Aching Feet and Tennis Elbow, What’s Next? Wait, Forget I Asked!

I guess you can say I work too hard at my day job. I tend to do a lot of the chores, and I’m starting to get the bad back and arthritis to prove it. I know aging is a fact of life and everyone gets old and gray, and I don’t really have a problem with that. It’s the problems that can come with aging. The aches and the pains that we go through in our lives.

I still can’t believe that I got tennis elbow… and I don’t even play tennis. The only time I held a racket was back in high school where I tried to play tennis, but only because it was part of the curriculum, you know, learn about all the different sports, exercise and health and all that. But tennis elbow? I managed to get that from moving boxes at work. All that heavy lifting. So I’ve had to deal with that since just before Halloween. It turns out it takes forever to heal, and of course there is a possibility of it recurring in the future.

Makes me wish I could steal the delorean and go back in time and warn myself about the tennis elbow, and even then slap myself in the face and tell me to take better care of myself! Ah well.

But over the Black Friday weekend, it wasn’t the elbow that bothered me so much, it was my feet. My shoes are pretty much too old and I need a new pair, but my problem is I can’t find the pair I really need, and that’s extremely funny because I work in a retail store that sells… shoes.

The plus side is if we’re not busy and I did all my cleaning duties and whatnot, I can browse our own merchandise and try on shoes to see what fits. Unfortunately, nothing does. So I turn to getting inserts to put in, you know, insoles, to try and add some extra cushion and comfort, but even that isn’t working either.

So I’m practically limping while trying to limit the use of my left arm, and on Black Friday one of our co-workers couldn’t come in because she had strep throat and was still contagious at the time. Bottom line, she wasn’t there to work on the biggest sale day of the year. The rest of the weekend went surprisingly slow enough, probably because people got hung over from the whole shopping thing on that Friday. I couldn’t blame them really. But my curse of working in retail (or food services way back when) was that I always had to work Black Friday and I never got to shop on that day either, so I don’t know what it’s really like to be part of the crowd trying to get to the last toy on the shelf. I see it happen to other customers all the time, but to be that customer myself, it’s never happened.

On Sunday it was me and that co-worker who was sick the other day. The day was almost over and it was pretty slow. That co-worker of mine got all the trash from the cans scattered around the store, but it had been ten, maybe twenty minutes and she hadn’t put new bags in those cans. So I go to the register where we kept some under the counter with the cleaning supplies, and I see three big trash bags, completely full of paper and trash, all tied up and ready to be taken to the back in preparation for throwing them in the dumpster. And there was that co-worker, leaning on the counter, checking/typing on her cell phone.

I refilled the cans with new bags, and when I got back she was still messing with her phone. So I pick up all three bags and started walking to the back with them.

“I was gonna get that,” she says.

I didn’t answer, but I did think to myself, “Pfft, when? You just keep chatting on your little phone, I’m sure your personal life is much more important that your job. Keep up the good work… if any!” And I kept thinking such thoughts as I carried those three bags to the back. “I cleaned the floors, manager cleaned the mirrors, you go the trash… No wait… you started too, but then I finished the job. If we earned commission on the chores we pulled, you’d be running to do everything before I could blink.”

Of course commission really comes from selling things. I could understand commission earnings like from selling cars or houses, but from picking up trash? Nah! Not on this planet… but then if we got commissions for planting trees and picking up bits of paper on the ground, the world would be a much cleaner place. Kind of sad, really, where we only do things because we get paid, and everything else that’s probably more important gets ignored because we think to ourselves that it’s not our job.

But if you get paid by the hour, isn’t it unfair to carry out tasks that other people could have done, but didn’t because they were on their personal cell phones? I mean sure, I could check my shipment while moving shoes on a shelf, but she couldn’t text to someone while collecting trash?

Needless to say, I worked hard all weekend. And my physical injuries are sure to be ignored by all of course. I even mentioned my tennis elbow to my manager, but I’m not getting any compensation from the company because I can’t exactly prove that it’s a work related injury.

On the other hand, I haven’t bothered to tell the higher ups that tennis elbow is caused by repetitive movement of the arm and can take months to properly heal. “Repetitive movement”. Like say, lifting heavy shoe boxes on a shelf? It could also be caused by typing on a computer, and many other things. Bottom line, it started at work, and it’s been hurting since. Do I get anything for it? No. Meanwhile, my co-worker gets strep throat and doesn’t come in to work on Black Friday, the one day a year where nobody has the day off, period, and that’s not the only time she’s neglected work for personal reasons. I swear, she gets more illnesses than Kagome from the series Inuyasha.

As for my aching feet, yesterday before my shift ended, I tried on a men’s sandal, Adidas, the one called Addissage, which has short little nubs of rubber/plastic/whatever it is to give the insole of the sandal a hard but bumpy texture. It’s supposed to be good for aching feet.

I grabbed one, dropped it to the floor and let my worst-aching foot slip into it, and OH MY GOD, it helped immensely. Shame I couldn’t wear them as a work shoe because it doesn’t have a strap that goes around the back of the sandal, but I might buy myself a pair just for my own foot therapy. After the holidays I might need it.

Hmph…. I still need a pair of actual working shoes though, preferably athletic so I can tie it up, not one of those slip-on shoes, but I might have to actually have to go with the slip-on option. My feet are just plain killing me.

It must have been over a month, maybe almost two since I got the tennis elbow, so I can only hope that it’s almost healed. As for the rest, well, I need to double check my feng shui.


Been a Long Time…

Wow, it’s been a year and a half at this point. It’s hard for me to be able to stay consistent and keep blogging all the time,, which is funny because I am a borderline OCD. But then that part of me really shines at my day job, where organizing things comes much more naturally. I need to figure out a way to keep blogging and turn it into something I can relentlessly pursue.

Some things I’d like to touch up on. First was the release of Skyrim Special Edition. Since I already bought the original game on the PC, I was given the SE for free, which I thought was kinda nice. The graphics were amazing, but I wasn’t too sure my computer could handle it. Turns out I could use an upgrade here and there. My system is definitely not ready for Fallout 4, a game I was curious about trying, but I decided to hold off on it since my system can’t handle it. I’d rather wait and be sure I can run it that buy it and discover I can’t.

The only thing I didn’t take to in Skyrim SE was the fact that I had to get used to the original interface. On Skyrim, I use a mod called SkyUI, which alters the user interface to make it much more friendlier to use. All the options to search for items, and sort them by value, weight, name, whether items were enchanted or stolen. The perfect mod for the OCD player, at least in my opinion. Without the Skyrim Script Extender however, using mods in the Special Edition was limited, and as such, there wasn’t a SkyUI for me to use. There’s other options out there I assume, but it just wasn’t the same. In the end, I had to shelve the Skyrim SE and go back to playing the original Skyrim. After all, I was sure my computer could handle it, and it had all the mods in perfect working order already.

And then of course there’s Inigo. A fantastic mod made by someone called SmartBlueCat (SBC). Inigo is a follower that is a khajiit that is very unique. You won’t find another mod like him. Others may come close, but I like to think that this cat is the top. He currently has over 7000 lines of unique dialogue, and every so often he does something that knocks my socks off. Once, after I sold some of my goods at a caravan, I heard Inigo starting to talk and I looked back to see him standing before the caravan leader and trading with him! He then came to me and gave me a few items he bought for me at random! I wouldn’t be surprised if he bought himself a dozen sweet rolls as he did this.

And as for World of Warcraft, Owlaf is still there. Legion was interesting and the upcoming Battle for Azeroth raised my eyebrows. It looks like Jaina is coming back, but some of my friends believe that she has a lot of explaining to do, like why she didn’t help us fight off the Legion during this last expansion. I tend to agree. Jaina was mad because the Kirin Tor allowed the Horde back into Dalaran, and she left the counsel and hasn’t been seen in the game since. I am also wondering whatever happened to the Black Prince, the last member of the Black Dragonflight… or so he was until you learn a secret from Ebonhorn during the Highmountain Tauren questline in Legion. The Black Prince hasn’t been seen in a while and he was concerned about the Legion invading Azeroth, but now that that’s taken care of, what does he think about the Alliance and Horde turning on one another?

The idea of the Horde and Alliance’s tenuous peace being broken is intriguing. It kind of reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, just after they return from the locker. The ship is back in the realm of the living. Captain Barbosa looks out over the edge of the boat, the sea wind blowing into his face, and then he suddenly turns, pulls out a gun and aims it at Jack Sparrow! Jack pulls out his guns and takes aim, and so do Elizabeth and Will among others on the ship. Everyone is turning against each other. Nobody pulls the trigger at first, but just stands there aiming at one another.

Then Barbosa just laughs, and everyone else joins in.

I imagine the Alliance and the Horde are going through the same thing. Now that they’ve dealt with Argus and the Burning Legion, they turned on one another, weapons raised, and as they stand there glaring at one another, they start to laugh. I can imagine a parody of that Pirates scene being made for this.

Owlaf’s Adventures: Ranting about Flying, and Soloing for Things

Flying or Grinding? Choices!

WoWScrnShot_092915_141911Owlaf is still my main, considering all that she’s done in the past to farm reputations and collect mounts and pets. Even though the last two items are account wide now (with the exception of class specific mounts for some reason), my druid remains my favorite class to play most of the time. Other times it’s my mage, hunter, or monk. I wished that reputations became accountwide so you wouldn’t have to farm for rep on more than one character. I mean think about it… the latest expansion and patch: Tanaan Jungle. The achievement required to get flying in Draenor involves several things, one of which is reputation. You have to be revered with the three factions in that jungle. With everything in the game, it’d make you want to only focus on one character to get that far up the reputation tree, but once you do earn this achievement, you unlock flying in Draenor for ALL your characters. It’s an account-wide achievement, so naturally all your characters, despite their level, can fly in draenor once you earn this achievement.

However, I’ve been procrastinating. Again. When I learned about the rep grind and how it involved questing every day, and only one or two quests at that, I balked at the challenge. I downright hated it. In the past you had to reach the maximum level of that expansion in order to unlock flying. Back during Burning Crusade, it was level 70 (68 for druids and flight form – I still have the moonstone from the questline to get the faster flight form too!) When Wrath of the Lich King came out, they had you use ground mounts in Northrend until you reached level 80, at which time you could purchase a cold weather flying license that let your character fly in Northrend at last.

Then Cataclysm came out. The whole land of Azeroth was changed. Up to this point, you could only fly in the Outlands and Northrend. With Azeroth being remade on a computer graphics scale, it gave Blizzard a reason to “finish” their design of Azeroth and allow us to explore every nook and cranny from a bird’s eye view. Unfortunately we had to purchase a master flying license from the flight master trainers so we could fly in old Azeroth¬†and the new Cataclysm zones like Twilight Highlands and Mount Hyjal. Back when Cataclysm was released it sounded reasonable, but now it’s kind of silly. You pay 250 gold for the expert riding (flying) and pay another 250 just to be able to fly in Kalimdor, Eastern Kingsoms, and Deepholm? One would think they’d get rid of the Flight Master’s License entirely and just have the Expert Riding Skill grant flying in Outlands, Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, and Deepholm, because odds are, at the level you get this flight training is at 60 and you’ll have a few quests to wrap up in Azeroth before you enter a portal to Outland and begin questing there. First level of riding is 4 gold at level 20, then at level 40 the next ground speed costs 50 gold (not counting reputation discounts mind you)… then at level 60 you pay 250 to fly in outland and another 250 to fly everywhere else? O.o Talk about money sinks, but this is just senseless to me. One would think you pay once to fly in the places you’ve already been and are qualified to go. Now once you reach Northrend you can learn the cold weather flying at level 70 instead of 80, but it’s 500 gold, same amount is costs to fly in EK, Kalim, and Outland.

Now after the cataclysm, we visit pandaria… and as of this writing you cannot fly when you immediately get there at level 85. Nope. Even with a new expansion out, you still have to level to 90 to get the flying in Pandaria, and it still costs a whopping 2500 gold. Quite a steep price for flying training when you reach a level where you no longer are questing in Pandaria and are instead about to go through the dark portal and head into Draenor. Might as well not buy it if you’re leveling a new toon, folks. It was worth it while the expansion was out, but not if you’re only going to be there for a short while. Just get to 90, slap the flight master in the face, and go through the dark portal to draenor.

Oh, and if you get the achievement on your main, all your alts can fly in draenor, regardless of level. How nice is that? No gold sink this year. I guess we can thank blizzard for that, but I’m hoping I’m not alone when I say I wish I could have just purchased the flying and be done with it instead of reputation grinding. Never before in this game did we have to grind reps to learn how to fly in a specific zone – we always talked to someone and gold exchanged hands and we were airborne. Reputations, if I may remind blizzard, is there for certain rewards that are supposed to be worth grinding for, like the mounts and pets, or a specific trinket or armor/weapon that is better than whatever could possibly drop anywhere else. We never had to rep grind to fly.

And that’s just one criteria for the achievement needed to fly. You also have to explore, collect treasures, complete quests, those kinds of things, just to prove you know draenor better than the stinkin’ flight masters. Crazy world of warcraft, eh?

So when I’m not rep grinding, I’m farming for other things.

Soloing for Mounts and Pets! Weee!

Recently I found that on my druid Owlaf, I can solo Dragonsoul on 25 player mode Heroic. I go for 25 player because more loot drops in that mode, and heroic because Deathwing drops two mounts, one of which only drops in heroic, but unless I’m mistaken the one that drops from DW on normal mode also can drop in heroic. I figure two birds with one stone, huh? Or perhaps two dragons with one butt whooping moonfire! BOOM!

But it can get kinda close to shaving my tail feathers. Morchok in heroic mode splits into two beings which share a health pool, so you just have to focus down on one of them. The only thing to be wary of are the crystals that drop on the ground. When their time runs out they explode and make you jump in the air, so spellcasters like me have to watch for that. Otehrwise it’s pretty simple and you never even get to the part where he yanks you underground to his position then spreads horrible black stuff on the ground where you have to run and hide behind stuff that juts up from the ground. Phase one, easily killed. For Warlord Zon’ozz, you better bounce the purple ball (void of the unmaking) back and forth between yourself and yourself (or a friend if you chose not to solo it). One method you can try is to damage the boss a bit as you’re moving while also playing ping pong with yourself. Bounce this ball ten times then kill the boss and you get an achievement, but you might die in the process on heroic mode even if you are level 100, so be careful! Anotehr method that (as a caster) I prefer to do is I bounce the ball, then try to kite the boss around the ball and get the ball to hit him. If the ball hits the wall you get thrown up into the air and can take serious falling damage, so you want to avoid that. Instead I hit the ball myself a couple fo times, get it to hit the boss, then he goes to the center of the room and I can stop worrying about the ball hitting the wall and I can stand still and unleash hell on him.

Next is Yor’sahj the Unsleeping… I bet he drinks a lot of coffee if he’s true to his name! I take out a coupld of the blood mobs patroling around the boss, then just engage the boss with starfall (glyphed now so it hits every bloody thing int eh room (no pun intended!)) and a hurricane so I can kill the rest of the bloods while also begining the encounter with this boss. I don’t even worry when he calls blood, I just pwn him. Even when the bloods reach the boss and all four abilities activate, I shrug and kill him. No worries there.

But now, folks, we get to the challenging parts. First up is Hagara the Stormbinder, a female orc shaman who can summon some serious lightning totems. It’s a shame that a person who uses the very elements of the world could turn evil and want to destroy everything when you’re supposed to revere the elements and the land and such, but oh well. Shrug your shoulders and get on with it. Before you pull though, you might want to glance at her weapons. If they look like they have snowflakes, that’s alright, but if it’s arching with lighting, “Uh-oh”. The reason being is after about 30-40 seconds, she casts her special. If it’s frost, four big ice crystals appear and you just need to killt hemt o maek her vulnerable again, but if it’s lightning, you’d need more than one person because you’d have to make the lighting chain from one totem to the other until you can overload them all and cause them to vanish, but there’s no way you can do this alone. Hunters and warlocks can command their pets or demons to move to a certain spot to help, but soloing is impossible. The only alternative is to kick her butt as fast as possible. Hagara is a DPS race, but not quite so desperate as Ultraxion!

Yes! Ultraxion! The dragon that has a chance to drop a mount (not one required for the drake mount achievement, but oh come on, I still want it!) This is the ultimate DPS race when you’re soloing. When he casts Hour of Twilight, it can have devastating consequences. Normally, in 25 man heroic mode, it has to hit no fewer than 5 players. if it does, then the protection around the Aspects vanishes and they become vulnerable. Ultraxion of course notices this and casts Twilight Eruption, which kills everyone including himself. Unfortunately this does not count as killing the boss since you die as well, so the encounter resets and you have to try again. So if you’re soloing and he casts Hour of Twilight, then he’ll cast Twilight Eruption immediately after that. Your only chance if soloing 25man heroic is to kill Ultraxion within 40-50 seconds. Any longer and you lose. Of all the fights, this one is the toughest to solo, but if you can do it, the rest is easy. Well, mostly easy!

Next up is the boat… or air ship… When you begin the encounter with Warmaster Blackhorn, you’ll only be dealing with adds. Killing the dragons that carry in the two adds is a must as when they fly out they’ll sometimes attack the Skyfire, and you want to minimize as much damage as possible on the ship, but you don’t want to kill them if they have their passenger on their backs while they’re still flying over the sea. Let me explain. Once when I first tried soloing this, I killed a dragon before it flew over the Skyfire, and dragon and humanoid add went falling to the sea. At first I thought, “Aha! I don’t have to deal with that add anymore! SWEET!” and the next thing I knew I was dead and the fight was over. No explanation whatsoever. Then I realized that I can’t let the add fall to his demise, he has to land on the deck of the Skyfire. So I shrug my shoulders and carefully kill the dragons as they fly over the deck, and in this way they can drop their precious adds and not cause the fight to reset! Beyond that, watch out when Blackhorn yells “Goriana! GIVE THEM HELL!” Stand in the hell to absorb the attack and prevent damage to the Skyfire. In heroic mode Goriana aslo fires a broadside attack to the Skyfire, which is unavoidable, so don’t worry too much about it, just kill the drakes overhead (NOT overboard!) and the adds. Also beware of that goblin sapper, we dont’ want him to damage the ship either. Once the adds phase is done, Blackhorn will land. I say take out Goriana first since she’ll heal the boss. Once she’s injured enough, she flies away and you can focus on Blackhorn. Blackhorn himself can cause spell schools to lock out if he roars while you’re casting, and can do a stomp that you ought to avoid. Other than that it’s a fun fight.

I wonder what ever happened to Goriana… she flies away at the end of the encounter… More on this speculation later!

Now another challenging fight occurs. The Spine of Deathwing. Nothing can be more fun than riding on the back of an enormous dragon while ripping is back to pieces! Deathwing probably won’t approve of this impromptu acupuncture, so he’ll sometimes roll to toss you off his back. Soloing this is tricky because he’ll want to roll constantly. See, the original fight idea was that DW will sense you on his back, and if he sensed most of the raid on one side of the back he’d roll that way, but if the raid distributed evenly across his spine he wouldn’t roll. Although you’d want to make him roll to get rid of the Hideous Amalgamations. This is how I do the fight:

Start off by killing three of the tentacles (one will always remain up even if you kill it – another will appear to replace it, so just kill the first 3 for now). Stand in a hole where one of the tentacles was, it will root you down (sort of) and you can survive a barrel roll from DW now. Once he rolls, the three Amalgamations will fly off. Now you can focus on waiting for the bloods to emerge from the holes. When you think ¬†you have 9 or 10, kill the remaining tentacle. While a new tentacle pops up, an Amalgamation will appear from the recently deceased tentacle, and you can kite it over the blood remains. When he absorbs nine, kite him as close as you can to the plate, and kill it. Once it dies it causes a nuclear blast that rips up the plate, kill the Burning Tendons, and the plate detaches from the spine. Rinse, repeat, and you’re golden.

I should probably also mention that you need to prevent DW from rolling when you have your one Agmalgamation up and you want it to collect blood and blow up a plate. If you’re soloing, you need to dance… that’s right, kite the add across the bloods while moving from one side of the spine to the other. If you have Deadly Boss Mods installed, you ought to hear the word “Beware!” go off every second or two. FUN FIGHT! REALLY!

At last we get to the Maelstrom. When the fight starts I usually jump to the right platform where Kalecgos is (blue platform) and kill the limb there, then I go across to green, then Bronze, and finally end with Alexstraza’s platform. The reason is that red dragon will breathe fire on the burning tentacles and any corruptions, which is a nice help. I take out the corrupted tentacle that impales the aspects and myself as soon as I can, but on most other limbs I can DPS the limb so fast that the Mutated Corruption has no chance to spawn.

Once old DW is down for the count, you loot the treasure chest and hope and pray that you get the mounts. if not, wave goodbye to the Maelstrom and tell Deathwing, “See you later! Good work, sleep well, I’ll most likely kill you next week!”

Other Farming Adventures

Tundra Icehoof

The Tundra Icehoof, A possible drop from four rare mobs in Tanaan Jungle. I got mine from Doomroller yesterday. WOOT!

And that’s what I do when I’m not farming reputations in Draenor… kicking Deathwing’s butt and farming mounts and pets. Owlaf has collected 567 pets, and 230 mounts (well, 232 if I was on my Death Knight or Warlock, really!) I really hope I can get to 250 mounts so I can get the reward for that achievement, although now I hear that there’s yet another one when you reach 300 mounts. I guess I better get back to the argent tournament and farm for the tokens I need to buy the others from there. >.<

As for the pets, I’m currently focused on getting two remaining pets I need for the Raiding with Leashes III achievement. All I need left is the Fragment of Desire from Black Temple, and the Sunblade Micro Defender from the Sunwell raids. Once I get those I’ll have K’ute, the reward pet from this achievement.

And Owlaf isn’t the only one to farm these either. I have five other level 100 characters, and in between getting brewfest tokens this week, I’m also taking them on a whirwind tour of mount and pet farming where I can, but only Owlaf is deep in the Tanaan Jungle grinding those reputations, just to let everyone else fly.

I’m still alive!

Sorry for being M.I.A. for a while, but a lot has happened over the past few months. It’s a bad habit of mine, I get tired of blogging and/or run out of ideas and then stop blogging for a while, but I’m still around. Today I logged in and saw that Anise’s Cabin happens to have gotten over 800 vies this week. I was surprised. I mean, Anise’s Cabin? really? Heh. I guess a lot of people probably wonder about the letter in the cellar and whether she really is a harmless old woman. Hmm!
Well. I’ll be back with more. Especially with videos. That’s right. I’m going to try streaming! Should be interesting!

Post Issac

Well, hurricane, or tropical storm, Issac is over. I live in Louisiana, so I keep an eye on the gulf as far as hurricanes are concerned. Fortunately I was on the good side of the hurricane so it wasn’t too bad for me. No power outages and no downed trees in my neighborhood… I don’t know the full scope of the damage all over the place though. Last night the winds and rain was at its worst. All I had to do was sit back in my home and wait for it to pass.

Hope everyone else is safe and dry. =)

Beautiful Day!

The sun’s out for a change! We’ve been getting a lot of rain over the last few days, or weeks, so we’ve have plenty of water. I sat outside in the sun for a bit, as if to welcome it’s return. Now it’s back to work, and my coffee is waiting, hahaha!

Rain rain rain

It’s been raining almost constantly for the last few days. It’s one of those weeks where you forget what the sun looked like. At least I don’t have to water my garden, ya know? =)


Well, hallo. Guess since my Multiply Blog is gonna vanish this December, I figured I’d better get another blog started. Don’t know where I’ll take it, if anywhere. I haven’t really been able to focus so much when it comes to blogging. I used to blog every day, but that was a few years ago.

Well, wish me luck.


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