Minecraft 1.9 “Combat” STINKS!

To start off this post, let me just make it clear that I am a PVE player, which means I prefer to go up against the computer and the environment of the game rather than play against a human being. I do play with other humans from time to time of course, but very rarely do I fight against them. I’ve found that I’m not too good at pvp, and with my Asperger’s I tend to feel worse when I lose and quit playing the game for a week or so before I feel any better about it.

The sun rises, and another day dawns on Owlaf, the owl wearing Iron Armor which makes it harder for her to fly!

The sun rises, and another day dawns on Owlaf, the owl wearing Iron Armor which makes it harder for her to fly!

Now I guess I haven’t mentioned that in addition to World of Warcraft and Skyrim, I also enjoy some Minecraft. I get to collect all kinds of things and sort them into various chests, build my own castles or houses or farms, explore vast caves searching for diamonds, and to make things exciting I get blown up by creepers and shot at by skeletons. Truth be told, I prefer the skeletons in Skyrim, mainly because it’s kinda cool when you shoot one with an arrow and the kill camera activates so you can watch the thing get knocked down and it’s bones go everywhere, and mostly because I usually kill them long before they see me. In Mincraft it’s a different story – the skeletons shoot me about ten times before I can get in one sword swing. But I am developing my archery skill in Minecraft. For some reason, the bow and arrow is my best choice in most games.

Unfortunately, lately it seems that combat with a sword has gotten a lot harder, hence I’m going more for the bow and arrow when it comes to combat… that and acting like Brave Sir Robin from Monty Python’s Holy Grail movie… “Brave Sir Robin ran away, he bravely ran away, away! When danger reared it’s ugly head, he bravely turned his tail and fled…” The reason for my quick, but BRAVE, retreats is because of the new combat system.

Since Minecraft was updated to 1.9, I’ve had some issues with the sword swinging. Before I could click many times and kill a roomful of zombies and skeletons easily. Now though, if two skeletons are shooting at me while five zombies and two creepers are surrounding me, I either cower behind my shield, or I blow up and shout, “OHHH I HATE COMBAT!” and curse out 1.9

Don’t get me wrong, the beets are fantastic, but when it comes to surviving in the computer generated environment, it sucks!

I’ve learned to live with it though… It’s really simple. Be home before dark, sleep int he bed every night, and it’ll keep the combat to the minimum. And if it’s in caves… run for your life if you see ONE monster.

If I had to pick out anything else, it would be the boats. I love that like the wood fences, you can now make them in different colors and they look different. After getting used to how they move now, I tend to enjoy it. Before you used the mouse movement to direct where you were going, but now when you move the mouse left or right it doesn’t affect the direction of the boat, so you can row straight and look left or right and watch the scenery go by. To steer the boat now, you use the “A” and “D” keys. “S” for reverse and “W” for forward rowing, so basically it acts a little more like a car to me. I can hit “S” and “D” to back up and rotate clockwise in case I ran into a dead end and needed to back out and turn at the same time. But the best perk about the boats now is that they can carry two entities. I say entities because that can refer to players or animals, or mobs. Yes, I have seen a zombie actually sit in my boat. Made killing it much easier with the Combat patch, but it still looked very weird.

"I'm on a boat!"

“I’m on a boat!”

I guess in a sense they made the boats a little bigger, so now not only can you ride in it, but you can carry a passenger with you. Let’s say you have limited wood, only enough for one boat, and you and a friend of course, playing on your own server, you need to get off an island you’re stranded on. One of you can make and drop the boat in the water, and those two players can hop in. The first one in will be the rower of course, but the other sits in the back as a passenger. (Can the passenger shoot arrows from the boat? I’m assuming so! So if you’re going down a river and you get shot at by skeletons, you can keep rowing while your friend can shoot the arrows right back at those skeletons. Booyah!)

Or maybe you wanna keep living on that island. I mean, you did spend all that time building the lighthouse/home of yours, you might as well stay since that’s where your stash is! But you need wool, or leather, or feathers! Hop in your boat and find the main land, or another island where you find the animals you need. Push one of the animals into the boat and then hop in yourself, and ferry the animals back to the island one by one! I know I said the first one into the boat is the rower, but come on, since when do sheep know how to be a skipper? That being said, only the human player can make the boats move, so don’t worry if you see a zombie in it. Of course you could possibly surround your house with boats and hope that zombies get stuck in them and then die in the morning. but that would seem a bit much. Unless you live on the docks, it would look weird to surround your house with boats, like say, in a desert!

So, if I could make a few suggestions for Mincraft’s future updates or patches, here’s a couple of ideas. Firstly, as far as combat is concerned, change it back to the way it was! Or if you MUST keep it for the pvp players, how about having the game recognize your opponents or event he type of server? That way it can use normal sword swings on zombies and skeletons and creepers, and the 1.9 sword sweeping cooldown stuff on human players, something like that please? Honestly, not everyone plays PVP, so the new combat update might be a boon to the pvp community, I wouldn’t know, but from the PVE setting, it sucks big time. Like I said, I used to take out a lot of mobs pre 1.9, but now I do impressions of Brave Sir Robin instead!

The other issue, or rather suggestion, I have in mind concerns the boats. Now that they can carry a second passenger, how about the ability to install a chest in the boat? Here’s how it would work – it’s kinda like how you would use a donkey or a mule. You click on the boat with one chest in your hand, and it inserts the chest in the passenger slot. Then when you click on the boat again you get in it and can travel in it, but now it has it’s own inventory like a mule or donkey would once they had a chest put on them. But it would only be one chest of course, same as those two animals, and when you have a chest installed on the boat you cannot carry any other passengers, so it would only be either you and a chest, or you and another living entity like a friendly player or animal. When you break down the boat, you also get the chest and any items it contained will drop on the ground as well, as if you can broken a filled chest that was on the ground. This would make it nicer for players who start on an island and want to migrate to a mainland. You’d do the same with mules or donkeys if you wanted to move cross-country, right? Or it can be useful for players who’s home is set by a river and they go exploring along that river and wind up with more loot than they can carry. Instead of leaving it behind, the can quickly craft a crafting table if need be, then a chest, stick it in the boat, and then stash the extra loot on the boat and they can keep exploring for a while longer. I mean why not? If I can carry two sheep, two cows, and two chickens across an entire ocean in a boat (one at a time of course), why can’t I store 15 slots of extra cargo on my boat? It would be nice if I could! It’s either that or I simply put a donkey in my boat (one with saddlebags on it) and then I’d carry the animal PLUS 15 slots of extra loot, that’s all I can think of at the moment.

Anyway, it’s just an idea.

Here’s my last idea – how about making the stews STACK. I hate making mushroom stew and not having them stack up. You can stack steak and pork and chicken and bread up to 64, but the mushroom stews only comprise of a stack of one? Really? Come on, you CAN stack bowls of soup! The bowls come with saucers don’t they? So they catch any spills and can be stacked neatly without losing any soup? Come on! I bet you can even update the bowl recipe to appear is if they came with saucers, but the recipe is still crafted the same way, and then when you make stews, they CAN stack because they DO have saucers! C’mon, it’s possible! 😉

Really? ONE Rabbit Stew, ONE Mushroom Stew, ONE Beetroot stew, 64 cooked chicken, 64 baked potato, 64 cooked rabbit, 64 cooked mutton. REALLY!? OH COME ON!!! What's wrong with this picture?!

Really? ONE Rabbit Stew, ONE Mushroom Stew, ONE Beetroot stew, 64 cooked chicken, 64 baked potato, 64 cooked rabbit, 64, cooked steak, 64 cooked mutton. REALLY!? OH COME ON!!! What’s wrong with this picture?!

Do you like my ideas? Hopefully Mojang and the developers of Mincraft will see this and possibly make this happen. Stackable stews and chests in boats would be nice additions to the game, and the removing of the swinging cooldown is a MUST for me. The next time I get killed by something, you mark my words, the next thing I’ll be yelling is, “CURSE YOU ONE POINT NINE!!! DEATH TO COMBAT PATCH!”

That’s enough brainstorming for now. Time to find diamonds!


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