fix for you!

I saw that and laughed to myself, and I guessed that this was in reference to the fact that after the civil war quest is completed on the Stormcloak side then he’d still be cloaked in rags. So I updated my mod and loaded the game and went straight to Whiterun, because he was still in rags to me and I wanted to see if it was indeed fixed.

Unfortunately he was still in rags. So I fast traveled to the stables nearby and made a fresh save (I’ll call this “Save A”). Then I exited the game and opened my Nexus Mod Manager(NMM), the program I use and recommend for adding and organizing mods to Skyrim, and I unchecked all the Unofficial Patch mods so they would not load. Then I loaded the game and “Save A” at the stables, and immediately saved it as a new file, let’s call it “Save B”. Once saved I exited the game again, then in NMM I reactivated the Unofficial patches and reloaded the game, and loaded “Save B”… Save B was the clean save, so now with the patches activated, it should work correctly. I fast travel to Dragonsreach so I can run down the steps and see Heimskr.

Sure enough, performing a clean save uninstall/re-install worked like a charm. Heimskr was delivering his sermons as usual, and he was wearing the orange and yellow robes of the priesthood like he was supposed to. Congratulations goes out to the Unofficial Patch Project Team, it works as far as I can tell! Fixed for sure!

Now I do use another mod, called Inigo. It adds a unique follower to the game that has many dialogue options, witty comments in casual settings or in combat, and even tells you how he thinks you’re doing if you ask him. He’s a khajiit, with a unique coloring of fur that is not seen on any other in the game, and he behaves like any other follower in the game, except he’s more chatty and witty. Normally I never play with a follower in tow, but after I discovered this mod, I never go anywhere without him.

Inigo's comment about Heimskr.

Inigo’s comment about Heimskr.

So today as I was testing out the fix for Heimskr, Inigo and I were near him, and he made a few comments I never heard him say before, and it made me laugh.

If I were to recommend some mods for this game, one would be the Unofficial Skyrim Patches, and they have more than one, so if you have the addons for Dawnguard, Hearthfire, Dragonborn, and even the High Resolution Packages, then you’d want to have the Unofficial Patches for those too. The other mod I’d recommend would be Inigo. Take him with you wherever you go. Granted, there might be a few places he can’t go with you, like to jail or the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary in Falkreath for example, but in all other places, he’s a riot! A must have for you adventures in Skyrim!

Talos be with you!

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