Aching Feet and Tennis Elbow, What’s Next? Wait, Forget I Asked!

I guess you can say I work too hard at my day job. I tend to do a lot of the chores, and I’m starting to get the bad back and arthritis to prove it. I know aging is a fact of life and everyone gets old and gray, and I don’t really have a problem with that. It’s the problems that can come with aging. The aches and the pains that we go through in our lives.

I still can’t believe that I got tennis elbow… and I don’t even play tennis. The only time I held a racket was back in high school where I tried to play tennis, but only because it was part of the curriculum, you know, learn about all the different sports, exercise and health and all that. But tennis elbow? I managed to get that from moving boxes at work. All that heavy lifting. So I’ve had to deal with that since just before Halloween. It turns out it takes forever to heal, and of course there is a possibility of it recurring in the future.

Makes me wish I could steal the delorean and go back in time and warn myself about the tennis elbow, and even then slap myself in the face and tell me to take better care of myself! Ah well.

But over the Black Friday weekend, it wasn’t the elbow that bothered me so much, it was my feet. My shoes are pretty much too old and I need a new pair, but my problem is I can’t find the pair I really need, and that’s extremely funny because I work in a retail store that sells… shoes.

The plus side is if we’re not busy and I did all my cleaning duties and whatnot, I can browse our own merchandise and try on shoes to see what fits. Unfortunately, nothing does. So I turn to getting inserts to put in, you know, insoles, to try and add some extra cushion and comfort, but even that isn’t working either.

So I’m practically limping while trying to limit the use of my left arm, and on Black Friday one of our co-workers couldn’t come in because she had strep throat and was still contagious at the time. Bottom line, she wasn’t there to work on the biggest sale day of the year. The rest of the weekend went surprisingly slow enough, probably because people got hung over from the whole shopping thing on that Friday. I couldn’t blame them really. But my curse of working in retail (or food services way back when) was that I always had to work Black Friday and I never got to shop on that day either, so I don’t know what it’s really like to be part of the crowd trying to get to the last toy on the shelf. I see it happen to other customers all the time, but to be that customer myself, it’s never happened.

On Sunday it was me and that co-worker who was sick the other day. The day was almost over and it was pretty slow. That co-worker of mine got all the trash from the cans scattered around the store, but it had been ten, maybe twenty minutes and she hadn’t put new bags in those cans. So I go to the register where we kept some under the counter with the cleaning supplies, and I see three big trash bags, completely full of paper and trash, all tied up and ready to be taken to the back in preparation for throwing them in the dumpster. And there was that co-worker, leaning on the counter, checking/typing on her cell phone.

I refilled the cans with new bags, and when I got back she was still messing with her phone. So I pick up all three bags and started walking to the back with them.

“I was gonna get that,” she says.

I didn’t answer, but I did think to myself, “Pfft, when? You just keep chatting on your little phone, I’m sure your personal life is much more important that your job. Keep up the good work… if any!” And I kept thinking such thoughts as I carried those three bags to the back. “I cleaned the floors, manager cleaned the mirrors, you go the trash… No wait… you started too, but then I finished the job. If we earned commission on the chores we pulled, you’d be running to do everything before I could blink.”

Of course commission really comes from selling things. I could understand commission earnings like from selling cars or houses, but from picking up trash? Nah! Not on this planet… but then if we got commissions for planting trees and picking up bits of paper on the ground, the world would be a much cleaner place. Kind of sad, really, where we only do things because we get paid, and everything else that’s probably more important gets ignored because we think to ourselves that it’s not our job.

But if you get paid by the hour, isn’t it unfair to carry out tasks that other people could have done, but didn’t because they were on their personal cell phones? I mean sure, I could check my shipment while moving shoes on a shelf, but she couldn’t text to someone while collecting trash?

Needless to say, I worked hard all weekend. And my physical injuries are sure to be ignored by all of course. I even mentioned my tennis elbow to my manager, but I’m not getting any compensation from the company because I can’t exactly prove that it’s a work related injury.

On the other hand, I haven’t bothered to tell the higher ups that tennis elbow is caused by repetitive movement of the arm and can take months to properly heal. “Repetitive movement”. Like say, lifting heavy shoe boxes on a shelf? It could also be caused by typing on a computer, and many other things. Bottom line, it started at work, and it’s been hurting since. Do I get anything for it? No. Meanwhile, my co-worker gets strep throat and doesn’t come in to work on Black Friday, the one day a year where nobody has the day off, period, and that’s not the only time she’s neglected work for personal reasons. I swear, she gets more illnesses than Kagome from the series Inuyasha.

As for my aching feet, yesterday before my shift ended, I tried on a men’s sandal, Adidas, the one called Addissage, which has short little nubs of rubber/plastic/whatever it is to give the insole of the sandal a hard but bumpy texture. It’s supposed to be good for aching feet.

I grabbed one, dropped it to the floor and let my worst-aching foot slip into it, and OH MY GOD, it helped immensely. Shame I couldn’t wear them as a work shoe because it doesn’t have a strap that goes around the back of the sandal, but I might buy myself a pair just for my own foot therapy. After the holidays I might need it.

Hmph…. I still need a pair of actual working shoes though, preferably athletic so I can tie it up, not one of those slip-on shoes, but I might have to actually have to go with the slip-on option. My feet are just plain killing me.

It must have been over a month, maybe almost two since I got the tennis elbow, so I can only hope that it’s almost healed. As for the rest, well, I need to double check my feng shui.

Published by: Owlaf

I am an artist. I like to write and draw. I read books and I love movies. My current favorite video games are The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2, Portal 2, and Black & White 2, and Tron 2.0 Favorite TV series would have to be The Office, M*A*S*H, Futurama, and Smallville, Some I have on DVD. I previously worked in a pizza place, a retail store, and a coffee house in the past 10 years, about 3 years per place give or take. Now I wanna do something else but I don't know what. I did go to Louisiana Technical College for the subject "Graphic Communications/Desktop Publishing" aka Graphic Design I guess, and all I really learned to make from that are ads that you're bound to find in your newspaper or phonebook. I did try getting a job doing such but with no success. As such, I feel like I'm lost as far as what I wanna do.

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One thought on “Aching Feet and Tennis Elbow, What’s Next? Wait, Forget I Asked!”

  1. Ouch 😦 sounds really familiar and might be planter fascittis (for the foot pain), long term pain can be soul-destroying, like proverbial water dripping on stone. There’s a bunch of ways you can self massage your legs and feet to help reduce the pain if you can’t find a good remedial massage person who helps with the fascial tissue buildup. And its an injury so the whole hot n cold compress can help. Random google link :p (not le spam) It took me a year to realise that you can’t really have ‘full-body-RSI’ lol and it was a bigger muscular issue.

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