Amaki’dar in Goldenglow Estate

11pm. Lights are on in Goldenglow Estate… and I’m gonna rob it anyway!

Khajiit welcomes you, friend!

You might be asking what a purr-fectly nice kitten like me is doing in such a large island estate? Did I get a grand invitation for a dinner ball? Was it a tour of the bee hives? Or maybe a seminar on how to brew mead?

Well, since it’s the middle of the night, that’s definitely not the case, especially since the island is guarded by hired mercenaries and is locked tighter than an oyster that’s eaten alum by mistake. The reason I’m here at all is because I have a job to do. I’m breaking and entering, burglarizing, and I plan to make a grand exit with arson. (all virtual of course, this is a video game I’m talking about here. Welcome to Skyrim!)

Yep. Amaki’dar is a cat burglar… Actually the term cat burglar is a human being who is a burglar and is pretty agile like a cat. I omitted the human equation – I’m a Khajiit, which is an anthropomorphic cat basically, so I got the cat part down pat. As for the burglary part, well my lock picking skill is at 41, my sneakiness is at 71, and my pickpocket ability is 91… so yeah… I’m quite the sneaky type. I’m also pretty good at archery and alchemy, but more about my flower bed demolishing hobby (ever had a house cat sleep on your impatiens, or in your flower pots? Yo!), I have a job to do! I have to break into Goldenglow estate and steal whatever is in the safe and burn some bee hives. FUN!

As I mentioned earlier, this estate is on an island. In order to sneak onto it without being detected, I not only go at night, but I also have to swim. And I just had this coat cleaned. So I swim across the lake and make it to the island unseen. Vex’s tip about entering the estate through the sewer works fine; the entrance to it is completely unguarded. I slip inside. Turning a corner in the sewers I smell a rat, and sure enough there are skeevers infesting the sewers. For those that don’t know, skeevers are the Skyrim version of the from The Princess Bride. “Rodents Of Unusual Size? I don’t think they exist.” Think again. These rats are as big as a beagle. I shoot the two in front of me before they can get close enough to bite my knees, and then I move on.

I sneak up a passageway that smells kinda funny… like oil from a lantern or something. And up ahead I can see three more skeevers, and behind them is a lamp that illuminates the room beyond the rats.


Light at the end of the tunnel… not good… for the rats anyway.

My foot snags on something and I hear a snap. Uh-oh. I backpedal a step, and see the aforementioned lamp drop to the floor with a loud smashing noise… then… FWOOSH! FAWOOSH-WOOSH-WOOSH!

Yikes! The trap made the lamp fall and it ignited the oil that’s covering the floor, and the fire spreads all throughout the tunnel! I get out of the tunnel in time to avoid being singed. Once the oil has burned up, the fire dies, and I discover that the trap failed on me, but worked wonders on the rats. Lightly Fried Skeever anyone?

I think I can make better use of this book than the previous owner.

Then I found a room off to one side, a sort of dungeon. The door was locked, but with my growing lock picking skills I open it easily and get inside. The skeleton had little to say, except that he must not have been able to read judging from the book he had with him. It’s entitled, “A Guide to Better Thieving.” (I bet this poor fellow might have been better off with “Thieves for Dummies.”) I thumb through the introduction and get to the good parts, about picking locks and pockets. I decided to keep the book. I like to read at night before going to sleep in the flowerbed. Then I spotted a locked chest (more proof of the skeletons lack of skill… I think he needs some ligaments), and I open it to find a few things I can probably sell for a nice profit. I take these items and go back into the corridor that now reeks of burnt rat.

I find a ladder and head up it. It exits right next to a door that leads right into the estate itself, and there’s no guards in sight. I pick the lock and head on in. Now following one of the tips from the Thieves Guild, I sheathe my weapons at this point. “We can’t turn a profit by killing.” So even though I probably could get away with killing the guards I decided to challenge myself. No fighting. Just stealing. I check the pockets of a couple of mercenaries while their backs are turned, but they have no coin on them… must be close to payday then. Bet they blew all their gold on beer earlier. I can only hope they’ll be drunk enough to mistake me for an overgrown house cat if they happen to see me. But they don’t so, ah well. I decided to sneak on upstairs to see if the safe was there.

At first I stole just the keys… then I took his gold.. then the arrows… then the weapons. Aringoth’s pockets are now empty!

I made it into the master bedroom at last and found Aringoth. He happens to be an Altmer, or high elf. High elves were part of the reason my head was probably gonna go rolling way back when I was at Helgen, so I snarl to myself and proceed to steal everything. I found a nice golden queen bee statue and a live bee in a jar, which I took just to put in my home for fun. Then I picked Aringoth’s pockets. He had two keys on him which I take. One is for the basement, and the other goes to the safe itself. Nice, huh? Makes my job a little easier! After my pockets are bulging with gold, wine, and bees, I make my way out of the room and head back downstairs.

This little statue is right by the bed in the master bedroom. Bet Delvin would love to buy this!

I unlock the gate into the cellar and encounter a mercenary that’s sitting in a chair. His back is to me, but he’s facing the only other door I can go into. I draw my daggers and kill him before he can shout for help. I know, I broke my own rule of not killing anyone, but this guy was a must. Not like I could have sapped him like the rogues do in World of Warcraft, you know. So once this once guy is dead, I head on through the door and I find the safe. 117 gold is in it, so I take that and… wait… a bill of sale? Uh-oh. This can’t be good! I take the letter and read it.

“Aringoth, This document acknowledges the sale of Goldenglow Estate and all property, assets and materials contained within. Payment of the property has been made in full by Gajul-Lei as an agent on behalf of the buyer. All dealings with the Thieves Guild in Riften is to cease immediately. To deter any possible retribution for this cat, you are to take immediate steps to protect our assets in any way you see fit. I think you’ll find the Thieves Guild is far more mark than bite and will likely avoid Goldenglow Estate rather than thin their already dwindling numbers. Good luck and may this be the start of a long and lucrative partnership.”

117 gold… not bad… wait, what’s this, “Bill of Sale”… what’s that doing in here?

Not good at all. Aringoth sold the estate to a mysterious buyer. All I have to go with is an odd symbol and an unknown person called Gajul-Lei. Hmm. I fold the letter and stick it into my pocket with the bees and the wine. I find another doorway and go through it and find a trap door that leads into the sewers again. I head on in, find the same ladder and climb back out so I’m outside once again and next to the door I broke into.

Now that I’ve cleaned out the safe, I have one task left. I check the time… it’s almost 3am. I look up at the sky…no clouds. Not good. The moon is in one of the quarters, so some moonlight along with the bazillion stars shining in the sky illuminates the ground. Good to see by, to be sure, but bad for me. I sneak around the building and see two mercenaries. One is chopping wood, and the other is collecting the chopped wood and bringing to someplace out of my sight and going back for more. I stay as far away from them as I can without touching the water. Then I found the bee hives. Six large cylindrical wooden structures with a light buzzing sound coming from within. I whisper to the bee in my pocket, “Be glad you’re in a jar lil’ buddy.” I have learned a fire spell, though I never really use magic much. I channel some fire and light up three of the bee hives. No more and no less. If I had burned more, then Maven Black-Briar would have had to buy imported honey and that would have been too expensive. This way we can stay on her sweet side of business.

Once the three hives are lit up, I move across and start looking for an escape route, and I see two mercenaries heading for the bee hives! Shoot! No time to look! I take a deep breath and jump off the edge of the island and land in the water with a spaloosh!

Moments later I loose the trail, and looking back over my fur-soaked shoulder, I see the trails of smoke and orange light coming from the estate. Mission accomplished!

Even from here you can see three plumes of smoke rising from the bee hives. The Cat has stuck again!

Now I have to head back to The Ragged Flagon, the headquarters of the Thieves Guild in Riften and report my findings. I bet nobody’s going to like that Aringoth sold the estate to a mysterious buyer, and I’d hate to be near Maven Black-Briar when this hits the fan! Good news is I did the job as cleanly as possible. Aringoth is alive, but the safe is empty and three bee hives are now serving toasted honeycombs.  I left my mark, and it’s as perfect as can be. Time to see what’s next!


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