Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Boethiah Cultist Attacks Bard! Mammoths Invervene!

Just southeast of Kynesgrove, eyewitness reports that a Khajiit traveler met the renowned bard, Talsgar the Wanderer. Paying a small sum of 25 septims, the Khajiit requests a song to be sung, but before the bard could finish the first verse, a Dunmer armed with a steel sword ran up along the road and attacked Talsgar!

“I don’t know what happened or why he would attack me!” Talsgar told authorities moments after the attack had subsided. “Frankly I was distrustful of that female Khajiit who requested a song of me. They both came from the same direction on the road, but the Khajiit drew her bow and shot an arrow into the Dunmer. She would have saved my life if the Mammoths and Giant hadn’t intervened.”

Just seconds after the fight started, the ground had begun to shake as two adult woolly mammoths charged at the Dunmer, striking the attacker with their curved tusks, each of which is almost, if not longer, than a Nord is tall! The Giant who watched over his herd also ran in with his bone club swinging through the air. Nobody knows whose blow was the most fatal, but that was one sorry Dunmer who never lived to tell the tale.

According to sources, namely the Khajiit traveler who requested a song from the Bard, the Dunmer carried in his satchel a book labeled as “Boethiah’s Proving,” a book that had no name of an author in it, yet describes a Daedric cult that deals in death and killing. It is believed that the Dunmer read this book one too many times and became possessed of it’s writings and felt the need to kill anyone in his path.

The Giant refrained from comment, but shook his mace menacingly, which reporters and local authorities took to be meaning, “No comment,” and fled the area. The mammoths sustained no injury from what reporters could see and had already returned to their grazing just off the road.

The events raised concerns about cultists practicing in the hold, however the guards of Eastmarch reassured local civilians that there is nothing to worry about. However the need for road signs indicating of mammoth crossings are being put to the current Jarl of Eastmarch, Ulfric Stormcloak, whose only response was, “The feel of the ground quaking under foot ought to be enough. Anyone who doesn’t know a mammoth is near, and makes the mistake of attacking one, would not only be a fool… he’d also be dead.”

The only other witness to the bard attack was a second Khajiit, who called himself M’aiq. He pointed out where the mammoths went and also claimed that the giant stole his sweet roll and that a dragon almost ate the bard. He also mentioned that the female Khajiit was a Dragonborn, but the female Khajjit traveler rolled her eyes and hissed, “Pu-lease! Me? A Dragonborn? How can I be when I am not a Nord? M’aiq is obviously lying. Ask him.”

“M’aiq is tired now. Go bother somebody else.”

Every statement afterwards was simply that he was done talking. After consulting with these two Khajiit, the idea of a giant and two mammoths killing a Boethiah cultist seems more like a fanciful tale rather than actual events, however the bard continued to claim that the mammoth and giant did rush to his defense and plans to write a ballad about the episode, possibly omitting the Khajiit’s involvement. The Khajiit who requested the song asked for a refund, however Talsgar refused to return the 25 septims to his customer.


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