Arrows in Skyrim Falling Short

I noticed something that is pretty annoying in Skyrim, and I’m sure that any player who has played as an archer will know what I’m talking about. Every so often, when you’re not noticing because of all the fun you’re having, for example you’re killing draugr in a crypt, you’re still using those old iron arrows because heck, it’s a new game and you have yet to craft better ones, and the steel arrows are adding up in your inventory in the mean time – you have better ammo but you’re saving it for later. (Personally, when I run out of iron arrows I try to never use them again and almost consider them a trash item from that point onward).

2016-01-10_00001Well, anyway, you’re in a crypt, sniping draugr, and all of a sudden your arrow falls short by about 2 feet instead of sailing straight and true to your target. You’re like, “What the hell?” and you frown curiously, “Not this bug again.” Another arrow and it falls short.

I think I figured out the bug. Lets say you start off using iron arrows, and all of a sudden you run out. The game knows you still have some arrows though, and it automatically will equip the next arrow type to be used. Could be steel, could be forsworn, falmer, ebony, any arrow will do. The problem is this auto equipping. When the game autoequips your next arrow, your character will fire it only a few feet.

I believe that the way to fix this is simple – the moment you realize you’ve run out of ammo and you’re using a different arrow, go to your inventory (on PC press “I”; XBox users, you’re on your own!) deselect the ammo you’re currently using and select it again. In other words, manually unequipping and reequipping arrows fixes the problem. In a way this is good because sometimes you might not want to use the arrows the game automatically has you using, like say you ran out of ebony arrows and you’ve automatically switched to the Falmer arrows when you really would like to use your glass arrows next? Naturally you’ll switch them out manually. Falmer arrows belong in a museum!

So if ever you’re hunting or whatever in Skyrim and your arrows are falling two feet away from your bow, un-equip and re-equip them to fix the bug. Hopefully my theory is correct and it works on everyone. Let me know in the comments if you can.

One other thing to note, I have not altered my bows and arrows by modding in any way, except for the spinning arrows mod, which makes my arrows spin so it looks cooler during kill camera events in the game. Also it’s more realistic, since arrows do actually spin in flight and it helps in making the arrows fly in the first place. So if you’re bored with an arrow moving to your target by kill camera, get that Spinning Arrows mod and cackle maniacally as you watch the arrows spin and sail right into your targets’ eyes. Bullseye!


Amaki’dar and Angi: Archery 101

Khajiit welcomes you, friend.

My archery skills are splendid, but I lacked several lessons before I could deem myself a master of the bow. I cannot stand to use a crossbow, I don’t think I ever will. I also forgot to refer to myself in the third-person like most Khajiit. Shame on Amaki’dar! Amaki’dar will strive harder to stay in character in case the Thalmor spies are nearby and reading this. Hopefully they won’t or they might catch wind of the Imperial killer living up in the mountains. Yes, you heard Amaki’dar!

Her name is Angi, and if I tried anything stupid, she says she would not hesitate to put an arrow in Khajiit’s head. Amaki’dar thinks she’d be dead before she’d try. Instead, Amaki’dar asks if Angi is any good with her bow, and when asked the same, she replies, “Let’s just say Hircine would be jealous.”

“Well, if you want to practice anyway, just let me know,” Angi says. I accept. And bit by bit I learn more about her during the lessons.

Angi lives in seclusion in the mountains because she used to live in Helgen. She must have moved out before Amaki’dar arrived in Skyrim, because shortly after that was when the dragon Alduin had attacked and destroyed the village. Angi’s family had been killed by two drunken Imperials who thought they were above the law. Ioffered to kill them, but Angi says she already took care of that… part of the reason she’s living out here now.

Her cabin is small, just enough room for one person, and it is just her there. She set up a small area to practice with her bow so she will not get rusty. I do not see how she could get rusty if she is not made of metal. Not likely she is a dwemer spider in disguise, is it? Still, she practices and tells me to hit targets with my practice arrows. I hit all three, and with each hit in the first lesson, I get one skill up in my archery skill.

The second lesson she teaches me speed and composure. This is a good lesson, one I learned long ago during the war when Stormcloaks went to capture a fortress. So many targets, so many arrows to pick up and pull out of bodies. Here though there are three targets. I had eight seconds to hit them all. Amaki’dar never missed. Another skill up for me.

Third lesson. Precision. Methinks this will be easy… Oh. Wait. Fourth target, way in the back. I must aim a hair higher. When I strike this target, Angi is pleased and the lesson is over. Yet another skill point. I am happy, but not done yet. One lesson remains.

Fourth lesson. She talked to Amaki’dar of speed, composure, and precision. Now, ’tis time to use all three! Oh, divines… Now I must hit all four within ten seconds. This one is rather difficult, she says to me. I may not get it right the first time, but that’s what practice is all about. I have 10 seconds… I aim the farthest one away first. Four arrows later and Angi congratulates me. Shame she had no skooma to share. I have some, but it has bad effects on non-khajiit, so I don’t share at all. Never.

I ask her if there is anything else she can teach me, and she says Amaki’dar already knows everything she knows, and it scares her when she thinks about it. I pat her on the shoulder and tell her not to worry. Angi gives her family bow to Amaki’dar. Too many painful memories she says. I nod and take it and look it over. It’s a hunting bow.

I have a glass bow of epic quality with a life drain enchantment. Give Amaki’dar one good reason not to trade this bow for a bowl of moon sugar!

((Out of character)) Angi’s Cabin is located south of Falkreath, but not directly. In order to reach her, you must take a winding path up the side of the mountain. Best directions I can give to reaching her is just across Pinewatch there is a path which leads to a bandit camp by the river (there is a fallen tree with a dead elf lying over it near a tent with a satchel at her feet) Take a right and keep following the path. First picture in my gallery shows what to look for if you stick to the road. When you get to the two stone markers with bear traps on the ground, watch your step and follow the path to the left. As for the archery training, this is a guaranteed easy level up, you can get 7 points from this. Six from the training, and one from a book in her house you can read: The Gold Ribbon of Merit (unless you already read it elsewhere). I highly recommend waiting till you level up your archery to 90. You can pay trainers to level up faster, but 90 is the maximum you can go as far as paying for it. The rest of the way is in constant use, but this gives you at least a 6 point boost free of charge. I’d say train with Angi after you have 90 skill so you can get to 100 faster. 😉


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