Dragon Attack kills horse. Grr

So I have a manor in Falkreath and I read a book recently on a legend about a famous mage being murdered, something about his three sons, and the whole thing being stricken from the records of history, yet the legend remains. I decided to use my horse since it would be a bit faster for me to get from the south all the way up tot he ruins mentioned near Solitude.

So about one minute after I hit the road, riding along on my horse, did something large go WHOOSH right over my head. Oh bother, I think to myself, another dragon… well, when it comes to dragon bones, scales, and souls, enough is never enough. So I dismount and shoot an arrow at the dragon.

He breathes fire at my horse and kills it.

Now I’m really pissed off. I mean sure, with my perk points in speech, I can sell dragon bones for almost 1500 gold pieces, but still, MY HORSE!!! YOU KILLED MY HORSE! TALOS DAMN YOU!

Then he flies back to my manor and kills my chickens. Thankfully my highland cow made a run for it while my steward tries to go blade to tooth with the dragon while I sprint back to the manor. All the way back I’m yelling, “OH NO! NO! THAT IS NOT WHERE YOU GO FOR BREAKFAST! DON’T – YOU – DARE!!!

So yeah, I get there and all three chickens are dead, I don’t see the cow, and at this point I’m thinking it either ran away safely, or the dragon ate it. Thinking of the latter, I’m thinking, DAMN IT! TALOS TAKE YOU AND ROAST YOU ALIIIIIIIVE!!! I shout my frost breath shout at it, but it’s only two words instead of three.

Then he lifts off and goes hunting some wolves, forcing me to run over grass and rocks and fallen tree trunks after it. I’m shooting arrows at it like a machine gun (or like those automatic crossbows from Shrek 2) at this point, and Inigo finally gets to confront the dragon on the ground with his Blades Sword and Ebony Blade. Maybe I should have given him the one enchanted to do more damage to dragons… oh well. We managed to down it in the end, and upon closer inspection, I realize it was an ancient dragon, far more powerful than the whelps I’ve fought before. No wonder he was smart enough to avoid me and kill everything else.

Damn dragon killed my horse and chickens.  So I kill him and take his soul... eye for an eye I guess.

Damn dragon killed my horse and chickens. So I kill him and take his soul… eye for an eye I guess.

I head back to the manor, overlook my dead chickens, recall my dead horse by the damn lake, and see my long haired cow mosey on back into his pen. Yeah, don’t need a cow herder to do that, haha. Smart animal that one… as for the chickens, well, no wonder I’ve called them “bird-brain”.

After I catch my breath and store the dragon bones and scales inside, I head back out to check on my steward and ask her to buy me another horse and some more chickens. Maybe next time I go for a ride, and giant freak lizard won’t dive bomb me and cook my horse. >.< FML.


Meet Sapsorrow

The Legendary Dragon

The Legendary Dragon

Amaki’dar has reached level 78 at last, and managed to find and kill a legendary dragon, thus getting an achievement on Steam. That makes the last achievement she can get until I decide to buy the Dragonborn expansion. Till then I’ve pretty much done everything there is to do in the game. So I decided to start a new game as a Dunmer mage specializing in destruction magic. Dear readers, meet Sapsorrow!

I'm unbound and about to burn my foes to cinders!

I’m unbound and about to burn my foes to cinders!

During my escape from Helgen I chose to side with the Stormcloaks as usual. I ignore the advice that Ralof gives me about giving the axe a few swings, but I do take his gear. I’ll need armor after all. I equip a fire spell in one hand and a shock spell in the other, and once we get into the torture chamber I obtain a wizard hood and robe, which I don for magics sake. While I’m in there, I take the opportunity to pick all the locks on the cages and dungeon cells. Yep. My inner thief is peeking out. Next thing I know I’ll be heading to Riften instead of Whiterun first thing upon escaping Helgen. Sure enough I escape the dragon attack and my own execution at Helgen, and now I have the freedom to do as I see fit in Skyrim. Maybe I will become a thief int he long run, but in the meantime, I follow Ralof towards Riverwood and pick some plants along the way. I’m planning ahead, wanting to make some magicka potions when I reach town so I’ll have some on hand.

Once in Riverwood I meet Faendal, a wood elf who’s vying for affection from Camilla. Problem is he has competition. A bard named Sven is after her too, so Faendal has an idea. He gives me a letter to give to Camilla and say that it’s from Sven. When I do so, Camilla tells me to tell Sven that she’s not seeing him anymore. I tell Feandal that Camilla won’t be spending much time with Sven anymore, and he gives me 25 gold, the money he’s earned from working at the lumber mill. Sweet. Not only that but I can now ask him to follow me. A free sellsword. Nice.

Yeah, I help him cozy up to another woman, and then I ask him to come with me on many adventures. No logical, just evil. :P

Yeah, I help him cozy up to another woman, and then I ask him to come with me on many adventures. No logic, just evil. 😛

While visiting the Riverwood Trader, Lucan happens to have a few things for sale that I’d like to have. Novice Robes of Destruction for example, and a Circlet of Minor Illusion. If only I had 3856 Septims! Sadly I only have 299, after buying spell tomes for Frostbite and Fury. Swell. Lucan did suffer from a break in recently though, and he promises me some gold if I get his golden dragon claw back. Hmm!

First I head into Embershard Mine, kill all the bandits and take what I can. Back in Riverwood I sell it all and found that I make about 1100 gold in the process. Sweet. Now I’m up to 1305 gold, but it’s still too little to buy either of the items I want from Lucan. Rats! Well, C’mon Feandal, let’s go to Bleakfalls Barrow and get this over with! We go through the ruins, get the claw, I find a stone tablet and some nifty things to disenchant later, and return to Riverwood. Now I have enough gold for the robes of Destruction. Sweet! I leave and go into South Brittleshin Pass to kill a bunch of skeletons and a mage, and then use the enchanting table to disenchant the various items I found so far.

Let's see whats behind door number one!

Let’s see whats behind door number one!

Upon reflection, the way enchanting works in Skyrim is very different from World of Warcraft in many ways except one: when you disenchant an item, you destroy the item. Now in World of Warcraft, you learn enchantments from trainers, vendors, and from random formulas that you might find from monsters all over Azeroth. You disenchant magical items (armor or weapons) to get materials you need to create new enchantments that can be placed on armor or weapons, and you can either enchant your own items that you are already using or put them on enchanting velum to save them for later or store them in the guild bank so others can use them.

In Skyrim on the other hand, you learn the enchantments by disenchanting armor and weapons, and you only have to do this once per enchantment. Then in order to enchant an item, you need the item in question, a learned enchantment, and a filled soul gem. Soul gems are usually empty, so either you use a weapon that has a soul trap enchantment on it, or you cast the spell Soul Trap on an enemy. Either way, when you use Soul Trap on an enemy and kill it in time, then their soul gets trapped in the soul gem, and then you can use it to create new enchantments or recharge enchanted weapons. Very different ways of enchanting, eh? I think I prefer World of Warcraft’s version, in the sense that you don’t have to kill and use the souls of living things to power enchantments. Skyrim’s version is a little darker, but then again it is simpler than WoW’s. In WoW, there are a lot of different enchanting materials, some of which are hard to come by and more expensive to obtain.

To the batmobile Robin! Wait... wrong batcave!

To the batmobile Robin! Wait… wrong batcave!

So when I was finished disenchanting some items and learning new enchantments in the process, I leave the caves through the northern exit. Faendal says, “Hey, look! A cave! Wonder what’s inside!” I glare at him and say, “You block-head! We just came from there!” I wonder if he’s on Skooma. We head east towards Whiterun and help the Companions kill a giant and offer me membership. Not sure if I’ll join right now. After all I am a spell caster, not a warrior. Then on inspiration, I head on east even further and go into another cave, this one being a bandit lair called White River Watch.

First thing I know is that I’m being greeted by a blind bandit who mistakes me for someone else and tells me that the boss is waiting up at the summit, and that I better not keep him waiting. Ah. Thanks for the heads up there, human! I then cook him in his own armor and proceed. Next are some bandits plotting a mutiny. I cast Fury on one of them and he gets killed in the ruckus, then Faendal and I kill the others. Then we overhear some bandits talking over a captured wolf, trying to decide whether or not they can tame it. I find a chain on the wall and pull it. The cage door opens and the wolf attacks the bandits. In the end we kill all the bandits, including their leader, and then head back down to Whiterun.

I steal some Argonian Ale for a beggar, discuss how we might repair the tree in the center of Whiterun, and then check in at the tavern for the local gossip before getting some rest. I learn of a face sculptor in Riften, the Shrine of Azura, the Companions are hiring, and that the Jarl put out a bounty on some bandits in Halted Stream Camp. The next morning it’s raining, and I go talk to Ysolda and Amren, and now I get to find a mammoth tusk and a Family Sword. Yep. I like to be kept busy!2013-07-07_00012

So now I got tell the Jarl of Whiterun about the dragon attack on Helgen, and then we visit with the court wizard named Farengar, whom I tell, “Look out! You’re about to step on your own Shock Rune!” He says, “What, I never even cast a… ah I see. You have some knowledge of the higher art,” and then he starts to tell me about his research and asks me to go get a dragonstone from Bleakfalls Barrow. But I’ve already been there so I already have the stone.

Next is when I go out and slay a dragon. At level 6? Good thing I have reinforcements! Ireleth and the guards come with me, but Faendal is nowhere in sight. Where is that wood elf of mine? By now I have a few perks invested in the Destruction tree and I tookt he precaution of buying some new spells from Farengar, namely Firebolt and Ice Spike. When the dragon attacks, sure enough he’s a fire breather, so I attack with Ice Spikes. After a nice little battle, the dragon dies and I take his soul and shout, “FUS!”

When I head back to Whiterun, a courier comes to me with a letter from a friend. Turns out some folks were uneasy by my shouting at the Western Watchtower. It seems to me that unless my voice carried that far, the only folks who heard the shout was Ireleth and the guards who were with us. So if they were the ones who knew about my shouting, why is it that they’re over there and the courier is coming from the city? I shrug my shoulders and accept the delivery. This guy oughta work for FedUp. I read the letter, turns out I can learn a word of power at Northwind Summit, which is somewhere between Riften and Windhelm. Joy. Rapture.

I get back to the palace and tell the Jarl that the dragon is dead and I am Dragonborn. And oh look, it’s Faendal! WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN!? I give you a hide helmet of minor archery and you hide in the map room while I go kill a bloody dragon? BAD WOOD ELF! Gimme that helmet back! DISENCHANT!

Now it’s time to go everywhere and do everything. ^-^

Watch the sky…

Thanks for dropping in!

Thanks for dropping in!

“I’ve got to keep my eyes open! Damn dragons can swoop down at any time!”

I rolled my eyes as I walk past the guard who says this to me, and I say, “Yeah yeah, here, have some coffee. That should help keep you up tonight… ” Then as I cross a bridge I keep talking to myself, “but if only I had a septim for every time I heard that. I mean seriously. This never happens. NEVER! I mean a guard says the dragons can swoop down at any time, oh sure. At ANY time… except at that very moment. I mean what are the odds? A guard says that the dragons can swoop in at any moment and a dragon attacks right after that? Yeah right. That’s never gonna–”

SWOOSH…. a familiar black shadow crosses the bridge so fast I can’t get a screenshot, but I do stop and think, “No… EFFING…. WAY!” and turn around. Sure enough, said damn dragon is now attacking the guards!


It’s one of those moments. It commonly happens in the morning when I start playing. I think of something, and… well… SWOOSH, in this case.

I run  back across the bridge and join the attack. At first the dragon breathed fire at the guards just outside of Honningbrew… erm, Black-Briar Meadery West, and now he’s flown off to the other side of the river to attack the farms. Oh sheesh. Being a Khajiit, I HATE WATER! Oh well, it only goes up to my knees. GRR.

A short battle later and the dragon dies and I take it’s soul.

Next time a guard says something like, “Watch the skies, traveller.” or “…damn dragons can swoop down at any time.” Then you know where I’ll be looking.


Lost Legends: Part 2

Upon arrival at Sarthal, the second crypt in my search for the Gaulur amulet fragments, I came upon the students and teacher from the College of Winterhold. This one forgot that classes had started a long time ago, and the first field trip into the dangerous ruins was planned, if a bit impromptu. So while I’ve been running across Skyrim stealing riches, building houses, and killing dragons and things, this group of fools stood outside in the snow for Divines know how long. The nincompoops. They must be very happy I finally arrived. It’s nice to know they didn’t want to start without me.

"You're the welcome wagon?"

“You’re the welcome wagon?”

We go inside, and I am tasked with finding some magical artifacts. It took some scrutinizing  but I found three rings on the floors in some tunnels, and an amulet on the wall. Sadly it was not the amulet I was looking for, but it led the way deeper into the dungeons. My teacher follows a little, then stays behind to study a chamber full of corpses… After a while he catches up to me and we encounter Jyrik, the oldest of the three brothers from the Legend of Gauldur. It seems the Jyrik is drawing power from this big old orb behind him, and my college professor rushes to it and casts lightning at the orb, draining it of it’s power. I recall momentarily that lighting magic does drain magicka after all, and it seems to work because in a few moments, Jyrik is no long invincible. My blades cut him down in seconds.

After taking the amulet, I’m sent to the college to inform the Arch-mage, and once I do the Arch-mage tells me to visit the Arcanium, the library in the college for some information on the orb. The orc who runs the library tells me some other mage had run off with the books I need and I have to find them. Nice.

"FROST! Leave this Drgaon ALONE! I can handle this!"

“FROST! Leave this Dragon ALONE! I can handle this!”

I bypass this quest and head down into Geirmund’s Hall, just east of Ivarstead. Along the way a dragon drops out of the sky behind me. I never heard him flying overhead, but I heard him land. Rest assured, if you hear a loud THUMP behind you, be prepared to fight a dragon! Sure enough I turn around and there it is. I dismount and fight with my swords, and my horse Frost joins in the fray, rearing up and waving his front hooves at the dragon. REALLY!? Horses fighting dragons? Oh come on!

One of these days Frost I swear, a dragon kight drop out of the skies and eat you for lunch and I won't be there to stop him!

One of these days Frost I swear, a dragon might drop out of the skies and eat you for lunch and I won’t be there to stop him!

After the dragon dies I climb back into the saddle and scold my horse. “Very brave of you, but that dragon coulda one-shotted you… or bit you actually. I got ownership of you by a couple of persuasion attempts that were successful, and that’s better than buying a horse. I don’t want you to die now. UNDERSTOOD!”


Okay, so he’s not Mr. Ed.

So! Down to Geirmund’s Hall, and after quite a bit of exploring I encounter Sigdis. I’d have thought the ghost of Geirmund would have helped but I guess he was resting in peace so comfortably that he couldn’t be buggered. I shrug my shoulders as I pocket the third amulet. I exit the underground crypts and find Frost still standing under the tree where I left him. GOOD! I was hoping he’d stay put. Was actually worried he might go off hunting vampires next.

Now that I have all three amulet fragments, I have to figure out a way to restore them to their true form, all in once piece. I’m betting Gauldur himself might be able to do something about it. I get on Frost and ride along the southern roads, skirting what’s left of Helgen and stopping at Lakeview Manor, one of my homes.

When arrived I saw there were bandits all over the place. Darn! I dismount and draw my bow and start shooting at them while my horse, Frost, starts rearing up and attacking the bandits as well.

“Frost! If you don’t cut that out, you’re going to end up dead someday!!!”

I take aim at a bandit, thinking Frost is somewhere behind me. I fire my bow, and right at that moment Frost came charging into view to attack my target. The arrow hits Frost and he goes flying across the ground and lays dead near my doorstep.

“WHAT DID I TELL YOU! Argh! … Hissss! Bad Horse! Bad Horse! NO CARROTS!”

I warned you! Did you listen to me FROST!? Oh no! You just had to help! It was just a measly old bandit! Not as dangerous as a fire-breathing dragon! ARGH!

I warned you! Did you listen to me FROST!? Oh no! You just had to help! It was just a measly old bandit! Not as dangerous as a fire-breathing dragon! ARGH!


Glory to the Companions!

Glory to the Companions!

Khajiit welcomes you, friend. Today I slid down a mountain and realized I was more in The Reach rather than Haafingar. Proof you ask? How about a tent that seems to be made of animal skins and twigs? Add that to the two Forsworn guarding this path that they have set up with bear traps? Well I loot the items in their tent as they won’t be needing them anymore, then slit their throats. I just barely manage to kill the second one as quietly. The sun has risen, and I can no longer rely on the shadows.

Then as I walk through the bear-trapped path, a polar bear comes charging out from around a rock. I ready my daggers once more, and slice at the beast a few times… as it runs past me! I turn around, and blink in surprise. Farkas, Ria, and Athis come running up and start attacking the bear. Aha. The Companions must have been after this bear. Considering the fact that the reach is mountainous and slightly green, this bear kinda stood out. Maybe Farkas and the others have been after this one for miles… I help slay the bear. After all, I am Harbinger of the Companions now. Might as well lend some steel… or glass actually, my daggers are made of glass.

Somebody's home...

Somebody’s home…

After the bear is dead we part ways, but those three sort of sparked my desire to hunt for a bit. I kill two each of some sabercats, goats, and wolves in that order. Then I spy a mountain that has a sort of mist, or smoke wafting from it. I go to investigate. I find the remains of a tower and some dead bodies that looked as if they were burnt to death. I hear something move and look to my right. Yep. Dragon. Shoulda known. The dragon flies up and then lands… I guess just to prove that it can, the big scaly show-off. Then he breathes frost at me. I slash up his snout and then he dies. Death by nosebleeding for the win! Then I spot the word wall and learn the last word I needed to know for the Elemental Fury shout.

The area has burnt bodies strewn about, and they were killed by a frost dragon? Yeah right...

The area has burnt bodies strewn about, and they were killed by a frost dragon? Yeah right…

As I’m leaving I pass the dead bodies again and I pause. Wait a second… if that dragon was a frost breather, how the heck did these guys die? I look around. No signs of any fire-breathing dragons. I shrug and make my way back down the path. Maybe the fire-breathing dragon moved out and the frost one took up the rent. Or maybe they all died to pyro-mages and the dragon ate them and left the others for later… How would I know?

Yeah buddy, you go have some tea and cake, I'll take care of the magic spiders!

Yeah buddy, you go have some tea and cake, I’ll take care of the magic spiders!

Along the path I come upon what looks to be some sort of fortress that was built into the mountainside. This might also coincide with the tower up by the dragon’s lair, though I saw no trap doors up there in that tower when I had investigated it for pyro-mages. I did find some potions up there though. Interesting. Maybe they’re all inside here, really. I head in. Consulting my map, I learn that the place is called Harmugstahl.

*snort* magic spiders! HAHA, BAH! Right! As if there's a such thing as a-holy smoke! That spider's on fire!

*snort* magic spiders! HAHA, BAH! Right! As if there’s a such thing as a-holy smoke! That spider’s on fire!

Once inside I hear a man’s voice say, “Thought I heard something…” followed by the sound of a two-handed mace squishing something very big. I creep into the main chamber and an adventurer talks to me. Something about magic spiders. As if having too many legs was bad enough, but magic? Hmm. The adventurer leaves. Clearly this is too much for him. Once he’s gone, one of the dead spiders glows as if it was one fire. My eyes wide, I think to myself, Yep. Gotta be a mage in here somewhere!

I make my way through the fortress, occasionally finding a spider or two. I found a journal lying on an alchemy table and I read it. Turns out this guy has been experimenting on the spiders here, trying to imbue them with magickal powers. Geez, isn’t their poisonous venom enough? Apparently not since this mage is trying to make fire, frost, and shock damaging type spiders. Maybe he’s really trying to make his own Pokemon? Gotta squish ’em all, I think to myself as I impale another spider with my dagger.

((I probably should have mentioned the fact that in Skyrim, the spiders are not your usual 1/2 inch to 3 inches big… No. For some bizarre reason, all the spiders are either as big as a beagle to as large as a small car.))

I have you now! *stab!*

I have you now! *stab!*

Now, being a master of sneaking about, I manage to kill all the spiders unseen. I just sneak up on them and stab them with my daggers. One of the spiders, however, discharged a burst of lighting at me when I killed it, making me jump in shock.

Moments later I realized it made all my fur stand on end. I look like a freaking porcupine now. Considering all the other spiders around, I almost wish I were! Smoothing my fur down again I set off.

I eventually enter a room and look down on the mage. He seems to be talking to himself and I realize that he’s an Altmer, or high elf. I hate high elves with a passion. I then realized he had three spiders locked up in a small cell, which he was facing and talking to, or so it would seem. And the lever to open the cell was right in front of me. Still well hidden and out of sight, I pull the lever.

“What the– NO! GET BACK IN THERE!” The altmer cries. He fires off lighting bolts at the spiders and kills them in seconds. Then I sneak up behind him and slit his throat. There! Now there ought to be no more giant mutant magic spiders in Skyrim! Then I finally leave the fortress and set off down the road. The nearest down is Karthwasten, but I’d rather go to Markarth since it has shops where I can sell all my plundered goods. Spider venom and whatnot… So much for the pyro mage theory I had about that stinkin’ fortress. Ah well.

Amaki’dar in Volskygge

Volskygge“I’ve been looking for you,” the courier said to me the other day. I smirked and thought to myself, Yes, I am quite hard to find with such a high skill in sneaking. “I’ve got something I’m supposed to deliver, your hands only.” I nod and think, That explains why my housecarls never give me mail.

“Lets see here… Got a letter, not sure who from, he wouldn’t say, just that he was a friend of yours. Well, that’s it. Got to go!” The courier leaves. I smile as I unfold the letter. I sometimes like to think that this friend of mine is really the courier, but I have no way to prove it of course.

The letter once again says I caused a bit of a stir when I used my Thu’um. I checked the location. Funny. I used it in a bandit’s hideout. I could have sworn I killed everyone there… hmm. Then again when the Greybeards shouted you could hear them all the way from Whiterun, so who knew? At any rate, now I am being pointed to a new place to unlock more dovakiin powers… in… Volskygge. Hmm. I sigh and put the letter way and head off.

Warm sands, friend. I am Amaki’dar.

My archery skills have reached their very best. I could possibly be the best archer in all of Skyrim, maybe even all of Tamriel. I probably am not, but I have yet to be invited to a contest for such skills. I’d win first prize maybe.

So why was I sneaking into some old ruins with my daggers in my paws instead of my trusty bow? Experience. I felt it was time for me to sharpen my skills with the one handed weapons, pun intended, and so I sneaked along the ruins and back-stabbed almost anything I came up to. The first half of the ruins was being occupied by bandits. You almost have to admire their bravery, camping in some old ruins where the undead were bound to rise from their tombs and attack. But they were unprepared for the Shadow Paw!

In one section there were various rooms and I stalked one bandit down the hallway. I came up behind her and slit her throat before she could shout. Then I went into one room to look around. Seeing nothing of value I considered checking the other rooms when I heard a human say, “I’m gonna find whoever did this!”

Whoops. Guess this Khajiit forgot to hide the body. No biggie. I move to the side of the door and wait. The human bandit walks in the room, and I kill him too. I glance down at the body, then shrug and move on. Why bother hiding the bodies in a crypt anyway?

Then I came upon a room. It had four switches, each marked with the symbol for an animal, and four large tombs standing upright int he center of the room with sconces on top of them. No way I could light them, so I look around. A book on a nearby pedestal catches my eye, and I read it…

All four are bound to the same land as we,
Some lay low, consumed in shadow,
Others stand tall, stretching their necks to see.
While none live in this sacred barrow,
They all demand your attention if you are to proceed.

The first fears all,
the second fears none.

The third eats what it can,
preferably number one.

The fourth fears the second,
but only when alone.

All must be activated in order,
if you wish to go home.

Aha. A puzzle. Nice. I glance around at the animal symbols, then back at the book. I set the book down and get to work. I knew the bear would fear nothing, and it doesn’t. I’ve seen bears attack dragons sometimes. So the bear had to be the second one. The fourth fears the bear, but only when alone? That has to be the wolf because they’d hunt in packs. That left the snake and the fox. I thought of the fox being the first because it would fear all, but then the third one “eats what it can, preferably number one”… a snake eating a fox? Can’t be right… Would a fox eat a snake, and would it be their favorite? I thought foxes liked chickens.

I shrug and pull the lever behind the snake symbol first. I knew that if I was wrong, then the tombs would burst open and I’d have to fight some draugr. I pulled the lever… and nothing happens to the tombs, but one of the sconces lights up. Snake was first indeed. How many snakes are there in skyrim anyway? I wondered to myself. I never see any.

I finish pulling all the levers. Turns out the solution was as I thought it would be: Snake, Bear, Fox, and Wolf. The gate ahead opens and I proceed into an area the bandits could not… maybe they could not read? Or maybe they never went this deep into the catacombs. I shrug and move on.

I discover later that the crypt I was in led up higher into the mountain and it opened up onto a peak. I found a word wall, and now know the second word for Whirlwind Sprint, and no sooner had I learned the word, a sarcophagus bursts open and a dragon priest comes out and sees me. Oh, bloody hell.

No longer stealthing, I charge at the priest, daggers flashing and slicing through the air! The dragon priest, named Volsung, conjures a frost atronach behind me. I ignore the atronach and slash away at Volsung, meanwhile Volsung proceeds to hit me with ice spikes. My stamina drains out of me from the cold spells, slowing me down, and Volsung tries to get behind me while the frost atronach tries to pound me into the ground. I spin about, drink a stamina potion very quickly and move in for the kill. Volsung goes down, turning into ashes as he crumbles, leaving only his armor behind for some reason, and without it’s master, the frost atronach melts away into nothingness.

I investigate the armor and find Volsung’s mask. Light armor, that’s always good. Fortify’s barter and carry weight by 20, that’s nice… and allows breathing underwater! That’s nice since I seem to have misplaced my necklace of water breathing! Sweet! I take the mask and pocket it for the time being.

Instead of making the trek back through the depressing crypt, I decide to slid down the snowy mountain. As I descend, I think to myself, Vol means horror in the dragon language… Vol-sung, eh? Must have been a horrible singer when he was alive. Well, I’m off to the nearest town to see if that stalker courier delivers another one of those notes of his telling me I caused a stir in a place where I left no survivors to tell about it. Should be interesting!

May your road lead you to warm sands!

Amaki’dar and Angi: Archery 101

Khajiit welcomes you, friend.

My archery skills are splendid, but I lacked several lessons before I could deem myself a master of the bow. I cannot stand to use a crossbow, I don’t think I ever will. I also forgot to refer to myself in the third-person like most Khajiit. Shame on Amaki’dar! Amaki’dar will strive harder to stay in character in case the Thalmor spies are nearby and reading this. Hopefully they won’t or they might catch wind of the Imperial killer living up in the mountains. Yes, you heard Amaki’dar!

Her name is Angi, and if I tried anything stupid, she says she would not hesitate to put an arrow in Khajiit’s head. Amaki’dar thinks she’d be dead before she’d try. Instead, Amaki’dar asks if Angi is any good with her bow, and when asked the same, she replies, “Let’s just say Hircine would be jealous.”

“Well, if you want to practice anyway, just let me know,” Angi says. I accept. And bit by bit I learn more about her during the lessons.

Angi lives in seclusion in the mountains because she used to live in Helgen. She must have moved out before Amaki’dar arrived in Skyrim, because shortly after that was when the dragon Alduin had attacked and destroyed the village. Angi’s family had been killed by two drunken Imperials who thought they were above the law. Ioffered to kill them, but Angi says she already took care of that… part of the reason she’s living out here now.

Her cabin is small, just enough room for one person, and it is just her there. She set up a small area to practice with her bow so she will not get rusty. I do not see how she could get rusty if she is not made of metal. Not likely she is a dwemer spider in disguise, is it? Still, she practices and tells me to hit targets with my practice arrows. I hit all three, and with each hit in the first lesson, I get one skill up in my archery skill.

The second lesson she teaches me speed and composure. This is a good lesson, one I learned long ago during the war when Stormcloaks went to capture a fortress. So many targets, so many arrows to pick up and pull out of bodies. Here though there are three targets. I had eight seconds to hit them all. Amaki’dar never missed. Another skill up for me.

Third lesson. Precision. Methinks this will be easy… Oh. Wait. Fourth target, way in the back. I must aim a hair higher. When I strike this target, Angi is pleased and the lesson is over. Yet another skill point. I am happy, but not done yet. One lesson remains.

Fourth lesson. She talked to Amaki’dar of speed, composure, and precision. Now, ’tis time to use all three! Oh, divines… Now I must hit all four within ten seconds. This one is rather difficult, she says to me. I may not get it right the first time, but that’s what practice is all about. I have 10 seconds… I aim the farthest one away first. Four arrows later and Angi congratulates me. Shame she had no skooma to share. I have some, but it has bad effects on non-khajiit, so I don’t share at all. Never.

I ask her if there is anything else she can teach me, and she says Amaki’dar already knows everything she knows, and it scares her when she thinks about it. I pat her on the shoulder and tell her not to worry. Angi gives her family bow to Amaki’dar. Too many painful memories she says. I nod and take it and look it over. It’s a hunting bow.

I have a glass bow of epic quality with a life drain enchantment. Give Amaki’dar one good reason not to trade this bow for a bowl of moon sugar!

((Out of character)) Angi’s Cabin is located south of Falkreath, but not directly. In order to reach her, you must take a winding path up the side of the mountain. Best directions I can give to reaching her is just across Pinewatch there is a path which leads to a bandit camp by the river (there is a fallen tree with a dead elf lying over it near a tent with a satchel at her feet) Take a right and keep following the path. First picture in my gallery shows what to look for if you stick to the road. When you get to the two stone markers with bear traps on the ground, watch your step and follow the path to the left. As for the archery training, this is a guaranteed easy level up, you can get 7 points from this. Six from the training, and one from a book in her house you can read: The Gold Ribbon of Merit (unless you already read it elsewhere). I highly recommend waiting till you level up your archery to 90. You can pay trainers to level up faster, but 90 is the maximum you can go as far as paying for it. The rest of the way is in constant use, but this gives you at least a 6 point boost free of charge. I’d say train with Angi after you have 90 skill so you can get to 100 faster. 😉


A Conjurer in Skyrim

Following in the footsteps of the Illusionist in Skyrim, I decided to make a conjurer. Only I am being a lot more flexible and versatile. I will be doing things like using armor, enchanting items, making potions, maybe even crafting my own armor, who knows. But the primary skill I’d level would be conjuration, which is a school of magic that summons things from the twisted realm of Oblivion. In World of Warcraft a mage would conjure bread and water while the warlock would summon demons to obey him/her. The perk for these warlocks is that their demons stay with them until they are dismissed. In Skyrim, the things you can summon only last about a minute or until they are killed. Oh boy…

So after doing a tad of research, I start a new game and make a Breton since they start off with a skill of 25 in conjuration, higher than any other race, and best of all they start off with a conjuring spell, which is conjure familiar. The familiar takes on the form of a ghostly wolf, so I’m like, Oh nice! I get a pet wolf to follow me around and bite the imperials in the ankles! Cool deal.

Doing a little research I read up some interesting info on this race, which I never played before. One fact I found interesting was that the Bretons have a mix of elven and human blood, which explains how they can grasp magic so well.The other fact I found interesting was that the Bretons in previous games had french-sounding names, but in Skyrim, the Bretons in the Reach (mostly Forsworn) have names that resemble Scottish, Irish, or Welch. I only just found out about all this, and I already had made my Breton and named her Crystal… Hope that fits… Hmm. Well too late now. They have a face changer in Riften, but she won’t let you change your name…. I’d like to change my name, throw the Aldmeri Dominion off my tail… Ah well.

Starting up the game then, I make my Breton, name her, and proceed to escape from the keep. I go with Ralof, the Stormcloak prisoner (as usual. I always side with the rebels for some reason. I guess I’m a bit of a rebel at heart.) and we start going into the keep. He unties me and I grab armor and an axe off the dead person and equip them.

I know, I know, the Illusionist in Skyrim doesn’t attack directly and only uses illusion spells, but I’m not one for running around with my head chopped off or bleeding to death or anything like that. So I equip the axe in one hand and a summon familiar spell in the other hand. The summon familiar take up most of my mana to cast just once, but this friendly wolf should stay alive for at least a minute to help kill whoever comes at us.

As we progress through the keep, I summon the wolf again and again as we approach a new mob of people. A couple of times the wolf dies and I don’t have enough mana to summon another. So my axe, which I later replaced with a sword, really came in handy. But in some moments, my trusty wolf runs around and attacks the imperials. The only time it died miserably was twice. The first was when all the imperials swarmed it before me and the Stormcloaks got there, and another time was with the spiders. Must have been the venom. As for the bear, I just sneak past it. If Ralof doesn’t want to tangle with her, then I’m willing to bet my summon-able wolf wouldn’t want to!

So we leave and get to Riverwood. I go into the trader’s house and sell all the extra armor and weapons I got from Helgen. Then pick up the quest to retrieve the golden claw from the bandits who are hiding out in Bleak Falls Barrow. And while I’m there I buy a spell tome for Raise Zombie, which will reanimate a dead body to fight for me for 60 seconds. Yeah, not that long. It’s actually just as long as the Familiar spell. So I buy it and learn it and decide to try it out as soon as I can. What better place, then, than a crypt full of dead bodies? MWA-hahahahahahaha!

Ralof and I part ways when we reach Riverwood, but with my armor and my sword, and two spells to my name, I head on out. As I get near the barrow I pass up a tower that had three bandits living in it. My summoned familiar runs up and kills the first bandit but the second bandit kills the familiar. Switch spells, cast on the nearby corpse, and perfecto! My own undead thrall! The bandit that died first comes back to life, draws his mace and pounds his former comrade to death. NICE! The third bandit also dies very quickly, and afterwards my thrall comments with, “Ughhhhh.” I frown and say to myself, “Did you just say, now ain’t this a surprise, when you went to attack those other guys?”


“Okay, fine, you get the last word… I guess.”

I summon a fresh corpse, since the spell only lasts about 60 seconds and we press on. I reach the barrow and there are three more bandits out there. Naturally my thrall dies before he can kill someone, so I quickly summon a familiar to dispatch one. While I run in circles to avoid being hit, I raise the corpse and it runs up to attack the bandit that’s chasing me. Eventually I stop running about and defend myself with my sword while my thrall attacks my target from behind. Teamwork!

By now I’ve leveled up a few times, and I’ve been able to put a few perks into my conjuration tree. One of whihc made casting novice spells for half the mana, so now I could cast my spells more often if I had to. Before if my thrall or familiar died, I was on my own with my sword. Now if my familiar dies, I can summon a thrall to fight with me. Easy Peasy. Of course having a mage hood with extra magicka helps immensely. I don’t know how the Illusionist in Skyrim is doing their perk points, but I know my conjuration spell tree is growing. I can now raise the dead or summon familiars (I’m guessing familiars works with this too) from twice as far away from me, so now I don’t have to be as close to a dead body to raise it. Good thing since these draugr smell nasty. No offense.



Another nice thing about raising the dead is your dead thrall uses whatever weapons he has on him. You would loot the corpse and take all weapons off him then raise it and it would just fight with it’s fists, or you can give the corpse a powerful weapon and then raise it and it would wield that one instead. Once it dies you can loot the dust and get your weapon back. But my favorite things to reanimate are the ones that cast spells. A spellcasting draugr dies by my blade, I reanimate it, and it starts casting spells at the other draugrs. Sweet!

After my adventure in the barrow, I return the golden claw and set out to Whiterun. As I talk with Farengar about the dragons and give him the stone tablet I already got from Bleak Falls Barrow, I decide to see what spells he offers and I find a couple of conjuring spells. One is bound sword, which conjures a sword in my right hand (NICE, especially since I am right handed) and the sword lasts for two minutes! The other spell was Conjure Flame Atronach. An Atronach, eh? What is that… I summon it. It takes a huge chunk of magicka to cast, but the nest level spell perk will help with that, but still, it lets me summon a really cool… well… flame atronach! Humanoid and female looking, it glides with it’s toes just barely touching the ground, and it looks like it’s made of nothing but fire. This ought to be much more deadly than those wolf-familiars I’ve been summoning! Maybe more powerful than any undead thrall I could summon too!

Just then we get word of a dragon attack at the watchtower. Perfect! Now I can try out this new atronach and bound sword. So I go out with a group of guards, the dragon swoops in to attach, literally. I mean he swoops down feet first and grabs a guard that was right behind me. Yikes! This lizard means business! I summon my flame atronach and marvel at her spell casting. She shoots fireballs into the sky, and she’s aiming for where the dragon is going to be! She doesn’t seem to be missing, unless I’m mistaken! At one point the dragon breathes fire at her and bites her and it dies, I move around, hitting the dragon on it’s wings with my bound sword, and I quickly resummon my atronach. Turns out you only use magicka to summon the minions and the sword… it doesn’t cost any magicka for the minions to attack, nor for each swing of your bound weapon. So just a little magicka to summon it, then pwn at my own pleasure. The dragon starts snapping his jaws at my atronach again, and I resume slashing at it’s side. Then the dragon dies and my atronach glides about merrily… I could have sword she set fire to the dragon… no wait… I… wow. Whoops. I seem to have absorbed it’s soul and turned what was left of the dragon into bones.

Now the guards are saying I must be Dragonborn. Yippie Skippie. Okay. I’m done fighting for one day. Back to Whiterun for me.

Latest of Amaki’dar

Khajiit welcomes you, friend.

Lately I’ve just been so busy with completing main story content and several others besides. I know many of my posts have spoilers and tidbits on the quests themselves. But now that I’ve unlocked the side quests for the Thieves Guild and the Dark Brotherhood, much of my in game time will be spent in travelling. Then again you do that anyway right from the start when you escape from Helgen and head down to Riverwood. Now, though, instead of an exotic story-based quest chain, I have a bunch of repeatable quests I can complete for gold, which isn’t a problem for me right now – I have over a hundred thousand septims!

So, bringing you up to speed on my Khajiit in this purr-ticular game of Skyrim, I’m working on bringing the Thieves Guild back to it’s former glory. I’ve just helped a silver-smith in Markarth, who had ordered a specific silver mold to be made, which would be used to make silver candlesticks, and it was robbed from a Khajiit caravan that was on it’s way into Skyrim.

Now I don’t know about you, but that makes my fur fluff up in rage. I mean sure, I’ve encountered Khajiit thieves and assassins on the road, but a caravan is usually just normal people like merchants and shopkeepers. You know, civilians. So when I see a lone Khajiit running up to me, he usually says hello to my bow and arrow or daggers… unless of course he’s a thief and I’m wearing thieves guild armor – then he says “Hello!” and gives me free lockpicks. But if it’s a caravan then it’s even better, because I can stop the leader in the road and barter with him. Very nice if I’m ever in need of a vendor to sell extra stuff too.

Anyway, the silversmith says his specially ordered smithing mold was stolen off a caravan, and the Jarl, city guards, Stormcloaks, you name it, just won’t help. So he figured he’d hire a thief to take back what was stolen. I take the job and head down into the pine forest, and I slit the throats of any bandit I came across. All, except three. They were sitting around a table in a well lit room, but I had a way to sneaka round them, behind a wall of crates and boxes. As I move around them, debating whether to turn them into human pin-cushions with my arrows, I listen to their conversation.

From what I heard, their boss has set up a series of traps, jealously guarding the major portion of stash from the rest of the bandits, and one of their comrades had died to a trap. She had him tied up somewhere and wouldn’t let the others cut him down and give him a proper burial. What’s more, she’s rigged up even more traps to guard her things. Then the three bandits hold a moment of silence to remember their friend.

I consider. I figured, Well, now you know how those Khajiit Caravans probably felt when you attacked them… now you know what it’s like to lose someone you know… I think I’ll let you three live with your grief. Then I sheathe my weapon and climb the ramp into the next room… and promptly draw my daggers and slit the throat of an orc bandit that was in my way.

Eventually I make it to a most curious room. For starters there is a table with a few notes upon it and several other things that suggested human habitation, and a bunch of bookshelves lined up on the far side of the room. The most curious part of the room were the bonechimes. Bonechimes, as I mentioned in a previous blog, are bones that have been set upon a single string that dangle from the ceiling, usually in a tight passageway. If you bump into these, they’re bound to clink together loudly, thus waking nearby Draugr, dead zombies. You commonly see these things in crypts where Draugr are sure to be found, sometimes even among the Falmer, where the chimes act as an alarm to let them know someone is near since they can’t see. But in this bandit hideout, no less than six bonechimes dangle from the ceiling all around the room, one is hanging right at the edge of a bookcase. I nimble walk around them and read the notes on the table.

One is from the father of the bandit leader, who says while he had long given up marrying his daughter off to someone else, he had hoped that she’s join up with the Stormcloaks instead of attacking travelers and caravans on the roads. He fears her getting caught and keeps returning the gold she keeps sending him. Her response is nearby, guess she hasn’t made it to the post office yet, and she had written that she didn’t want to fight for the Stormcloaks since they wouldn’t pay well enough for it, and there was no freaking way she’d fight for the Imperials. (Now I had won the civil war fighting alongside the Stormcloaks… I glance down at my bulging sack of coins, then resume reading the reply letter.) Another thing she noted was for her father to stop sending the gold back because the rest of her gang keeps trying to steal it and she has enough trouble keeping them in line as it is. I now draw my daggers and think to myself, I have a way to fix that, darlin’.

Sneaking around the bookshelves, I discover they they were hiding the bandit leader’s bedroom. The bookshelves acted as a room divider of sorts, and in the bed is the bandit herself, sleeping away. I stab her with my daggers and steal the keys to her treasury. As for the deadly traps, I avoid them all, being the light-footed, lock-picking, trap-disabling kitty cat I am. I finally find the silver molds and take just about everything else in that room, then skedaddle.

So now I have a new fence in Markarth, and as I leave the inn, the silversmith’s daughter tells me, “One day I’m gonna be a silversmith, just like daddy.” I pat her on the head and say to myself, How sweet. You just put your foot in the door for becoming a potential Thieves Guild fence in the future, young lady. I’ll remember you!

So now a new merchant has moved in under the Cistern. Delvin is right. It is nice to shake off the cobwebs and get things rolling again. And while I was there, I had Delvin set up the new Dark Brotherhood sanctuary. Everything from a master bedroom and banners to a poison station and torture chambers. “Now that’s the Dark Brotherhood I love,” Delvin says. As Listener, I have the Night Mother in there too, and she’ll hear the prayers from clients in Skyrim and will send me to them to accept the contract and kill the target in question. The group has seen a decline due to internal strife, but the brotherhood still lives, and I am the leader of it.

Like I said, I’ve been doing a lot. I became an assassin, a master thief, the arch-made of the College of Winterhold, a war hero, and a dragonslayer. I’ve saved the world from Alduin, liberated Skyrim for the Stormcloaks, stolen a lot of gems and jewelry from shopkeepers, and killed the emperor. Yep, you heard me. I killed the Emperor Tidus Mede II, and that was quite a tale.

Another feat I finally got accomplished was that I found all the words of power… thus far. I have yet to delve into the Dawnguard content, but now that I’m pat level 55, yeah, I think it’s about time I set out to do something about these vampire attacks… if only to get the guards to shut up and to stop vampires from killing local merchants.

“May your road lead you to warm sands.”

Alduin’s Wall

Stone Bridges lead the way into the temple. Two sets of them have to be lowered to gain entry.

Sky Haven temple it is. Easy to get into it is not. A bunch of Forsworn live out here along the river, and they even have a Hagraven with them. Hagravens are women who supposedly gave up most of their humanity to gain more powerful magics, and as a result they grow feathers, talons, their noses become more hooked like a beak. They look like humanoid vultures to me, and they can be downright nasty in my opinion. As long as I can take any of my prey by surprise I’m okay, but if they see me and I’m a good distance away, they start throwing fireballs like crazy. And Hagravens are responsible for the Briarhearts, men who agree to have their hearts removed and replaced with a different sort of heart that grants them better strength or something. They’re pretty tough, like the male version of the Hagravens. Crazy, evil, dark magic stuff there.

And as if fighting to forsworn wasn’t bad enough, a dragon decides to go swooping in and attacking them and us at the same time. Us is myself, Delphine and Esbern. I met up with them just as the dragon came in, so while the dragon was attacking the Forsworn, I was attacking the forsworn. It wasn’t until most of them were dead when the dragon landed and was severely wounded by all the arrows and magical spells that found their mark upon him. By then I landed the last blow… an arrow right into his skull.

The last test where I have to drop some of my own blood onto a symbol in the ground. Can’t I just use graffiti?

Once everything is quiet, I lead the way towards the temple, which has a few puzzles to solve. The first are three pillars, which have three different symbols on them. I turn the pillars so the dragon symbol is facing front, and the first stone-bridge lowers. The second test is easy. Pressure plates cover the floor, and if you step on one of those, a trap goes off… in this case it’s a fire trap. Now normally I’d have to watch my step and only walk on the squares that have a dragon symbol on it. But I am a thief, and as such I have a very high sneak skill. With the perk point, I can walk on pressure plates without setting off the traps. So, naturally, I waltzed across the room at my leisure and pull the chain that turns the traps off. Now Esbern and Delphine can follow me. Lazy twerps they are.

This better be worth it. I can’t take pain, I can only give it!

Finally we reach the door and it’s sealed up. The only way to open it is for a bit of my blood to drip onto the rings on the floor. I cut my palm and let a few droplets fall. The rings start to circle, and when they’re done moving, the symbol of the dragon is restored in the floor, and the door opens. I go inside.

Esbern goes on up ahead and lights a brazier next to Alduin’s wall. I tell him to hurry up. I wasn’t too interested in the history – I just needed to know how to defeat Alduin. “Yes, yes, of course… let me see…”

The hallways have bas relief artwork in them. I always pronounced it as “Bass” like the fish, but it’s more like the “Bah” of a sheep. I still like “Bass.” They’re tasty.

Five minutes later he still hasn’t said anything further. I look around. Delphine should have come up and lit the other brazier… why hasn’t she? I run back down to the entrance to the temple and she’s just standing there. I get behind her and attack her with my claws (being a Khajjit, unarmed combat is much better since I attack with my claws, and all the other races just have their fists). She doesn’t respond. Finally I roll my eyes, and then shout, FUS RO DAH! and she gets blasted up the hallway by the force of my Thu’um. She takes her time getting to her feet… I might have stunned her a bit, but once she’s back up she starts walking at last.

While Delphine lags behind, Esbern and I approach the wall.

Yeah… I had to push her after all. (Thankfully she doesn’t react as if she’s under attack and I don’t get a bounty on my head. In a sense she acts as a follower now, and is immune to most attacks… I say most because I could still Shout at her and it would work)

10 minutes later I go back and give Delphine an Unrelenting PUSH up the stairs. Now Esbern can tell the both of us what the wall has to say for itself.

So now that both braziers are lit, Esbern moves to the center and comments that it looks like the ancient Nord heroes, also Dragonborn, used some sort of Shout to bring Alduin down… Delphine asks if I know of any shout that can knock a dragon out of the sky. I tell her no, so now I get to go back to High Hrothgar and ask the Greybeards. Delphine doesn’t like them too much, and the reason being is because all they do is sit on top of a mountain and meditate. What else do they do? Nothing. They don’t lift a finger or raise their voices to help out in the civil war or the dragon attacks.

The last bit of the wall… this is showing my destiny… I think.

But I do. If I am dragonborn, then it seems that my destiny is to stop Alduin before he destroys the world. Time go climb that big old mountain again. I hope there aren’t any frost trolls to be encountered this time.

You know, I think this is actually an ancient comic strip about a character named “Draco”

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