Alduin’s Wall

Stone Bridges lead the way into the temple. Two sets of them have to be lowered to gain entry.

Sky Haven temple it is. Easy to get into it is not. A bunch of Forsworn live out here along the river, and they even have a Hagraven with them. Hagravens are women who supposedly gave up most of their humanity to gain more powerful magics, and as a result they grow feathers, talons, their noses become more hooked like a beak. They look like humanoid vultures to me, and they can be downright nasty in my opinion. As long as I can take any of my prey by surprise I’m okay, but if they see me and I’m a good distance away, they start throwing fireballs like crazy. And Hagravens are responsible for the Briarhearts, men who agree to have their hearts removed and replaced with a different sort of heart that grants them better strength or something. They’re pretty tough, like the male version of the Hagravens. Crazy, evil, dark magic stuff there.

And as if fighting to forsworn wasn’t bad enough, a dragon decides to go swooping in and attacking them and us at the same time. Us is myself, Delphine and Esbern. I met up with them just as the dragon came in, so while the dragon was attacking the Forsworn, I was attacking the forsworn. It wasn’t until most of them were dead when the dragon landed and was severely wounded by all the arrows and magical spells that found their mark upon him. By then I landed the last blow… an arrow right into his skull.

The last test where I have to drop some of my own blood onto a symbol in the ground. Can’t I just use graffiti?

Once everything is quiet, I lead the way towards the temple, which has a few puzzles to solve. The first are three pillars, which have three different symbols on them. I turn the pillars so the dragon symbol is facing front, and the first stone-bridge lowers. The second test is easy. Pressure plates cover the floor, and if you step on one of those, a trap goes off… in this case it’s a fire trap. Now normally I’d have to watch my step and only walk on the squares that have a dragon symbol on it. But I am a thief, and as such I have a very high sneak skill. With the perk point, I can walk on pressure plates without setting off the traps. So, naturally, I waltzed across the room at my leisure and pull the chain that turns the traps off. Now Esbern and Delphine can follow me. Lazy twerps they are.

This better be worth it. I can’t take pain, I can only give it!

Finally we reach the door and it’s sealed up. The only way to open it is for a bit of my blood to drip onto the rings on the floor. I cut my palm and let a few droplets fall. The rings start to circle, and when they’re done moving, the symbol of the dragon is restored in the floor, and the door opens. I go inside.

Esbern goes on up ahead and lights a brazier next to Alduin’s wall. I tell him to hurry up. I wasn’t too interested in the history – I just needed to know how to defeat Alduin. “Yes, yes, of course… let me see…”

The hallways have bas relief artwork in them. I always pronounced it as “Bass” like the fish, but it’s more like the “Bah” of a sheep. I still like “Bass.” They’re tasty.

Five minutes later he still hasn’t said anything further. I look around. Delphine should have come up and lit the other brazier… why hasn’t she? I run back down to the entrance to the temple and she’s just standing there. I get behind her and attack her with my claws (being a Khajjit, unarmed combat is much better since I attack with my claws, and all the other races just have their fists). She doesn’t respond. Finally I roll my eyes, and then shout, FUS RO DAH! and she gets blasted up the hallway by the force of my Thu’um. She takes her time getting to her feet… I might have stunned her a bit, but once she’s back up she starts walking at last.

While Delphine lags behind, Esbern and I approach the wall.

Yeah… I had to push her after all. (Thankfully she doesn’t react as if she’s under attack and I don’t get a bounty on my head. In a sense she acts as a follower now, and is immune to most attacks… I say most because I could still Shout at her and it would work)

10 minutes later I go back and give Delphine an Unrelenting PUSH up the stairs. Now Esbern can tell the both of us what the wall has to say for itself.

So now that both braziers are lit, Esbern moves to the center and comments that it looks like the ancient Nord heroes, also Dragonborn, used some sort of Shout to bring Alduin down… Delphine asks if I know of any shout that can knock a dragon out of the sky. I tell her no, so now I get to go back to High Hrothgar and ask the Greybeards. Delphine doesn’t like them too much, and the reason being is because all they do is sit on top of a mountain and meditate. What else do they do? Nothing. They don’t lift a finger or raise their voices to help out in the civil war or the dragon attacks.

The last bit of the wall… this is showing my destiny… I think.

But I do. If I am dragonborn, then it seems that my destiny is to stop Alduin before he destroys the world. Time go climb that big old mountain again. I hope there aren’t any frost trolls to be encountered this time.

You know, I think this is actually an ancient comic strip about a character named “Draco”


Amaki’dar Multitasking

I eventually started the quest chain for the Companions, situated in Whiterun. They’re a group of warriors who fight with honor and glory, and they show up whenever there’s trouble. The first time I saw their heroic feats was when a giant was attacking a farm just outside of Whiterun. I first met Aela there and she told me of their group and mentioned a Kodlak Whitemane. If I went to him, I could ask him if I could join the Companions. I finally did so, and after a while, I became blessed with Lycanthropy. Seriously, who needs a horse when you can simply shift to a wolf form and run on all fours? It’s much faster, and I don’t have to worry about mounted combat. Horses are kinda expensive, though only one thousand gold to be honest, but I love being a werewolf.

We have beds, food, drinks, parties, frisbees, and chew toys… wait, what were the last two again?

Now I know, I know, it’s pretty odd to see a cat turn into a dog, but stranger things have happened. I mean, look at those flying lizards, right? The breathe fire and ice, and one in particular seems to be able to resurrect dead dragons! Divines know what else!

Anyway, I left Whiterun after several other quests. It seems Kodlak wants me to go kill some witches, but instead I head down to Riverwood. I meet up with Delphine and tell her of my escapades at the Thalmor Embassy. She finds it hard to believe that the Thalmor are as much in the dark as we are as far as the dragons returning is concerned, however they had a lead on someone who does: Esbern.

Delphine is surprised to hear her old friend is still alive, and when I tell her he’s hiding out in Riften, she assumes it’s in the ratway. I now wish I had explored the Ratway more carefully. I might have run into him down there… or maybe I already have! Then again I have this notebook from the Thalmor… *flips open* Nope… “Male, Nord, late 70’s” Never seen anyone matching that description in the sewers. Hmm. Anyway Delphine asks me to go find him and tell him that the Thalmor are after him and that Delphine is alive and to bring him to her.

As I run to Riften once again, I can’t help but ponder the situation. I’m supposed to go into the flagon and meet up with Karliah, and then show the guild that she’s innocent and prove that Mercer Frey has been stealing right under the guild’s noses for years. If Mercer is there it could get rough, if not then we have a chance. And now I’m also supposed to go delving deeper into the sewers to look for Esbern. I wince and think to myself, Maybe I’ll deal with the guild first and then go talk to Esbern… if I can anyway.

We give the journal to Brynjolf. The first piece of solid evidence.

On my way down into the Ragged Flagon I get attacked by a Khajjit. Once she’s dead I go through her pockets and find a letter. Looks like Elenwin knows what I did. Bet she’ll be ticked off when she finds out I survived this little attack. I press on to the Flagon, and meet up with Karliah. Together we head into the Cistern to find all the guild members tensed up, blades drawn, ready to attack. Brynjolf agrees to listen to us however, and Karliah gives him Gallus’s journal, which is fully translated. To see if all this is true, Brynjolf asks Delvin to go open the vault.

We inspect the vault, the eye-opening evidence… it’s empty

The guild’s vault has a special lock, which needs two keys to open it. Delvin, Brynjolf, and Mercer all have a key, so at least two people had to be present in order to open the vault. Karliah says, “He didn’t need to pick the lock.” “What’s she on about?” Delvin mutters, and then he tries his key out on the vault doors. It’s still locked tighter than a drum. Now Brynjolf uses his key. The vault now opens, and we all head inside. The vault is empty. The gold, jewels, EVERYTHING. Mercer had cleaned it out.

Brynjolf stands behind the Guild Master’s desk, and now tells me to go infiltrate Mercer’s house to find out what he’s up to or where he’s gone.

Delvin and Vex go back into the Ragged Flagon to keep an eye out. If they see Mercer, they have to tell Bryn ASAP. I chat with Bryn, telling him everything I know: That mercer killed Gallus and framed Karliah. Karliah was behind Goldenglow Estate and Honningbrew Meadery, trying to make Mercer look bad in front of Maven Black-Briar. And the last bit of information, which is that Karliah, Mercer, and Gallus were all Nightingales, which Brynjolf only assumed was a legend. Now that I’ve reported everything, Bryn tells me to go infiltrate Mercer’s house, which is located right here in Riften. We need to know Mercer’s next moves, if possible, and I have permission to kill anyone who gets in my way. I crack my knuckles and sharpen my claws.

And I promptly go into the Ratway Warrens to look for a 70 year old scholar named Esbern. What a way to spend the day! The sewers really stink! Eventually I find a very heavy looking metal door, and when I knock, a little rectangular bit slides to one side, revealing just a big enough opening to see into. It must be him! I persuade him to let me in (which gets my speech skill to 70 , and that will let me invest gold into businesses, and intimidation attempts will be much easier), and we get to talking.

He feels that everything is hopeless, and explains that Alduin has returned. I ask about it, and it turns out that Alduin is a dragon that’s also known as the World Eater. He’s supposed to bring about the end of the world, basically, and is known to devour the souls of the dead in the afterlife, as well as attack and kill the living. So yeah, big old black dragon that eats everything and destroys — wait… Big black dragon? The one resurrecting the other dragons?! That black dragon who interrupted the executions at Helgen? THAT was ALDUIN!?

Esbern claims it’s all hopeless because the only way to be rid of Alduin is if there is a Dragonborn, and to his knowledge, no such person is known of in this time. I tell him I’m a Dragonborn, and his eyes light up. “Then.. there is still hope.” He gathers what he needs, packing rather quickly. I cast a magelight spell at the ceiling so I can see a little better… so I can take the gold coins and jewelry on his bookshelf.

What? I’m a thief!

Now it’s a darn shame I can’t shift into werewolf and just carry Esbern on my back, because it would be so much faster… well maybe… How much do you weigh Esbern? No reason, just wonderin’…. gosh darnit. The problem is a lot of people are scared of werewolves in this world, and they should be, because in that form I’m wild and untamed and more than willing to rip you to pieces and eat your heart out. So yeah, no super fast running back to Riverwood for me! Instead I get to walk/run there with a mage/scholar/Blades member trailing behind me. Sweet. Watch out for bears, will ya?

Try not to let the bears eat you… No pressure!

We get to Riverwood, and Esbern and Delphine go down into the basement with me right behind them. Esbern pulls out a book and starts talking about something called Alduin’s Wall. Delphine doesn’t know any more than I do, and Esbern is surprised. “Do you mean you don’t know about Alduin’s Wall?”

“Let’s pretend we didn’t. What is Alduin’s Wall and what does it have to do with fighting the dragons?”

Dragonlore eh? As in Manga?

Esbern then tells about how the Blades, a very long time ago, constructed a stone wall that was part history and part prophesy, detailing the events of Alduin and the dragon wars, and of Alduin’s defeat. Esbern says he’s found the location of Sky Haven Temple, where the wall can be found, and Delphine decides to go there. I tell her to go on ahead without me and that I’ll catch up. I always do that so I can wonder around Skyrim and cause mischief, but I don’t tell her that!

On her way out, she tells Orgnar that the inn is his now and that she’s leaving for good. I remember when I first came in here way back when I just escaped from Helgen. She came out of a room and was telling him the ale was going bad and they had to get a new batch. “Did you hear me?” she had asked, and when he confirmed, she scoffed, “Guess you don’t have potatoes in your ears after all.” All the while he was staring at me. I must have been giving him the adorable little lost kitten eyes at the time. So when Delphine tells him he’s gonna be the sole owner of the inn and that she was leaving for good, he said, “Well, that’s something to think about.”

Delphine and Orgnar say their farewells

Potema, The Thalmor, and Gallus’s Journal

It’s pretty dark in here, thanks to a new mod I have called Realistic Lighting.

After a long journey north and slightly east, I make it back to Solitude. The last time I was here, I had helped the locals quite a bit. I showed off a dress, chatted with Vitoria about some wine, killed some vampires, and I went delving into a cave to break up a summoning of Potema. All in a day’s work I suppose. Before setting off to infiltrate the Thalmor, I head up to the blue palace. Falk Firebeard had sent a letter to me not long ago. It was funny actually. I was in Solitude, and things were okay, so I go to Whiterun, and first thing I get a letter from Falk bidding me to return to Solitude as soon as possible.

Naturally I took my time.

So when I do go chat with him, he tells me that while the ritual wasn’t complete, Potema is still around. She’s in spirit form and raising dead bodies from the crypts of Solitude. If she gets any more powerful, she’d be quite a force to reckon with. As if the war wasn’t bad enough.

After talking to the priest of Arkay, he tells me to go look for Potema’s remains, which should be deep in Solitude’s catacombs. I make my way down there, and Potema speaks to me. She actually thanks me, since my disrupting the ritual back in the caves prevented her from being bound against her will to a bunch of magicians. My reward is death, so I can be resurrected and serve at her side. I’m sorry, but I like being alive, and the thought of being an undead minion who crumbles apart after a few minutes depending on the strength of the spell… eh… no. Thanks, but no. I’ll just take your remains so that can be sanctified and you can rest in pieces. Once that’s done, and all the draugr under Solitude is dead, I head out and go back up to the priest and give the remains to him. So I’ve saved Solitude twice… and now the jarl asks me to take a horn to a shrine. Swell.

Now I head to the inn and chat with Malborn. He agrees to smuggle my equipment into the Embassy for me. The plan is that I arrive as a party guest, which means I can’t carry my weapons or armor or anything dangerous, but Malborn can sneak it in as he works there as a bartender. I give him everything I can think of, and I put on the dress I once showed off to the jarl in solitude. I have fur, but I didn’t want any cat-calls in my direction. Then I bade Malborn farewell and head to the stables just outside of Solitude.

I hope you got this outfit at Radiant Raiment, Delphine. They’re having a sale this week. 50% off for spies, thieves, and The Blades members.

Delphine is there, and she gives me the invitation to the party so I can get into the embassy. Malborn will then be able to sneak me away from the rest of the party so I can get my gear, and then sneak around the rest of the place on my own. From there I ought to be able to find my way to Elenwin’s office or whatever and see if I can find anything about the dragons returning. Delphine gives me a newer dress, it’s supposed to look fancier than what I have, but I wonder if Delphine has ever been to Radiant Raiment. Ah well. I slip on the party clothes and boots, give Delphine anything I didn’t give to Malborn, then I climb into the carriage and get taken to the embassy.

You’ve got dark patches under your eyes, Elenwin, You getting enough sleep?

I get there and get past the Thalmor guard easily enough, but the first person I encounter inside is Elenwin herself. She’s the Thalmor Ambassdor to Skyrim, and is the leader of the Thalmor in every sense to me. She asks for my name, which I avoid giving, and eventually she leaves me to tend to the other guests so I can make a beeline for the buffet table. Sadly there isn’t one, but Malborn offers me a drink. Then I go walking around and notice that most patrons are the jarls from various holds, or the jarl’s stewards. I meet up with Idgrod Ravencrone, who I helped out and who named me Thane of her hold. I ask her to make a distraction. She says that as an old lady, she can get away with practically anything. I smirk to myself and slip out with Malborn’s assistance.

We pass through the kitchens, where another Khajiit is working. So I guess I’m not the only cat that likes to cook. She claims that a guest in the kitchens is against the rules, and Malborn blackmails her with eating moon sugar. She then says she saw nothing and we move on. I find my things in a chest and take them all out, slip through another door and start sneaking.

I overhear a pair of guards chatting about some new mages that had arrived to help defend in case a dragon attacks, and they laugh in the hopes that the dragon would eat the mages, giving them time to slay the beast. Once they go back on patrol, I sneak about and kill them, and eventually I find myself in another building that’s part of the embassy. Two people are having a chat. From the sounds of the conversation, one guy seems to have betrayed another and wants his payment, and the other guy is a Thalmor twerp. After the conversation is over, I slit the throat of the human traitor and inspect the offices.

I found two dossiers, or notebooks really, that contain information on certain targets. One is on Delphine, who they know is alive and at large in Skyrim, but they have no idea where she is. Orders on her is to capture or kill. The other is one Ulfric Stormcloak. The report on him states that the war should continue in it’s stalemate… The Thalmor don’t want an imperial victory, but they also don’t want a Stormcloak victory. They might be hoping for one side to destroy the other, and they don’t care which. I also found a letter, which reveals that the Thalmor knew nothing about the dragons returning, but they had a prisoner who might reveal someone who does know about it. I decide to visit the Thalmor dungeons to find out who it is.

In the dungeons I kill the soldier and the interrogator, then confront the prisoner. His name is Etienne Rarnis, and he’s a member of the thieves guild. He was captured and brought in for interrogation regarding someone who lives down in the ratway, a man who was a member of the Blades who goes by the name Esbern. I free Etienne and find a Dossier containing more info on Esbern, and that’s when trouble arrives. Malborn was busted, and two Thalmor guards come in and try to get me to surrender. Naturally I kill the guards and steal a key that leads through a trap-door and down into a cave with an ice troll in it. I killed the ice troll, but it killed Malborn. Then again the Thalmor would have been hunting him for the rest of his life anyway… Etienne makes it, and thanks me too, saying I didn’t have to rescue him, but he claims to have seen me in the flagon before, so I couldn’t let a fellow guild-member stay trapped by the Thalmor.

I leave the cave and head east until I return to Winterhold. Karliah is there waiting for me along with Enthir, and I give Enthir the rubbing I had made back in Markarth. He uses it to decode Gallus’s journal. At last, some answers.

Are there any coupons in that book, Enthir?

It turns out Gallus suspected Mercer Frey for some time, believing that he’s been stealing funds from the guild for his own personal pleasures, creature comforts, and luxury. Karliah asks if there’s anything in the journal about the Nightingales, and Enthir mentions something from the journal about the failing the Nightingales, and suspicions that Mercer Frey had desecrated the Twilight Sepulcher.

“Shadows preserve us. It’s true,” Karliah whispers.

They both tell me to get this information to the guild as soon as possible. They need to know of Karliah’s innocence, and of Mercer Frey’s crimes. Mercer Frey has been stealing from the build for years and framing Karliah all the while. It’s time to expose him for the rat he is.

The Forsworn Conspiracy and The Museum

As I leave Whiterun I make a detour back to Riverwood and meet up with Delphine. It seems I’ve arrived just in time, because she has a plan to get me into the Thalmor Embassy. Their leader, Elenwen, regularly throws parties where the rich and well-connected can cozy up with the Thalmor. Delphine’s going to get me an invitation to the party, and she instructs me to go to The Winking Skeever in Solitude. I figured this will work out nicely. I can head directly west of here to Markarth and take care of my Thieves Guild business there, then head north to Solitude for the party. Sounds fun!

My journey to Markarth was mostly uneventful. First I spot that big black dragon resurrecting another dragon. As the black dragon flies away again, I fight the dragon that came back to life, and killed it. A trio of Stormcloak soldiers were nearby and they helped by firing arrows at it. They kept it’s attention while I fired arrows of my own.

After talking to this guy, my head hurts.

During my trip along the road I also saw three Imperial soldiers walking, and further along the same road were three Thalmor soldiers. It was a busy day for the war I guess. Who could tell? But maybe the only person who made a significant appearance was none other than M’aiq the Liar. This Khajiit is easy to spot from a distance in his yellow-orange robes, and when I talk to him he says various things. Today he said that, “some people say that Alduin is really Akatosh… they also say that M’aiq is a liar. Do not believe such things.”

I frown in puzzlement and keep walking… He just said he was a liar and told me not to believe it… and I know he’s lying… but if he lied about him being a liar, that could mean he was telling the truth, which is not possible because he’s a liar! Now that I have a headache, I resist the urge to shoot M’aiq in the kneecaps with an arrow and press on through The Reach.

Returning to Markarth. The City of Stone

When I arrive in Markarth I remember that I was supposed to meet someone at the shrine of Talos. Whoops… That was a week ago maybe! I wonder if he’s still alive. I go to see, and yep. He’s still there. At the moment I’ve got quite a bit on my plate. I have to find a way to decode the Falmer language so I can get Gallus’s journal translated, then I have to go up to Solitude to infiltrate the Thalmor Embassy and see what they know about the dragons returning. What more do I have to do!?

(I actually did this before in a previous save, but then later I started experiencing crashes for some odd reason, and I eventually gave up and started a new game. What follows happened before. One main difference, I managed to kill the Forsworn guy before he could kill Margret in the marketplace, so instead of searching her room for clues, I get to ask her up front.)

Oh. Right. I have to find out why people are getting killed in Markarth and see if I can put a stop to it. FINE! I leave the shrine and set out to meet Margret. Margret is a stranger in town, just visiting and on errands, and she was almost murdered the first day I ever set foot in Markarth. I saw the attack start and I saved her life. Eltrys, the guy who met up with me in the Shrine of Talos, promises me a reward if I help him, so I go and question Margret, who is staying in the Silver-Blood Inn.

A spy, eh? Nice… *writes it down and plans to pass this info on to Ulfric*

I talk to her, and after persuading her to tell me what she’s hiding, she confesses that she’s an undercover Imperial agent. She was sent by General Tullius to seize control of Cidna Mine from the Silver-Blood family. I shelve this information and go seek out the Silver-Bloods. The moment I leave the inn, a city guard tells me to back off, and that I would not be warned again. Ignoring the threat, I head to the Treasury house belonging to the Silver-Blood family. It’s a sort of counting house… actually I don’t know what they don’t own in this city… and I go in an persuade the first person I see that Thonar is expecting me. Not true of course, but I get to see him and I ask him about the Forsworn attack in the market place, and he denies me. Moments later his wife is killed by the Forsworn, right there in his house. Then he spills the beans – The leader of the Forsworn, Madanach, is in his prison. Thonar keeps him alive, and in return, Madanach has his Forsworn attack anyone who pesters Thonar.

They’re framing me? ARGH! First time I’m going to jail. I hope they have punch and pie.

After following up on other leads, I go back to the shrine to tell Eltrys about all this, that the man he’s looking for is in Cidna Mine… and when I get there I see three city guards who draw their swords at my approach. Behind them I see Eltrys… dead. The guards killed him! I tell them that Madanach is the real culprit, but they tell me, “You think you’re the only one who knows that? We had a nice little deal with Thonar and Madanach until you showed up!”

This explains the city guards telling me to back off. Thonar has the whole city in his pocket alright. I wouldn’t be surprised if the jarl was his puppet as well. The way I saw it was that Thonar was having people murdered who threatened his family or his way of life, like that agent from the Imperials (Margret) who was trying to obtain, possibly steal, the deed to his mining operation, and then the guards would just stand by and do nothing. Since I’ve been stirring up trouble, they’re pinning all these murders on me, framing me as the leader of the forsworn. Jerks.

Eltrys wanted to find out who was responsible for all this… While I’d like to kill Thonar, I think it would be best if I killed Madanach… he’s the King in Rags, the guy giving the orders to the forsworn, and Thonar can’t seem to control him as well anymore… maybe I ought to go kill Madanach… and what better way to get to him than to surrender and get thrown into jail? So yep… I go quietly. “No one escapes Cidna Mine, you hear me? No one!” I’m willing to break their winning streak.

“Sorry, I’m a little deaf in this ear…”

Once in the mine, the guard tells me to mine silver and puts me in  tunnels. I grab a pick ax and mine all the silver I can, but I keep it. Then I go pickpocket all the prisoners, stealing their skooma and shivs. A shiv is a very short weapon that every prisoner has… well not anymore, and I equip one in each hand and head down the tunnels to find Madanach. He’s sitting at a desk writing on a piece of paper, his back to me. A few stabs and he’s dead. Looking in his pocket I find a note. Basically it was for his fellow prisoners. If ever he should die, there was a key to a cell nearby in which was an escape tunnel that led into the dwemer ruins, and from there into the city. I take the note and the key and skedaddle.

Nope. no punch and pie… but there’s plenty of Skooma and Shivs… if you know where to look!

When I step outside, Thonar Silver-Blood is there. He had contacts within the mine, and they informed him that Madanach is dead. It basically ends the Forsworn attacks in the city and the Jarl has been informed, which resulted in my being pardoned. Thonar gives me my things back and rewards me with a ring… “Sorry pal, I don’t wanna get married,” I am tempted to say, but this ring lets me improve my weapons and armor by 15%, so I hold my tongue. Then he goes on to say that he has to get new workers for the mines now. I ask myself, Why? All the other prisoners are still alive down there… unless they got into a free-for-all war trying to find out who took the skooma. I keep that to myself… plus all that silver ore I dug up. I put my armor back on, re-equip my weapon, and then I go smelt the ore into bars and go make some jewelry.

Turn around, you ancient sack o’ bones. It’s me!

Now.. where was I? Oh yeah. The Falmer language… Calcelmo. Right. I head into Understone Keep. First I manage to chat up a storm with Calcelmo, and I get a free key into the museum, although he refuses to let me see his new book before he publishes it. Ah well… I head to the museum, and a guard stops me. I’ve almost had it with these jerks, especially when this one tells me I can’t go into the museum, and if I have a problem I can take it up with Calcelmo!

“But… but… I have the key! Calcelmo gave it to me himself! I… Oh fine, F-it, I’ll go talk to him again. Hell!”

I go all the way back to Calcelmo and he acts like he never gave me the key in the first place. “Um the guard said I can’t go into the museum?” “Well it’s closed and off limits to everyone… but if you wish to go in, you can go kill a giant spider for me–” “Hang on dude, do you suffer from short term memory loss?! Don’t you remember me?!” Then I remember, when I first chatted with him, he was leaning over an alchemy table and I was behind him, so maybe he didn’t recognize my voice. Memory loss. It MUST happen to the older elves at some point! I sigh and go kill a spider.

That is one big spider… probably ate Miracle Gro by mistake!

When I get back, he tells me that I did a great job… yeah yeah I know… You gave me gold, splendid! All you really had to do was scratch my ears. I take the key…I wonder how many of these things he really has… I also wonder if I could have just picked his pocket and killed the guard… I shrug my shoulders and finally go into the museum. Inside I slip past the guards and get into the back part of the place which has mercenary-like guards inside, not just city guards. Just to give them a little “Night at the Museum,” I turn on the Dwemer machines, which is mostly a bunch of traps, and they quickly make work of half the guards I encounter, except for one mage who runs out before I can get to him. I ignore him and press on.

Nope, nobody here, just keep going so I can sneak out!

In the end I made it up into his private tower and discovered a stone tablet with writing on it. I think I just found the Falmer Dictionary. And Calcelmo claims he’s spent years in research? With this thing in his den? Right. Sure. I steal some paper and charcoal and make a rubbing… and right after that some guards come in. As I listen to the chatter I realize that the mage who ran out is with them. Looks like he did the smart thing and went to get some help.  Aicanitar is his name, and it turns out he’s Calcelmo’s nephew! “Scour this place from top to bottom!” he says, then he goes back into the museum and the guards start their search. Not eager to see Cidna Mine again, I sneak out and drop down from the balcony. Nobody saw me, and I didn’t shed a single fur. Whew!

Time to head up to Solitude and see about getting into the Thalmor Embassy! On my way out, a guard comments I was lucky to be pardoned. Lucky!? Hey you were the one who framed me! I oughta give you a bloody nose! Instead I walk outside and head north.

Right into a dragon attack and some Forsworn. Oh joy.

Kynesgrove and Snow Veil Sanctum

Thanks for the Skooma and Moonsugar! *slits throat* Now you can’t hire thugs to kill me!

I leave Riften on foot and encounter an argonian skooma dealer on the roads. Naturally I pickpocket all he has and then slit his throat. A short while later an assassin tries to kill me and I end up killing her instead. The farther north I travel, the worse the weather gets. The sky turns gray and snow starts to blow in the strong winds.

Whatever he’s selling, I don’t want it.

Finally I spot a few buildings. I’ve made it to Kynesgrove, and the innkeeper runs up to me saying a dragon is attacking. I look up at the sky… no dragon there. I ask where it is, and she said it flew over the town and landed on the old dragon burial mound. Then she ran off. I ran on… following a cobblestone and dirt trail up the hillside. I see the dragon after a moment, and recognize it… it was the same dark black dragon that attacked Helgen during the executions, where Ulfric escaped and the village was destroyed.

I didn’t see Delphine anywhere, but decided to go on ahead and kill this dragon. I make my way up the path carefully and watch as the dragon hovers nearby. “Sahloknir! Ziil gro dovah ulse!” Oh boy. Okay I know dovah must be some form of the word dragon, I mean Dragonborn = Dovahkiin. Kinda obvious… but what does the rest of that drivel the dragon said mean? A flash of light, the ground erupts… and another dragon comes out of the ground. I think to myself, Oh… that.

The two dragons chat for a moment and happen to notice me. And then to my surprise, the flying black dragon speaks English! “You do not even know your own tongue, do you? Such arrogance. To dare take for yourself the name of dovah!” I blink. Hey now, look you overgrown, stinky, winged iguana– “Sahloknir! Krii daar joorre!” Uh oh…. The black dragon flies off while the resurrected dragon that came out of the ground flies up and shouts, “I AM SAHLOKNIR! Hear my voice and despair!” I draw my bow and prepare to fight.

Fortunately my arrows are not the only ones in this fight. Delphine has arrived and she starts firing arrows of her own until the dragon lands in front of her and tries to bite her head off. She draws a long sword of some sort and deals with the dragon while I stay back and shoot arrows into the dragon’s chest from the side. Eventually, the dragon shrieks and dies. Now as I step forward to examine the body, the dragon starts to dissolve until only it’s skeleton remains… I absorb the dragon’s soul, and Delphine is convinced of what I am… a Dragonborn.

I ask her everything, about who and what she is, about the dragons, and the Thalmor.

Now I drill her for questions. As the last member of the Blades, she’s determined to find out who’s behind the dragon’s return, and decides that maybe the Thalmor have something to do with it. The Thalmor are one of the major factions in Tamriel, alongside the Empire. There was a great war thirty years ago and the Empire surrendered when it looked like they were going to be defeated. The White-Gold Concordat was signed, and peace began, but the worship of Talos was outlawed. This is what started the rebellion in Skyrim, the one that Ulfric is leading. Delphine figures that the Thalmor want the civil war to continue. Ulfric was captured, the Empire had won. Then a dragon attacks, Ulfric escapes, and the war is on again. Who else profits from that but the Thalmor.

A vampire bit ya eh? That must have hurt.

Delphine goes back to Riverwood to scheme for a while. I press on to the north. I was on my way to meet up with Mercer Frey. We had to go into Snow Veil Sanctum and confront Karliah, who was responsible for murdering the previous guild master, Gallus. Now it seems she’s targeting Mercer, and we’re gonna trip her up. On my way there unfortunately, I came upon a hunter who needed help. Seems she got biten by a vampire and needed a potion to heal her. I didn’t have any on me, and she rushes past to get herself to a priest before she turns… but I ask here where it happened and she marked it on my map. I have yet to look at it, but I’ll make time later to check it out.

Mercer Frey is waiting for me outside the sanctum. He unlocks the doors but makes me take the lead. Fine by me… Gives me a clear shot.

I make it to the sanctum. It’s one of those Nordic tombs where a lot of Draugr are sure to be lurking. Mercer unlocks the gate and I head on inside. Mercer comments a lot, mentioning that the place smells of death… I start breathing through my mouth. He notices that the traps have all been reset so I pull a chain and jump aside before an iron door with spikes swings at me. It misses Mercer too.

So these bones hanging from the ceiling are called Bone Chimes… and they wake the Draugr? Don’t. Touch. ANYTHING!

“Bone Chimes. Clever,” Mercer comments as we near an opening into a room. From the ceiling a bits of rope, attached to which are various bones. I knew from experience that bumping into them would cause the bones to clank and rattle against each other, like wind chimes in the market place on a windy day. Sneaking is good, but being silent while sneaking is better. I avoid all the chimes and we manage to get through the room without waking a single draugr.

The Model Ship. I bet Delvin would love to have it.

After finding a room with a model ship in it, which I take to sell to Delvin later, we sneak past a few more draugr that are asleep… and then I see one that’s up and walking about. Just one. I nod to myself and draw an arrow. The Draugr doesn’t go down easily, and by the time I shot my second arrow at it, Mercer has run past me yelling his head off and knocking into more bone chimes. Pretty soon about half a dozen draugr are fighting Mercer. Facepalm. I’m still settled in a crouch, so the draugr ignore me and nearly beat Mercer to death. I shot every single one of the draugr down. Once they’re dead I open the chests that were previously guarded by the draugr and rigged with bone chimes, all the while thinking, How the heck did you become a theif, Mercer!?

HAAL – hand…. the second word for Disarm is now in my pool of knowledge.

I found a word wall eventually. I learn the word HAAL, which means Hand, and is now my second word for the Disarm Shout. Once I’ve learned this word, I move on and we come upon one of the nordic locks. Mercer believes that Karliah probably had the claw-key that would open it and destroyed it after using it, but he knows a little trick… after a moment the door opens and he tells me to go on ahead and be careful.

“Any of you geniuses know how to pick a combination lock?” Howie Mandel – Little Monsters

A split second later, I feel something hit me, and I fall to the ground.

I open my eyes and watch a slim figure walk forward… I can also see Mercer, who says, “Do you honestly believe your arrow will pierce me before my sword finds your heart?”

“Give me a reason to try,” says a quiet voice. Karliah is a woman, but most of her is shrouded in shadow, I can’t make out much more than the fact that she is also wearing thieves guild armor. Mercer compliments Karliah on her plans. Buying out Goldenglow Estate and funding Honningbrew Meadery and such. Karliah asks Mercer if he forgot the oath he had taken as a Nightingale…

So I’m lying there on the ground, I can’t move, and they’re just chatting away. What’s going on here?

Nightingale… I’ve read that before in a book… some sort of legend having to do with the thieves guild, but all the time I was doing jobs for the guild, the name never came up. Why now?

“Come Karliah! It’s time for you and Gallus to be reunited!” Mercer draws his sword and dagger, but Karliah merely drinks a potion and turns invisible.

“I’m no fool, Mercer. Crossing blades with you would be a death sentence!” she says, and she promises to kill him the next time they meet. With her gone, Mercer walks over and stands over my paralyzed form. He smirks and comments on the irony… that history repeats itself… “This tomb becomes your grave. I’ll send Brynjolf my regards!”

Mercer, you twerp! If I live through this I’ll scratch you to pieces! MEOW!

Wait… hey!

He draws his blades, stands over me, and then stabs me.

Everything fades to black….

(to be continued…)

Return to Riften

Ignoring the urgent letter from Solitude, I finish up business in Whiterun and leave for Riverwood. Once I get there I go into the Sleeping Giant Inn and ask for the attic room, as the note indicated.

“Attic room, eh? Well, we don’t have an attic room (I raised my eyes to the ceiling at this point. Seems legit as all I can see are the ceiling rafters.), but you can have the one on the left.”

I nod my thanks to the innkeeper and go into the room. Nobody is in there. Just as I start to think it’s all some while goose chase, the innkeeper comes in after me and gives me the horn of Jurgen Windcaller. Then she leads me into another room saying we had to talk. I’d mention to her that I had to get to Riften to report my dealings to the Thieves Guild, but I don’t. Just wouldn’t be good for business if everyone knew I was thief, you know. Instead I ask her, “Can I have my 10 septims back, please?” She ignores me and walks out of the room. I resist the temptation to pickpocket her.

Question: Can we get a cappuccino machine in here?

She leads me down into a basement where I find weapons and armor and all other sorts of things that made me realize this was no ordinary innkeeper. Turns out Delphine is a member of The Blades, an order of warriors who made it their life’s mission to guard the Dragonborn with their lives and to slay every dragon in the world. She tells me that the dragons aren’t just coming back to Skyrim… they’re coming back to life. Turns out most of them are dead already and something is making them rise from their graves and live again. Before she can trust me any further, she wants to see if I really am Dragonborn. The way to tell is simple… we go kill a dragon and I absorb it’s soul. Easy peasy! I tell her to go on ahead to the next dragon sighting and I’d meet her there. She tells me to get to Kynesgrove ASAP.

So I leave Riverwood. While Delphine runs north toward Windhelm, I turn south and run along my favorite mountain path so I don’t have to climb over it. I could go on up and bring the horn right to the Greybeards now, but the Thieves Guild is more on my mind at the moment.

This time it’s a Dunmer thief I encounter. Thanks for the lockpicks, sister!

On the way I encounter another thief from the Thieves Guild on the road. It certainly helps to have their armor on, as this thief recognizes me for it and gives me five free lockpicks. I have plenty already, but a few extra never hurts! Thanks, thief! Hug those shadows, now!

Oh hey, there’s Goldenglow Estate down there.

Then along the way I see a big keep that’s slightly crumbly here and there. I pick a few locks and sneak inside. I’m glad I did, because it turns out there was a lot of gold coins inside, among other treasures for me to loot. The Bandits are mostly unaware of my sneakiness, and I end up slitting several throats rather than take the risk of getting caught or having them raid a nearby town. I eventually came across a journal that must have belonged to the cook, who wrote about the bandit’s meat cravings and came up with a way to provide it… The place was used for wolf pit fights… so the discarded grilled leeks were understandable along with the massive amount of dog meat. Those were the only things I didn’t take from the keep… well, I took the leeks.

Once I’ve gotten as much as I could out of Faldar’s Tooth, I end up at the very top of the battlements. I use my ethereal shout, which makes me invincible (but unable to attack as well) and I jump down the side of the keep. A fall like this should have killed me, but with this shout, I land without a scratch. Shortly after I land the shout’s effects wear off and I carry on towards Riften.

When I get there I go down into the Cistern and tell Mercer that Karliah is the person we’re looking for, and that she’s at “where the end began,” or whatever it was.

“Only once place that could be then… she’s at Snowfall Sanctum,” Mercer says… and he goes on to say that we’d better go there and finish her off.

Yeah dude, he said Karliah! Crazy eh?

“We?” I ask. Turns out Mercer is coming with me. Great. I check my map… Kynesgrove is in between here and Windhelm, and the sanctum in question is a tomb that’s located to the north of Windhelm. Joy… Romping in the snow. Nice. “I’ll meet you there,” I say, and then I get ready to leave.

So, my to-d0 list… kill a dragon and eat his soul… wish I had french fries to go with it… then go kill a murderer who killed the last guild master… and then go back up to High Hrothgar and bring the horn of Jurgen the Windcaller to the Greybeards… Time to go sell this extra stuff I took from Faldar’s Tooth and make sure I have enough room in my inventory to carry the dragon bones and whatnot… My next stop is Kynesgrove. Let’s see about this dragon-coming-back-to-life-business, shall we?

Throat of the World

I took a trip to one mountaintop where a dragon was sitting around and killed it, and I saw a Dragon Priest, a long dead mage of sorts that revered the dragons back when he was alive. Now undead he pops out of his coffin and tries to kill me. I wind up killing him and getting a mask, a staff and three words off the wall. That’s right, three. Zul Mey Gut, which translates as Voice Fool Far. This shout is really whispered, and in the distance the Thu’um is heard, thus confusing the enemy. While they’re busy trying to find the source of the shout, I could slip in behind them or pass them up entirely, and they’d never see me at all. Being a thief I know this will come in handy.

In other events, I had traveled with the two surviving members of The Blades up near Karthspire, fighting the forsworn so we can get access into Sky Haven Temple, which has Alduin’s wall inside. After discovering that a shout was used to battle with Alduin, I’m asked if I know of any shout. Since I don’t I head over to the Greybeards at High Hrothgar. The monks up there don’t know of the shout, but they point me to their master Paarthurnax.

Paarthurnax is actually a dragon who has lived for thousands of years, and his age is clearly visible in his wings and scales and one of his broken horns. He does teach me the last word for the Fire Breath shout, which makes it more powerful. It was just the word I was looking for, but not the one used to defeat Alduin. Paarthurnax tells me of what happened when Alduin was last in Skyrim. It turns out that Alduin was trying to dominate all the races off the world and three Nord heroes stopped him. It was an epic battle, but it looked as if Alduin might not be slain. At the last moment, an Elder Scroll was used to cast Alduin out of the world, where he became lost in the currents of time itself. When that happened, time was shattered there on that mountain peak, up on the Throat of the World. So if I can bring an Elder Scroll back to the peak, then I might be able to learn the shout I need to defeat Alduin. I might bring along a follower for this one though… If three Nords couldn’t bring low Alduin, how could one Khajiit solo him?

So I leave Paarthurnax and head back to the Greybeards to tell them what I know. They never messed around with Elder Scrolls, but point me to the mage’s college in Winterhold. I have never been there since I don’t mess with magic so much, but now I have a reason to visit the campus – to gain access to their library… and maybe I can boost my magic skills while I’m at it.

For the meanwhile I head back down to Whiterun. It’s dusk, and a few people are walking around, preparing to head home for the night, and I decide to mess with them. I try to shout Zul Mey Gut, but instead it comes out as Yol Tor Shul! Thankfully I only shouted the first two words, so it wasn’t too powerful, but I nearly roasted Belethor alive!

He drops down to one knee, scorched, and yells, “I YIELD! I YIELD!”

My eyes widen in shock and I earn myself a 40 gold price over my head in Whiterun. There ya go, my first official offense. I sheathe my bow quickly and a guard behind me tries to arrest me.

At this point I had many options. I could use my right as Thane and order them to unhand me and thus dismiss my criminal record. I also could bribe the guard by giving him about 400 gold pieces, but that doesn’t clear the charge permanently and other guards will still say, “Wait… I know you!” and if they press me they’ll say, “You’re a wanted criminal!” and try to arrest me all over again. Then again I could also say that I’m with the thieves guild and give him 20 gold pieces to clear my bounty instead of 40 gold. The other options are the normal ones, like pay off my bounty fully, the whole 40 gold; or I could go to jail and serve my time; or I could fight my way clear and forever be a wanted criminal.

So pay my bounty or serve my time… for shouting? Whatever happened to freedom of speech? I shrug my shoulders and pay 20 gold. I was lucky my shout didn’t incinerate Belethor, because then it would have been a thousand gold, and I’d have lost another vendor. I already lost Adrianne a while back due to a vampire attack.

Speaking of vendors, I’ve been able to invest 500 gold into each salesperson I could in Whiterun and in various other holds besides. I’ve been able to make expensive potions that I was able to sell off for quite a profit. The end result, I had over 100,000 gold pieces. (and I was worried about a 40 gold price on my head? BAH!)

I blew most of it buying a house in Solitude, but I can make it up pretty quickly, what with being a member of the thieves guild and all. But hands down, potion making is my profession for sure. Way better than Brynjolf’s fake concoctions in Riften. 😉

All this time, I’ve been putting off the civil war. I think I better meet up with Galmar Stone-fist before he freezes out there. We’re on a mission to retrieve the Jagged Crown for Jarl Ulfric before we being the war in earnest. I think I’d like to get this war over and done with before I go hunting for Elder Scrolls.

One Crazy Week

(Told from the Khajiit’s point of view, my character Amaki’Dar, in Skyrim)

The forgemaster is dead, long live Amaki’Dar, Forgemaster of the Aetherium Forge! I claim this place in the name of moonsugar!

Well, I managed to get to the last Aetherium shard and I found out where the forge was. It was hidden deep underground, far deeper than any place I had been to yet, and the forge itself had several defense systems in store. The moment I arrived there was steam everywhere, and I had to turn two wheels to shut that down. That triggered the machinery. Mechanical spiders and the like came out, and I had to cut them down. Then the largest of them all, a centurion, came out of the lava, much to my amazement, but I managed to make that one fall to pieces.

At last we shut down the steam and got to work on the forge. It meant destroying the key I had with me, and all those Aetherium shards I had collected, but now that the forge was opened, there was no need for it, and the Aetherium itself was very rare indeed. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to find any more of it. So I had the option of forging one of three items. One was a head piece that would let me have two standing stone blessings at once. It sounds nice, but it would mean giving up my helmet and I wasn’t sure I wanted to do that (in order for the two standing stone blessings to work you have to have this head piece on). The other was a shield that could turn enemies ethereal for 15 seconds when they are bashed so they cannot harm me and I cannot harm them. Sounds like a nice tactic but I’m an archer, and I sometimes wield daggers or swords in close combat. Shields is a bit harder to do. So I passed on that. The last thing is a staff that would summon a Dwemer Spider or Sphere for 60 seconds. Sounds like fun! I go ahead and make that.

And I still haven’t used it.

In between the last shard and the forge however, I made a visit to a new city, or old one anyway. Riften has a sinister reputation, from what I’ve heard. It’s supposed to be home to the thieves guild. Being a grave robber and tomb raider myself, I figured, what difference would it make? As I approach, the city guard tells me to I have to pay the visitor’s tax, which I didn’t pay as I told the guard this had to be a shakedown. He told me to keep my voice down and he let me inside the city with no charge.

I walk past some locals who say they had a run-in with the thieves guild, and I pass one guy who looks like a bouncer for a bar and I manage to bribe him to get more information. Turns out a family called the Black-Briars have Riften in their pocket, and they run the thieves guild and have good contacts with the Dark Brotherhood (which is a group of assassins). 

I go into the inn, and a man named Brynjolf, who owned a potions stand in the marketplace. Turns out he was one of the higher members of the thieves guild looking for new members. He asks me to steal a silver ring and plant it on another person, and I do so easily without getting caught. Brynjolf thinks this looks promising and  decides to extend membership to the guild. Once I got in good with them, I went to Goldenglow estate to clear out the safe and burn down three (out of six) bee hives. Turns out there was a bill of sale in the safe along with a  little gold, and I bring it to Brynjolf. This doesn’t look good, and then I go see Maven Black-Briar, who sends me to Whiterun to help take over Honningbrew Meadery. Short version of that story is it’s now being converted to the Black-Briar Meadery West. And yet before I did the Honningbrew Meadery job, I met a man named Sam who challenged me to a drinking contest. I won, but woke up in Markarth after a night I couldn’t remember. I ended up traveling all across Skyrim following a trail of clues to find Sam, because he owed me a staff for winning that drinking contest. Eventually I found him, and it turns out Sam is Sanguine, the Deadric Prince of Debauchery. Knowing I was dealing with an immortal and very powerful being, I didn’t dare insult him or get angry with him. He wound up giving me the staff I had been looking for, and then sending me back to the tavern in Whiterun! “Now… where was I? Oh yeah, Honningbrew… right.”

Along the way I take on small jobs to pick locked safes in shops and change the numbers in their record books, all of which profits the thieves guild. I found a golden honeybee statue in Goldenglow estate, and a golden beehive stature in Honningbrew. Both of these items are on display that the thieves guild HQ, though I wish they were still mine and that I could have a trophy curio cabinet to put them in. Oh well. I got good gold for those items anyway.

Pardon me. Do you have any Gray Poupon?

I took the jump off the Bard’s Leap and lived to see a ghost congratulate me. I also spot the Headless Horseman… this is the third time I’ve seen him actually, which is sort of creepy. He’s pretty easy to spot in the distance, and up close you can plainly see that he head is gone. He never stops or says anything. Maybe one night if I see him again I might try to chase him. But it’s hard to do that on foot. over 10,000 gold pieces and I don’t have a horse. My feet are killin’ me!

At one point I had to go to Solitude to do several things. Firstly I had to speak to an Argonian who had ties to the thieves guild, and see if he can tell us the person who’s been buying our customers. I manage to persuade him to tell me as much as he can but he won’t give me the name of the buyer. He eventually leaves, and I tail him all the way down into the warehouse for a big trading company. He winds up going down into a series of caverns where I discover bandits that are smuggling goods out of the company… So… turns out our Argonian friend is a very naughty lizard. I manage to get to him and he comes clean, telling me that the buy was Karliah. I then learn that she used to be in the thieves guild, but had killed the previous guild master and was on the run. Now armed with that info, and a vague clue of where she currently is, I return to solitude to do another job.

The second job I had to do was talk to a wood elf, who would smuggle my things into the Thalmor Embassy for me. Meanwhile I’d go into the Embassy through the front door as a party guest. I came face-to-face with Elenwen, who seems to be the leader of the high elven group. I manage to avoid giving her my name and I seek out a patron to chat with. One person is Maven Black-Briar, but I avoid her. No need to let people know we’re connected via the Thieves Guild, but I do wonder what she’s doing here. I shrugged my shoulders and moved on. I saw that the Jarl Idgrod Ravencrone was there, and I’m Thane of Hjaalmarch, so I ask her to cause a distraction, which she agrees to, saying “an old woman can get away with anything!” I wish I could stay and listen/watch what goes on during the distraction, but I had a job to do. If I could, I’d have started a food fight. Instead I slip into the kitchens and head through the backdoor and start to infiltrate the embassy. My job: to find out what the Thalmor know about the dragons returning.

Turns out they knew nothing at all. Then I looked into some of their info-books, and I saw they had books on Ulfric Stormcloak and on Delphine. They don’t knwo where Delphine is, and as far as Ulfric is concerned, it seems the Thalmor would prefer that the civil war remains the way it is now. They don’t want an imperial victory, but a rebel victory is also to be avoided. Hmmm! So the Thalmor don’t care who wins in Skyrim, as long as the war remains stagnate. Maybe I’ll go kill that ice wraith and join up with the Stormcloaks. I’d rather join them instead of the Imperials any day, considering that the Imperials planned to chop of my head on day one!

I go down into the dungeons and find that the Thalmor were torturing a prisoner for information, and it was a member of the thieves guild. The Thalmor now know there is a Blades agent in the Ratway, the underground area of Riften. I save the thief, being one myself, and rescue him. The wood elf who helped smuggle my things in is caught, and i saved him as well. Now the Thalmor will be after him for the rest of his life. Well… now’s a great time to travel the world, always be on the move! Haha.

I tell Delphine about Esbern, the other Blades agent in the ratway, and I go and save him. Once these two are reunited, they tell me about Alduin’s Wall, which is a wall carving that contains history and prophesy. It showed that Alduin was defeated once before, and that the warriors who brought him down used a shout. I don’t know which shout it is yet, but I’m hoping I’ll find it.

Before I return to the Greybeards though, I join up with the Companions. I’m a werewolf now. A Khajiit werewolf. A cat that turns into a dog. Go figure!

So yeah… lots of stuff going on. Whew!

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