Brewfest Reward 2012

The Original Pony keg. Still only 100 tokens, you can keep this on you forever. Set it up on the ground. Then just click, drink, and repeat!

So this year for Brewfest, Blizzard has come out with a new item that can be purchased from the vendor at the festival grounds. The vendor takes Brewfest Tokens, which you get by completing daily quests (and getting smashed while doing so is almost a given!). The vendors names are Belbi Quickswitch for the Alliance, and for the Horde it’s Blix Fixwidget. Both of these vendors can be found at the fair grounds. Belbi is a gnome wearing goggles, and Blix is a goblin, so both are quite short, but you should have no trouble finding them…. unless you’re totally smashed, then your vision would be blurry. I’ll cover all the notable kegs you can buy from them this year so you can get a good idea of what’s there and what you’d like to get.

The first keg available from Brewfest is known as the Brewfest Pony Keg, which drops a keg on the ground, and players all around you can click on it to “tap the keg” and get a mug of Brewfest beer. You can only carry one mug of this stuff at a time, so what players usually do is they click on the keg, drink the beer, and then they can click again. There usually is a race to see who vomits first, and it’s a past-time I have been a part of when a player goes AFK during a raid right before a boss fight or while most people are still away during a 5 minute break in that raid. When you drop the keg on the ground, it lasts for three minutes and has an unlimited supply of  brew. All the kegs you buy from Brewfest are bound on pickup and they last forever. The only limit is that when you do use it, it has a thirty minute cooldown. You can get this at Brewfest for only 100 tokens.

The Brewfest Keg Pony. Costs 200 Tokens, and lets you summon a mule with Brewfest Kegs ready for tapping!

The other keg item is actually called the Brewfest Keg Pony, a slight variation of wording, but the difference is significant. While this one costs a whopping 200 tokens, it’s function is slightly different. Instead of dropping a keg on the ground, this will summon a small pony (or mule) that has kegs of Brewfest brew hanging over it’s back. This acts like a companion pet, in the sense it’s alive and will follow it’s owner like a critter pet would, but it has an extra function – players can click on the pony to tap a keg of Brewfest beer just like they could on the pony keg. The hard part is if the player who owns it moves away, then the pony moves too and players might end up clicking on empty space, and then they walk crookedly, swaying and slurring as they try to find the pony. I’ve rarely played “Pin the Tail on the Donkey,” but this is crazy!

And now this year, it’s the Pandaren Brewpack. While the Pandaren aren’t actually competing in the festivities against Thunderbrew and the others, they were able to bring this along at least. Costing only 100 tokens, this item has a unique action. Like the pony keg and the keg pony, this lasts 3 minutes, but instead of summoning a keg or a mule on the ground, this puts the keg on the player’s back and replaces the action bar. You casting spells, your attacks, everything on the first action bar is gone. Now you have two functions to press while you have the keg on your back. Press 1, and you drink some of the brew yourself, which is unlimited, but why keep it to yourself? Press 2, and you can throw the brew to friendly players!

From left to right, the Brewfest Pony Keg, Brewfest Keg Pony, and the Pandaren Brewpack.

Now I tested this out so I know this: you really can only target friendly players. This means people from your faction only, and they don’t have to be in a party to get the beer. You just have to be in range to throw them a mug. And like the others, the recipient of the free beer has to drink it before they can get another one. You cannot toss a Brewfest beer to players of the opposite faction. As an Alliance druid, I was at Halfhill in Valley of the Four Winds, and a lot of players were there today. I donned my keg and drank till I puked, and then started tossing brew to anyone I could. I tried throwing some to the horde players nearby, but it wouldn’t work. Sorry guys! Reroll Alliance, and then I can share! ^-^

Another fun fact I recently discovered. If you have the brewpack on and you toss a beer to a friendly player who is flagged, then you become flagged! Of course this applies on non-pvp realms. On pvp realms you’re always flagged. So be careful if you’re on a non-pvp server. Let’s say you’re at a summoning stone just outside a raid and you throw a brew at a nearby friendly player that’s flagged, and a bunch of toons from the opposite faction are nearby. Not good! Yikes! So be mindful of who you throw it to. I was in Halfhill when I discovered the flagging myself thing, but fortunately the Horde players nearby weren’t interested in fighting. Probably because we were at the marketplace.

Only 100 tokens, This puts the keg on your back and gives you two options. Press 1 to drink some, press 2 to throw it at a friendly player!

And lastly, all three of these items last forever, meaning they aren’t consumed when used. Consumed in wow means when you use the item, it disappears forever. The only drawback is that they all have a 30 minute cooldown, but it’s not so bad when you consider the fact that they don’t share that cooldown! Each item, once summoned, lasts three minutes. So what you can do is summon one keg, drink from it, and then you can summon the next one in your bags while the first is one cooldown. With three kegs you can buy, you will never go thirsty again!

  1. Brewfest Pony keg100 Tokens
  2. Brewfest Keg Pony200 Tokens
  3. Pandaren Brewpack100 Tokens

If you haven’t already, you’d best get farming those tokens if you want any of these kegs. Bark for Brews, or make deliveries. And above all, have fun! It’s Brewfest!


The More They Change, The More They Stay The Same

A lot of us are so used to the way vehicles work nowadays in World of Warcraft. Take the tanks and demolishers in battlegrounds for pvp. The first time I ever encountered one was in Wintergrasp back in the days of Wrath of the Lich King. On my server we were winning Wintergrasp a lot more, so at the time I played it and learned to love it. I don’t like to lose.


And I just lost the game. Sorry.

Anyway, in those battlegrounds, whenever you hop into a tank, your action bar changes whether you like it or not, but it’s a good thing since that tank has options you can use. You can use the battering ram ability to smash down walls, you could hop into the gun seat and fire off the cannon, if you were in the demolishers in Ulduar, you could launch yourself forward right into a set of mobs and kill yourself.

If you start playing as a Worgen, you encounter the Night Elves who bring in Glaive Throwers, which you can hop into and control. As a Goblin in their starting zone, you get a vehicle of your own. Not only do you get to run over other goblins who swear they’ll sue you over it, but you can also blow the horn or play the radio. And I bet if you haven’t played them yet, you will now just to try it out. Deathnights have to go and face a challenge and when they win, they get to ride on the deathcharger. Once they have control of this steed, their action bar changes to show two options, one to make the horse run faster, and the other to call out to the quest giver for bragging rights. After that quest, the horse is yours and it behaves like a regular mount from there on.

If you’ve played in the Deadmines, either normal or heroic, you know about the cannons. You can hop in, and you get to blow stuff up. Of course it’s not a one-shot kill, but it’s great fun and twice as much since you can turn the guns right back to those pesky pirates. And for those of you who quested in Vash’jir, not only do you have wrinkled fingers, but you also got the Abyssal Seahorse, which you had to lasso and ride upon through the depths of the sea. The action bar changed and whenever the seahorse tried to throw you off, you have buttons to press to hold on tightly and prevail.

So as you can see, Blizzard had a great idea when it came to the vehicles. Whether for questing or adventuring in other ways, the vehicle came with it’s own action bar, and you didn’t have to go looking for the new spells and change up your own personal action bar in any way.

But some things never change. Brewfest is here again, and when I went to ride on the racing ram in preparation for the keg runs, I was worried when the action bar did not change! I looked all over my interface, and then instinct made me check my inventory. Sure enough there they were! The good ol’ racing reigns for the Brewfest ram! I laugh to myself for the nostalgia of it, then put the reigns onto my action bar and started clicking to get my ram into a canter.

I guess Blizzard spoiled me with their vehicle action bars. It’s awesome, don’t get me wrong, but after all that I’m so used to it, so when I hopped onto my ram, I had no idea what to do because I saw all my regular spells on my action bar. I had to put the item to use there myself. And then there’s the apple barrels. Sometimes when you run right past it, or jump over it, it won’t give you the buff necessary to restore your Ram’s stamina. When that happens, your ram suffered from fatigue and moves slower than a snail in a tar pit. After all these years I think the rams can use a vehicle bar too. Maybe they can implement this idea for next year, when the Pandarens also come to Brewfest with their own kegs this time.

The idea I have is simple. When the action bar comes up, you have a few options. The first button is to crack the reigns and make the ram go faster, and the second button is going to be for the sack of apples. This makes your character animate as if they’re throwing something, and the ram would appear to eat it, though the rider won’t see this probably since they’ll be focused on racing, but passersby might catch a glimpse! The sack of apples should function in a way that it restores the ram’s stamina, but has a five or ten-second cooldown, just long enough to keep the player from spamming it, but just in the nick of time so they can hit the button before their ram suffers from fatigue (and if they miss dues to lack of attention or lag, tough!). The apple barrels could remain in the field either for decoration, or as a replenishing spot for the apples when the user runs out (if Blizzard decides there should be a limit on how many apples are in the bag).

So speculating: The user could use the reigns like normal, but now they can carry a small sack of apples to constantly replenish their mount’s stamina and avoid fatigue, but the apples themselves are limited and the only way to keep a constant supply of them is to run by the barrels of apples. In this way it will keep the player on their toes. They’ll have to keep one eye on their action bar to see how many more “charges” of apples they have left, and the other eye on the road as they veer around rocks and trees. Hopefully this will give players more sense of control when it comes to the apple barrels and fighting the ram’s fatigue, and it will add an extra challenge for when they deliver kegs.

Other buttons of course would be to dismount the ram and forfeit the ram racing for the day. Another option would probably be something like, “WHOAAAA!” where you reign in the ram very hard, forcing it to come to a complete stop. I’m thinking this can be useful in two quests. The first is when you start learning to ride the ram. When you return to the quest giver, you have to make the ram come to a complete stop. Then another button would be “Bark for Brew”  which is faded all the time. The only way to Bark for the Brew would be to use the stop ram function. So let’s say you’re doing the daily quest where you ride through Ironforge. With this function, you press 3 to bring your ram to a halt. The ram animates where it looks like it’s digging it’s hooves in and leaving a cloud of dust behind it. Then your ram is fully stopped and standing still. Now you can press 4 to “Bark for Brew.” Now your ram rears up impressively, as the rider (player) shouts out to the locals to come to Brewfest and sample the beers made by Thunderbrew and Barleybrew, whichever you favor! Then you can turn about if need be, crack those reigns and take off! Also, being at a full stop restores the ram’s stamina much quicker than a walk, or maybe at the same speed whichever Blizzard feels best!

And I just thought of this: All these changes, adding a vehicle bar for the Brewfest rams for questing and daily runs during Brewfest, sounds like it’d be a great idea, and I have the perfect way to implement it lore-wise. Have the Pandarens train them! YEAH! The Pandarens were here for this Brewfest, but the only notable changes I’ve seen (aside from updated loot for the holiday boss) is the Pandaren Brewpack that you can buy for 100 Brewfest Tokens. This lovely item lets you summon a Brewfest keg upon your back and it lets you throw Pandaren Brew to other players. And guess what? It uses the vehicle bar! HAHAHA! I love it! It lets me act as the Brew Maiden trinket! Just be sure your friends are drinking theirs before you throw them another. I love this item and plan to use it often, along with my Brewfest Pony Keg and my Brewfest Keg Pony.

But I think that after this year, the Pandarens will be curious about those rams and will take some home to train them up for next year. Next year the rams will be as strong as the yaks and will be able to carry a sack of apples that the player can refill as they go, so players can feed the yaks apples as they run along, and the apple barrels can remain by the roadsides for a player to run past and scoop up.

Now I don’t know about the timer thing, where when you return a keg it adds more time to your clock for the quest, but what if players had the choice? What if after the quest is done, “Say, can I use that ram again?”; “Tell ya what, I shouldn’t be doin’ this, but I’ll lease this ram out to ya for as long as the festival lasts!” and then players can “Borrow” a Brewfest ram to quest with! The only difference is the apples are limited and there will be no apple barrels all over the world, so players would have to go to a fruit vendor to get a surplus supply if they want to crack those whips all week! And the apples you get from the vendors will not work when you’re on the daily quests. Of course this is just an idea. All the other stuff are better ideas, and I can only hope that Blizzard will see this and go, “Hey. Why didn’t we think of this before!?”

The only reward I could think of for this idea would be to put me into the game. Just a night elven moonkin sitting not too far from the Brewfest area. You’ll see a bunch of empty brew mugs strewn about, and the moonkin would have bubbles floating about her head. When you click on her, some dialogue would follow:

“Hmm? Wha? Oh, hi there you two… hic! I’m jusht here, away from the festivitiesh for a bit. Headache. Can’t shtand the noise… hic!”

(player): “I thought night elves didn’t like alcohol?”

“Well… hic! Yearsh ago, before Deathwing and the Cataclysm and all that, when I wash a young druid, I encountered a gnome by the name of Wizbang Cranktoggle… or wash it Crankbang Togglewiz? Anyway, this gnome had me go out and gather thingsh to repair his buzzboxes, and it turned out the itemsh I got were really ingredientsh, and those buzzboxes were not only communicators, but also liquor distillers. Ash a final reward, he gave some of his special brew. I tried shome…”

(player): “….and?”

(Here the moonkin can do a laughing animation): “And… I’ve been there ever since!” (this would be a reference to Blazing Saddles where the Waco Kid tells his story)

(now the player has an option to offer the moonkin a drink, who says thanksh.)

And then maybe they can participate in a pet battle. The pets this Moonkin would use would have to be the Wolpertinger, the pink Elekk, and a moonkin hatchling. Maybe make it a unique quest so that only players with high enough leveled pets can hope to win and a victory would earn them a stack of 5 Wizbang’s Special Brew. Again just an idea. It would also be an achievement since you can only battle this pet trainer once a year. Once completed, the moonkin could vanish after 24 hours, and send a letter to the player saying that once Brewfest is over they’ll go back to exploring and questing through Azeroth and “Maybe we’ll have a rematch next time we meet!” Signed “Owl”

… Okay, so maybe I got carried away, but the vehicle action bars and the Brewfest racing must be united, don’t you think? ^,^


Brewfest is here!

At level 88 I left Pandaria and flew up from Stormwind to Ironforge, or at least to the snowy clearing outside of Ironforge. Funny, four expansions after the game’s initial release, the city still forges iron. Just kidding, I’m sure iron is very useful, especially ghost iron. But there is one other thing that the city is renowned for, and that is Brewfest.

Brewfest is a festival that occurs once a year in the fall, where the dwarves celebrate by bringing in all their beer, and some cheese and pretzels and sausages. (It’s based on the Bavarian Oktoberfest.) During this event, brewmasters from across azeroth come around to let people sample their brew for free (if you have a stein of your own, you can tap the kegs that are near their stalls for a drink). First there’s the Barelybrew, which is a family of dwarves that make their own ale, and are rivals of Thunderbrew, which owns and runs the distillery, which is also a tavern in the dwarven town of Kharanos. These two have been trying to pilfer each other’s beer in order to learn what the rival is using, and sometimes planting their own brew in the rival’s storage in an attempt to get people interesting in the other’s brew. Been at this kind of thing for years. Almost like the chocolate factory where they send spies in to steal candy making secrets from Willy Wonka… only the player is usually the spy!

But a third kind of brew is available as well, and from a surprising source: an ogre! Apparently the ogres from the Gordunni tribe forget their enemies for a while and decide to share their powerful brew with the rest of Azeroth. Next year I’m hoping for the Pandarens to offer their wares to the fest. They’ve only been part of the alliance and horde for a few days and only just now discovered the festivities. I’m hoping that Chen Stormstout will bring his brew to Brewfest next year so we can all sample some of Pandaren’s finest.

And yet there is another faction that brew beer but is not welcome at the brewfest, and that would be the Dark Iron Dwarves. They make their home in blackrock mountain, and every so often (every half hour actually) they use their mole machines to tunnel through and pop up out of the ground at brewfest and try to steal our brew! When the Dark Iron Dwarves appear, you can’t attack them in the normal sense, and if you get too close to them, they send you flying back by about twenty feet! They appear, walk over to the nearest keg, sit down, and drink it till it’s dry. If all three kegs are broken open and drained, they return to Blackrock Mountain to celebrate.

What Darnassus looks like to a drunk druid… hic!

The only way to stop them is the drink from the complimentary mugs of beer that are on the tables and then throw the empty mug at the dwarf in question. It’s automatic really, just pick up the brew and put it on your actionbar, then when you click on it, you drink and throw automatically. Just be sure to face the nearest dwarf you can see. Good news is the nearby stalls will throw you another beer for you to drink, so you can just spam your button to drink/throw your mug at the Dark Iron Dwarves. The bad news (if you wanna call it that) is that this fight goes on for five minutes if you manage to keep the dwarves off the kegs long enough, you get totally smashed. Tanked. Drunk as a skunk. You name it. The your shpeech becomesh blurred, and you occasionally have the hiccupsh…. hic! Of course you only notice thish when you chat with your friendsh, even in whispersh or in guild chat… hic! And where did those wild wolpertingers and pink elekks come from?

Not kidding! There are pink elekks and strange animalsh that look like rabbitsh, but with antlers and wingsh…hic!

Anyway, after five minutes of the brew-brawl, the Dark Iron Dwarves should run back to their mountain. Either way, when they leave they let you know how many you’ve knocked out with your mugs. Usually the unconsciousness toll will be in the 100-200 range, maybe even going as high as 300. Of course we can always take the fight to the dwarves themselves by going to take out Coren Direbrew, the leader of this revolt. I won’t be so hard core in it this year, since they updated it for level 90 players. I’ll only go for my toons to get their trinkets, from pickled eggs to coasters. As for the rewards in the kegs that you get once a day, I already have the mounts, the swift brewfest Ram and the Kodo, so I won’t be farming this one every day this year. Gives me a chance to level my toons to 90 so I can get the trinkets.

Other events that go on at the festival are the barking runs. I’ve mentioned before how the Barelybrews and Thunderbrews are rivals. Well they’ll hire you to go ride on a racing ram through the city of Ironforge to “bark for brews”. Basically you ride the ram up into the city and race around it, shouting out to civilians to come to brewfest and sample the beer, especially the brew you’re sponsoring. I usually go with Thunderbrew. No real reason. Guess I like it better.

And the festival is constantly needing more brew, whether to replenish the stock stolen from the Dark Iron dwarves or to refill the customer’s mugs. Most of the kegs are in storage at Kharanos, so all you have to do is ride on a racing ram to that village, and a dwarf throws you a keg and you carry it back to the festival. The more kegs you can deliver the more tokens you can earn, which in turn you can use to purchase the rewards.

The rewards are sold by a vendor at the festival, and the prizes range from pets and costumes to kegs and a membership to the brew of the month club. More on this later, as well as on those brewfest racing rams ^-^

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