New info on MoP: Rep Grinds

There is a mathematical solution to rep grinding in today’s WoW, and it started in Wrath and might just end with Cataclysm. The formula is thus:

Faction Tabbard + Dungeons = Reputation Points

Well, We’ll still have tabbards come Mists, but they won’t be available at friendly. Looks more like we’re going back to the Burning Crusade type of reputations where the Tabbards are really the rewards rather than the tools, which on one level I think is nice. I used to say we ought to have two tabbards per faction. One should be available at friendly that provides a small reward per monster kill in the dungeons, and the other tabbard would be available once you are exaulted with said faction. The difference would be in the artwork of the tabbards. The friendly version would be very simple while the exaulted version would feature better artwork and would be easy to distinguish, so people could look at you and if they see which tabbard you have they could go, “Oh wow! They have a different tabbard than mine, but it looks familiar! Hey! You! How did you get that? Oh, okay, thanks! Can’t wait to get mine.” It’d be like changing the tassel on your hat from one side to the other at your graduation ceremony…. and then you throw the hat into the air with everyone else even though the elders told you not to during rehearsal. ­čśŤ

Now in this article, they mentioned a lot of factions, and since it’ll take a lot of quests to grind them all to exaulted, they didn’t have the 25 daily quest limit when they tested it all. Whether it’s been┬ápermanently┬álifted from the game, we don’t know, but if they have so many daily quests, we’d best keep our fingers crossed.

Here is the link to the website that has the news article I read this morning on reputation grinds. The fishing faction does offer a new fishing pole, but it doesn’t increase the skill any higher than the pole I got from the Kalu’ak, the tribe of Tuskarr that’s in Northrend. But there are plenty of rewards out there, and I hope to get my hands on most of them asap! =)


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