R.I.P. Adrianne and Belethor

Well at long last I started the Companions Quest line. The first random quest I did with them involving getting into a brawl with Carlotta. I remembered I helped her out once by brawling with the bard to get him to leave her alone. Now I had to beat her into submission for someone else. I wonder who. Haha. Then I went to retrieve a fragment of Wuuthrad, which is a legendary two handed axe that once belonged to Ysgramor, the founder of The Companions. As a side note, the name Wuuthrad means “elf grinder,” and Ysgramor was part of the war to rid Skyrim of the Snow Elves, so the name seems to fit. At some point in the past, the axe was broken into pieces, and the Companions of today wish to find them all and see about restoring the axe. I go and get a piece for my trial and once done, I’m a member of the companions. Then I go kill a wolf that had somehow gotten into some mill worker’s house, and then Skjor and Aela decide to reward me differently… The give me Lycanthropy… aka, they make me into a werewolf.

I’ve been putting this off for quite some time, because when you get lycanthropy, you no longer get benefits for resting, but I’ve been itching to get this done, so I finally went ahead and got it. After all, my sneak and archery skills are maxed out, and those two skills are the ones I rely on the most anyway. The rest will just take a little longer to level up, but then again I haven’t been sleeping in game as much anyway.

So the night of my first transformation, I run rampant in Whiterun, attacking guards, but I tried to be careful to avoid striking the civilians. I didn’t want to lose any merchants in the game. But eventually I started to get overwhelmed and just as my health was almost gone I made a run for it, heading between Arcadia’s Cauldron and Belethor’s General Goods with guards and civilians on my tail, literally. Then the screen fades to black, and when I can see again I’m in the woods with Aela. It’s time to go after the Silver Hand, the sworn enemies of The Companions, or so I believe. They hate werewolves, and so Aela and Skjor wanna wipe them out. Skjor had gone on ahead without us as I was recovering from my first transformation, so we gotta catch up.

Yet as Aela and I make our way into the keep where the Silver Hand is currently staying in, I can’t help but notice the lack of blood on the walls and dead bodies… then again I did pass up a door that was barred from the other side, so my guess is when Skjor went in there, someone might have locked the door to prevent others from following him. Guess we better find another way around.

Eventually we kill the leader, who calls himself “The Skinner.” Once he’s dead we realize that Skjor is dead as well. Aela wants revenge and tells me where to find another head honcho of the Silver Hand, and I leave the keep. Directly south of it is a lumber mill, and just then a courier comes out from around a building and delivers a letter… something about my inheritance? Oh no… With a sense of foreboding I open the letter. Seems Adrianne Avenicci has died. Well, guess that means I won’t be hearing her working the forge whenever I walk into Whiterun.

Later on when I return to Whiterun I make my rounds, going from store to store to sell a lot of the junk I’ve collected from my many adventures in Skyrim… Then I went into Belethor’s General Goods store, and instead of Belethor behind the counter saying, “Come on in! I’ve got something for just about anybody in here.” I hear a feminine voice saying, “It’s a fine day with you around.” I blink in surprise and I realize that Ysolda is behind the counter. While I did refuse to return a borrowed ring, I did help her get a mammoth tusk and some sleeping tree sap, so her reactions toward me are usually friendly. What was confusing to me though was what the bleep was she doing behind Belethor’s counter!? I thought she wanted to buy the inn and run that place? In fact, upon talking to her, she still seems to wish so!  Then as I browsed her wares, I saw that she was selling, among other things, a mammoth tusk!

Curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to visit the hall of the dead, which is an underground area where the dead are interred, like a walk in crypt with a lot of hallways. (Every city has one of these places, so if you notice that an NPC missing, you know where to find them if it’s the worst case scenario.) I go inside and I find two new-looking coffins. One is for Adrianne, and the other, as I feared, was for Belethor. Yet when I got the message from the courier, he only gave me one letter of inheritance… then again Belethor never gave me any quests, so since I didn’t do him any favors, I guess that means he never decided to bequeath anything to me.

So now it seems that Ysolda has taken over Belthor’s General Goods… though I’d have thought his assistant Sigurd would be running the place. Maybe he’s content getting firewood for everyone. Fine by me! Thanks for the wood Sig! Just set it down right there, thank you so much!

Just for the record, I didn’t kill them, haha. At least I don’t think I did… I blame the vampires.

And while I’m in the catacombs, I loot the coffins for the store keys. Hey, I am in the thieves guild… might as well be prepared!


Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Boethiah Cultist Attacks Bard! Mammoths Invervene!

Just southeast of Kynesgrove, eyewitness reports that a Khajiit traveler met the renowned bard, Talsgar the Wanderer. Paying a small sum of 25 septims, the Khajiit requests a song to be sung, but before the bard could finish the first verse, a Dunmer armed with a steel sword ran up along the road and attacked Talsgar!

“I don’t know what happened or why he would attack me!” Talsgar told authorities moments after the attack had subsided. “Frankly I was distrustful of that female Khajiit who requested a song of me. They both came from the same direction on the road, but the Khajiit drew her bow and shot an arrow into the Dunmer. She would have saved my life if the Mammoths and Giant hadn’t intervened.”

Just seconds after the fight started, the ground had begun to shake as two adult woolly mammoths charged at the Dunmer, striking the attacker with their curved tusks, each of which is almost, if not longer, than a Nord is tall! The Giant who watched over his herd also ran in with his bone club swinging through the air. Nobody knows whose blow was the most fatal, but that was one sorry Dunmer who never lived to tell the tale.

According to sources, namely the Khajiit traveler who requested a song from the Bard, the Dunmer carried in his satchel a book labeled as “Boethiah’s Proving,” a book that had no name of an author in it, yet describes a Daedric cult that deals in death and killing. It is believed that the Dunmer read this book one too many times and became possessed of it’s writings and felt the need to kill anyone in his path.

The Giant refrained from comment, but shook his mace menacingly, which reporters and local authorities took to be meaning, “No comment,” and fled the area. The mammoths sustained no injury from what reporters could see and had already returned to their grazing just off the road.

The events raised concerns about cultists practicing in the hold, however the guards of Eastmarch reassured local civilians that there is nothing to worry about. However the need for road signs indicating of mammoth crossings are being put to the current Jarl of Eastmarch, Ulfric Stormcloak, whose only response was, “The feel of the ground quaking under foot ought to be enough. Anyone who doesn’t know a mammoth is near, and makes the mistake of attacking one, would not only be a fool… he’d also be dead.”

The only other witness to the bard attack was a second Khajiit, who called himself M’aiq. He pointed out where the mammoths went and also claimed that the giant stole his sweet roll and that a dragon almost ate the bard. He also mentioned that the female Khajiit was a Dragonborn, but the female Khajjit traveler rolled her eyes and hissed, “Pu-lease! Me? A Dragonborn? How can I be when I am not a Nord? M’aiq is obviously lying. Ask him.”

“M’aiq is tired now. Go bother somebody else.”

Every statement afterwards was simply that he was done talking. After consulting with these two Khajiit, the idea of a giant and two mammoths killing a Boethiah cultist seems more like a fanciful tale rather than actual events, however the bard continued to claim that the mammoth and giant did rush to his defense and plans to write a ballad about the episode, possibly omitting the Khajiit’s involvement. The Khajiit who requested the song asked for a refund, however Talsgar refused to return the 25 septims to his customer.

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