Farming in World of Warcraft. Argh

After harvesting crops, the soil could become “occupied” meaning there are virmen hiding under the dirt. Today I got 4 in a row. What the—!?


At exaulted with the tillers, you get 16 spots to plant seeds in, and therefore you harvest 16 plants a day. I’ve been farming Songbells, which grant one mote of Harmony with each plant, so every day I get one Spirit of Harmony and six extra motes to hang on to.

The problem is every single patch of soil has it’s problems, whether you plant something or harvest it.

Today as you can see in the picture, I have 4 occupied soils, which is clearly noticeable by the patches of dust flying up from the ground… I’d hate to think how “busy” those virmen are down there! I better get rid of them soon. I thought it was crazy and silly, however, that all four of them are in one single row!

All in a day’s work… ARGH!

So I tilled the soil around it for the time being and planted more songbells… and I hesitated tending the crops so you can see for yourself the trouble I have to go through. Aside from the 4 occupied soils that I have yet to tend to, I have the following problems:

  • 3 Runty Songbell
  • 3 Wild Songbell
  • 2 Parched Songbell
  • 2 Infested Songbell
  • 1 Smothered Songbell
  • 1 Tangled Songbell

The Runty ones I just have to click on, and it makes me kneel down and then I hit the spacebar to make my toon jump, and it pulled the runty plant up and it grows normally. Easy enough. The Parched ones need water, the Infested ones I have to spray bug spray on them. Smothered has an encroaching weed I have to click on and then spam a button to pull it up. Tangled I click on and move away to sort of pull the weeds out, slightly different from the smothered type. And the Wild ones are a pain. I have to hop onto the long tendrils and wrestle it to show it who’s boss, and it occasionally smacks me into the ground.

It’s all too much, really.

So if Blizzard ever reads this, I hope they see my suggestion here: Why can’t we put a seed in the ground and just have it go directly to “growing”…. I mean sometimes, very rarely, the seed can go directly to bursting, which lets you harvest it right away and then plant something else! Why not have all these problems be less common, but not entirely rare… Let the “Growing” happen a lot more often so we don’t have to spend ten minutes dealing with wild plants, ravenous virmen, and swooping birds!? THANK YOU! %)

So I go ahead and fix all these problems, clear out the 4 virmen in the occupied plots, till the soil and plant 4 more songbell seeds. Two are Runty, one is Infested, and the last one is wiggling. I KNEW IT! I just knew they were doing SOMETHING down there!!! ARGH!

So yeah, if ten or twelve of these plants can just go to growing when I plant them and then I have 4 random problems with the others, then I’d be fine with that… but all 16 plants with various random things happening to them!? Grrr… It’s a bit much!

WTS old defective scarecrow, paying all that glitters!


Exaulted with the Tillers!

Well, Owlaf finally made it. She’s a Tiller now, a member of the faction at Halfhill in the Valley of the Four Winds. Now she has all the space she can possibly own to grow her crops, fully upgraded with sprinklers and pest control, and a plow for when I wanna till soil or whatever. There’s chickens, pigs, sheep, a cat, a dog, and a yak. And a Mushan, which is a really big reptile that grazes in a field nearby. The most important thing here is the opening up of crop space. Now I can grow 16 plants a day. I’ve been growing whatever I needed so I can stock the guild with feasts. We haven’t started raiding yet, but I’m hoping it will be soon.

My completely updated farm. Growing pumpkins today. Halloween is around the corner ya know. ^-^

Brewfest Reward 2012

The Original Pony keg. Still only 100 tokens, you can keep this on you forever. Set it up on the ground. Then just click, drink, and repeat!

So this year for Brewfest, Blizzard has come out with a new item that can be purchased from the vendor at the festival grounds. The vendor takes Brewfest Tokens, which you get by completing daily quests (and getting smashed while doing so is almost a given!). The vendors names are Belbi Quickswitch for the Alliance, and for the Horde it’s Blix Fixwidget. Both of these vendors can be found at the fair grounds. Belbi is a gnome wearing goggles, and Blix is a goblin, so both are quite short, but you should have no trouble finding them…. unless you’re totally smashed, then your vision would be blurry. I’ll cover all the notable kegs you can buy from them this year so you can get a good idea of what’s there and what you’d like to get.

The first keg available from Brewfest is known as the Brewfest Pony Keg, which drops a keg on the ground, and players all around you can click on it to “tap the keg” and get a mug of Brewfest beer. You can only carry one mug of this stuff at a time, so what players usually do is they click on the keg, drink the beer, and then they can click again. There usually is a race to see who vomits first, and it’s a past-time I have been a part of when a player goes AFK during a raid right before a boss fight or while most people are still away during a 5 minute break in that raid. When you drop the keg on the ground, it lasts for three minutes and has an unlimited supply of  brew. All the kegs you buy from Brewfest are bound on pickup and they last forever. The only limit is that when you do use it, it has a thirty minute cooldown. You can get this at Brewfest for only 100 tokens.

The Brewfest Keg Pony. Costs 200 Tokens, and lets you summon a mule with Brewfest Kegs ready for tapping!

The other keg item is actually called the Brewfest Keg Pony, a slight variation of wording, but the difference is significant. While this one costs a whopping 200 tokens, it’s function is slightly different. Instead of dropping a keg on the ground, this will summon a small pony (or mule) that has kegs of Brewfest brew hanging over it’s back. This acts like a companion pet, in the sense it’s alive and will follow it’s owner like a critter pet would, but it has an extra function – players can click on the pony to tap a keg of Brewfest beer just like they could on the pony keg. The hard part is if the player who owns it moves away, then the pony moves too and players might end up clicking on empty space, and then they walk crookedly, swaying and slurring as they try to find the pony. I’ve rarely played “Pin the Tail on the Donkey,” but this is crazy!

And now this year, it’s the Pandaren Brewpack. While the Pandaren aren’t actually competing in the festivities against Thunderbrew and the others, they were able to bring this along at least. Costing only 100 tokens, this item has a unique action. Like the pony keg and the keg pony, this lasts 3 minutes, but instead of summoning a keg or a mule on the ground, this puts the keg on the player’s back and replaces the action bar. You casting spells, your attacks, everything on the first action bar is gone. Now you have two functions to press while you have the keg on your back. Press 1, and you drink some of the brew yourself, which is unlimited, but why keep it to yourself? Press 2, and you can throw the brew to friendly players!

From left to right, the Brewfest Pony Keg, Brewfest Keg Pony, and the Pandaren Brewpack.

Now I tested this out so I know this: you really can only target friendly players. This means people from your faction only, and they don’t have to be in a party to get the beer. You just have to be in range to throw them a mug. And like the others, the recipient of the free beer has to drink it before they can get another one. You cannot toss a Brewfest beer to players of the opposite faction. As an Alliance druid, I was at Halfhill in Valley of the Four Winds, and a lot of players were there today. I donned my keg and drank till I puked, and then started tossing brew to anyone I could. I tried throwing some to the horde players nearby, but it wouldn’t work. Sorry guys! Reroll Alliance, and then I can share! ^-^

Another fun fact I recently discovered. If you have the brewpack on and you toss a beer to a friendly player who is flagged, then you become flagged! Of course this applies on non-pvp realms. On pvp realms you’re always flagged. So be careful if you’re on a non-pvp server. Let’s say you’re at a summoning stone just outside a raid and you throw a brew at a nearby friendly player that’s flagged, and a bunch of toons from the opposite faction are nearby. Not good! Yikes! So be mindful of who you throw it to. I was in Halfhill when I discovered the flagging myself thing, but fortunately the Horde players nearby weren’t interested in fighting. Probably because we were at the marketplace.

Only 100 tokens, This puts the keg on your back and gives you two options. Press 1 to drink some, press 2 to throw it at a friendly player!

And lastly, all three of these items last forever, meaning they aren’t consumed when used. Consumed in wow means when you use the item, it disappears forever. The only drawback is that they all have a 30 minute cooldown, but it’s not so bad when you consider the fact that they don’t share that cooldown! Each item, once summoned, lasts three minutes. So what you can do is summon one keg, drink from it, and then you can summon the next one in your bags while the first is one cooldown. With three kegs you can buy, you will never go thirsty again!

  1. Brewfest Pony keg100 Tokens
  2. Brewfest Keg Pony200 Tokens
  3. Pandaren Brewpack100 Tokens

If you haven’t already, you’d best get farming those tokens if you want any of these kegs. Bark for Brews, or make deliveries. And above all, have fun! It’s Brewfest!

Owl’s Green Thumb

I can grow cabbages and scallions in the virtual world, but I can’t save an orchid or have a tomato plant thrive. -,-

The garden. Four Scallions growing in the field.

At Half Hill, I met a Pandaren who needed some help, and being the kind and thoughtful druid I am, I decide to lend a hand. Or paw… or hoof… depends on what form I’ve shapeshifted into. This Pandaren’s name is Yoon, and he had inherited his farm from his grandfather, who passed away recently and left the farm to him. Now Farmer Yoon feels dedicated to growing his own farm and becoming part of the Tillers, which is a farming faction of Pandaren. After growing some cabbage, I start growing some Scallions. One I had to pull up in the ground a little to help it grow, one was dry and needed water, and two others were infested with insects. I managed to solve all those problems easily.

Now I get to wait until tomorrow to harvest the things. I don’t think I’ve ever even had scallions… I don’t even know what they are. Yet I seem to be growing these better in the game than in real life. I’ve killed orchids and my tomato plant kept suffering from insects and made only tiny little tomatos that were not all that good. -,- My spider plants are looking great though!

Owlaf’s Adventures in Pandaria

Well, it’s been a few days since the launch of Mists of Pandaria. Owlaf has had her plate quite full with adventures. The short version is, we have new allies, new enemies, and new things to do.

Before landing on the misty island of Pandaria, the Horde attacked and destroyed Theramore, an Alliance base that has been in Kalimdor for a long while. It seems Garrosh Hellscream is getting paranoid, trying to claim all of  Kalimdor for the horde. What he’s forgetting is that the orcs never owned it in the first place; they came from another world entirely. The Night Elves have always been in Kalimdor even before it was sundered. The orcs are the invaders. Hopefully we can do something about this. Obviously, going back to what’s left of Draenor is not a good idea, but there has to be a way the Horde and Alliance can co-exist peacefully. Night elves are generally peaceful, but tear down our forests and destroy our land, and our wrath has no bounds!

Riding on the Jade Serpent

In other news, the mists surrounding Pandaria has lifted, and at last we can see it and explore it. It’s amazing. It looks as though Deathwing was oblivious to it’s existence, and yet HE was the aspect of Earth… he should have known it existed. Still, I shrug my shoulders and go into battle. The Horde are trying to take over Pandaria for themselves, or so I’ve believe after what I’ve seen in Theramore and Ashenvale. I went to see what I could do to stop them.

The Horde were quick to ally themseves with some monkeys… figures. So we ally ourselves with the fish people calling themselves Jinyu… Some might think they’re related to the murlocs, but these guys speak common. After doing a few quests for them I get to be exaulted and for all my efforts, I got a pet fish. What a wonderful faction. I wonder if the Horde equivalent is a banana? ^-^

The Farmer’s Market I presume?

Then I headed west into the Valley of the Four Winds. A wide area of green hills, many small farms dot the landscape. Some grow carrots and turnips, one had silkworms where they create their fabulous silk cloths, and in the very center of these plains is a town called Half Hill. Here I discovered that the Pandaren have many unique ways of cooking food. I was used to just cooking over a basic campfire, and I still do, but there are various dishes that can be made in a number of ways. I’ve learned how to cook quite a few foods already, but the one thing I was excited to learn was my alchemy.

Turns out Pandaria is a paradise for green tea leaves. I’ve plucked several hundred of the versatile plants and brewed them into fabulous healing potions for the guild. Eventually, I discovered how to make all the flasks, elixirs, and even learn some transmutes. I can transmute ten Ghost Iron bars into one Trilium Bar, and then six of the Trillium bars into Living Steel.

I explored the Jade forest, trying to find Prince Anduin, but he keeps insisting on getting to the Vale… whatever or wherever that is. Meanwhile I help the Pandarens out as I travel. Doing things like trimming hedges, painting, killing crocolisks, tricking Vermin into eating a carrot which is really a turnip painted orange, and searching high and low for herbs to use for my alchemy. I’ve seen serpents that fly through the air without wings, and I’ve taken on one world boss so far and came out of it with an achievement and a sack of gold… I was hoping to get something more than that. Curse you, Random Number Generator!

All that, amidst lag spikes and bugs galore. Although, this new land I am exploring is very beautiful. I can only hope we can prevent the Horde from destroying it like they did Theramore.

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