Wanderings of Amaki’dar

Can you see the dragon here?

Being a Khajiit, I have the mindset of a cat that can do whatever she wants. I have to go to Solitude and talk to an Argonian about the buyer of Goldenglow Estate and find out who it is, but right now I don’t wanna. There’s just too much to do in Skyrim. So many caves and ruins to explore. Elk to shoot for venison and hides. Skills to level up. (Being a werewolf takes away the rested bonus when you let your character sleep every so often, so I’m putting The Companions quest line off for the time being. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a werewolf in this game, but I wanna make use of rested XP bonuses while I can.)

During my journeys I come across a tower with a dragon hanging out on top of it. I kill it after a short fight by firing arrows at it. It was a fire dragon, so I used my frost breath shout to try and give him a chill pill. Once he’s out cold I climb up the ruins and find a word wall. The word in question was KRII, which means kill, and is a shout that is supposed to weaken my foes. Marked for Death is the name of this shout, and I decide to try it later on.

I try to take a shortcut through the mountains and end up sliding down a slope and entering a valley that led to some more ruins. Fighting draugr and skeletons along the way, I eventually encounter another dragon and decide to try me new shout. I notice a slight difference and try to keep it up as often as I can. The Dragon keeps landing nearby and breathing ice at me (so my own frost breath wouldn’t work as well – hence I unlocked the Marked for Death shout to try it out), and I keep ducking behind some pillars. This helps shield me from his breaths, and as soon as he stops I can step out and shoot an arrow up his nose, which makes him fly up, circle me in the air, then land once again. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Unfortunately all of our activity wakes up a very powerful draugr and it starts to attack me as well. So I’m trying to avoid frost breaths from a dragon and stay out of range so it won’t bite my tail off, and now I’m constantly moving about, shouting KRII at the drauger now as well as at the dragon, and trying my best to avoid the draugr’s sword. Talk about multitasking! Eventually both go down, and I move along and find the word wall that they were protecting. This one has the word GAAN on the wall, and is the first word for Drain Vitality… which is similar to Marked for Death in a way.

“You know, I really thing these word walls are really a dragon comic strip about a character named ‘Drake.'”

And after grave robbing a lot of things, I become overburdened. Rats. So I use my emergency course of action – I drink a stamina potion which increases my carry weight by about 20, just enough to no-longer be weighted down by all the loot I have, and then I fast-travel to Whiterun. The instant I arrive it’s nighttime, and the potion has worn off of course. So now I walk… slowly… miserably… snail-like… all the way to The Drunken Huntsman. The elf inside keeps his tavern open 24/7, so I’m able to see the weapons and armor I’ve looted. Now that I’m no longer overburdened, I run to Breezehome and drop off the 6 dragon bones and scales into a cabinet for later use. I perform some cooking and alchemy while I’m there, contemplate joining The Companions, decide against it for now, then get some sleep.

The next day I wake up and decide to go for a long walk out of Whiterun. I know of a cave that can take me from the south side of one mountain to the north side, and it should be a nice short-cut to Morthal, so I head in that direction. On the way there, I met a farmer and his cow. The farmer was taking his cow to a nearby giant camp as a sort of peace offering. Doing this annually tends to keep the giants from attacking his livestock, or so he’s claimed because I don’t know how long he’s kept up with this tradition. The funny thing was he put paint all over his cow… it’s to let the giants know it’s for them somehow. I just scoff to myself and say, “well good luck to ya!”

So, what’s the paint on the cow for again? O.o

Now an interesting side effect of Skyrim is that when you’re in a conversation with someone, somebody else could sneak up behind you at any moment and would have something to say to you, and they never interrupt you. It could be a courier with a letter, it could be a fugitive who gives you a random weapon he stole from a hunter, it could be a gang of thugs who are out to teach you a lesson. This time though, as soon as I’m done talking to the farmer, my view immediately swivels around to the next person who’s been trying to speak with me, and it’s a thief. Amazingly, it looks exactly like the same thief I encountered the last two times. The first time he was about to rob me but then saw I was in guild armor and left me alone while wishing me luck, and the second time I saw him he gave me five free lock picks. This time it’s the same guy, same thief, and once again he gives me free lock picks before departing. The only problem I had was when I finished talking to the farmer and the thief started chatting with me right away… and well… it scared the crap outta me. I thought maybe it was thug or a bandit or an assassin that was trying to attack me. Don’t do that again, you! And thanks for the lock picks!

Hallo, buddy! Thanks for the lockpicks!

Anyway after those two encounters I make my way to the foot of the mountain and start looking for the caves that would lead me to the other side. I find some ruins called Rannveig’s Fast… dunno what’s fast about it, but it seems to be haunted by ghosts who try to attack me. As they attack, and as I kill the ghosts, they say things like how they don’t want to do this, or this isn’t what they want, or that they’re sorry. Something is up. Looks like these ghosts are being held here against their will somehow. Gotta be something I can do. As I approach the ruins, I make note of the stone steps that lead up and above them and decide to follow them later, and I head inside.

A treasure chest and a word wall. YAY!

After killing a few more ghosts, I find a chamber with a word wall and a big treasure chest in plain sight. I run forward, very happily and ready to loot the spoils and learn a new dragon shout.

And then the floor opened up below me and I slide down into a trap. YIKES!

“It worked! Ha ha! Greed makes for an excellent lure!”

I look around and there’s Sild the warlock. I’ve fallen into a cage that has water at the bottom of it, as well as three corpses of adventurers and bandits. A few other dead bodies are nearby in cells, and one is on the floor with a satchel at her side… this was Sild’s assistant. Sild gloats on how well his trap worked and turns away from me, talking more to himself as he decides on what poison to use to kill me quickly. Now normally I’d either pick the lock and escape or rummage in the satchel for the key and get out that way. However, thanks to an unknown bug or some other glitch, the door of the cage that I fell into is amazingly open, and Sild didn’t even notice it. So calm as anything, I settle into a crouch, sneak up behind Sild, and slit his throat before he can decide whether I’d like deathbell or nightshade.

Sild the warlock had been enslaving spirits for his own use. Glad I “dropped in” to end his little operation.

I find Sild’s journal, which chronicles his use of this trap to get bandits and kill them and use their souls as his slaves, which explained the ghosts in the area. I take everything I like; potions, ingredients, gold, weapons… and then I make my way back to the main chamber. The word on the wall was KYNE, for Kyne’s Peace. Oh, and that chest in front of the word wall? It was empty. Figures. After making sure the rest of the ghosts are gone, I leave the ruins and head up the stone path over the ruins. Up the steps I find a cave called Cold Rock Pass, and the skeletons, blood, and dead skeever is a sure sign that something’s living in here.

They oughta put a sign here that looks like a deer crossing sign on the road, only up here it would warn travelers of trolls, dragons, and skeevers.

Sure enough, I sneak inside and see a frost troll up ahead. It takes three of my arrows to put the thing down so I can get through the cave and exit to the other side. Whew. I can see the town just down the mountain from here, and I start to follow the path down. Morthal, here I come!

I wish I knew what these banner things were really for… maybe someone went to the beach and left this towel out to dry…


Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Boethiah Cultist Attacks Bard! Mammoths Invervene!

Just southeast of Kynesgrove, eyewitness reports that a Khajiit traveler met the renowned bard, Talsgar the Wanderer. Paying a small sum of 25 septims, the Khajiit requests a song to be sung, but before the bard could finish the first verse, a Dunmer armed with a steel sword ran up along the road and attacked Talsgar!

“I don’t know what happened or why he would attack me!” Talsgar told authorities moments after the attack had subsided. “Frankly I was distrustful of that female Khajiit who requested a song of me. They both came from the same direction on the road, but the Khajiit drew her bow and shot an arrow into the Dunmer. She would have saved my life if the Mammoths and Giant hadn’t intervened.”

Just seconds after the fight started, the ground had begun to shake as two adult woolly mammoths charged at the Dunmer, striking the attacker with their curved tusks, each of which is almost, if not longer, than a Nord is tall! The Giant who watched over his herd also ran in with his bone club swinging through the air. Nobody knows whose blow was the most fatal, but that was one sorry Dunmer who never lived to tell the tale.

According to sources, namely the Khajiit traveler who requested a song from the Bard, the Dunmer carried in his satchel a book labeled as “Boethiah’s Proving,” a book that had no name of an author in it, yet describes a Daedric cult that deals in death and killing. It is believed that the Dunmer read this book one too many times and became possessed of it’s writings and felt the need to kill anyone in his path.

The Giant refrained from comment, but shook his mace menacingly, which reporters and local authorities took to be meaning, “No comment,” and fled the area. The mammoths sustained no injury from what reporters could see and had already returned to their grazing just off the road.

The events raised concerns about cultists practicing in the hold, however the guards of Eastmarch reassured local civilians that there is nothing to worry about. However the need for road signs indicating of mammoth crossings are being put to the current Jarl of Eastmarch, Ulfric Stormcloak, whose only response was, “The feel of the ground quaking under foot ought to be enough. Anyone who doesn’t know a mammoth is near, and makes the mistake of attacking one, would not only be a fool… he’d also be dead.”

The only other witness to the bard attack was a second Khajiit, who called himself M’aiq. He pointed out where the mammoths went and also claimed that the giant stole his sweet roll and that a dragon almost ate the bard. He also mentioned that the female Khajiit was a Dragonborn, but the female Khajjit traveler rolled her eyes and hissed, “Pu-lease! Me? A Dragonborn? How can I be when I am not a Nord? M’aiq is obviously lying. Ask him.”

“M’aiq is tired now. Go bother somebody else.”

Every statement afterwards was simply that he was done talking. After consulting with these two Khajiit, the idea of a giant and two mammoths killing a Boethiah cultist seems more like a fanciful tale rather than actual events, however the bard continued to claim that the mammoth and giant did rush to his defense and plans to write a ballad about the episode, possibly omitting the Khajiit’s involvement. The Khajiit who requested the song asked for a refund, however Talsgar refused to return the 25 septims to his customer.

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