Owlaf’s Adventures in Pandaria

Well, it’s been a few days since the launch of Mists of Pandaria. Owlaf has had her plate quite full with adventures. The short version is, we have new allies, new enemies, and new things to do.

Before landing on the misty island of Pandaria, the Horde attacked and destroyed Theramore, an Alliance base that has been in Kalimdor for a long while. It seems Garrosh Hellscream is getting paranoid, trying to claim all of  Kalimdor for the horde. What he’s forgetting is that the orcs never owned it in the first place; they came from another world entirely. The Night Elves have always been in Kalimdor even before it was sundered. The orcs are the invaders. Hopefully we can do something about this. Obviously, going back to what’s left of Draenor is not a good idea, but there has to be a way the Horde and Alliance can co-exist peacefully. Night elves are generally peaceful, but tear down our forests and destroy our land, and our wrath has no bounds!

Riding on the Jade Serpent

In other news, the mists surrounding Pandaria has lifted, and at last we can see it and explore it. It’s amazing. It looks as though Deathwing was oblivious to it’s existence, and yet HE was the aspect of Earth… he should have known it existed. Still, I shrug my shoulders and go into battle. The Horde are trying to take over Pandaria for themselves, or so I’ve believe after what I’ve seen in Theramore and Ashenvale. I went to see what I could do to stop them.

The Horde were quick to ally themseves with some monkeys… figures. So we ally ourselves with the fish people calling themselves Jinyu… Some might think they’re related to the murlocs, but these guys speak common. After doing a few quests for them I get to be exaulted and for all my efforts, I got a pet fish. What a wonderful faction. I wonder if the Horde equivalent is a banana? ^-^

The Farmer’s Market I presume?

Then I headed west into the Valley of the Four Winds. A wide area of green hills, many small farms dot the landscape. Some grow carrots and turnips, one had silkworms where they create their fabulous silk cloths, and in the very center of these plains is a town called Half Hill. Here I discovered that the Pandaren have many unique ways of cooking food. I was used to just cooking over a basic campfire, and I still do, but there are various dishes that can be made in a number of ways. I’ve learned how to cook quite a few foods already, but the one thing I was excited to learn was my alchemy.

Turns out Pandaria is a paradise for green tea leaves. I’ve plucked several hundred of the versatile plants and brewed them into fabulous healing potions for the guild. Eventually, I discovered how to make all the flasks, elixirs, and even learn some transmutes. I can transmute ten Ghost Iron bars into one Trilium Bar, and then six of the Trillium bars into Living Steel.

I explored the Jade forest, trying to find Prince Anduin, but he keeps insisting on getting to the Vale… whatever or wherever that is. Meanwhile I help the Pandarens out as I travel. Doing things like trimming hedges, painting, killing crocolisks, tricking Vermin into eating a carrot which is really a turnip painted orange, and searching high and low for herbs to use for my alchemy. I’ve seen serpents that fly through the air without wings, and I’ve taken on one world boss so far and came out of it with an achievement and a sack of gold… I was hoping to get something more than that. Curse you, Random Number Generator!

All that, amidst lag spikes and bugs galore. Although, this new land I am exploring is very beautiful. I can only hope we can prevent the Horde from destroying it like they did Theramore.


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