Exaulted with the Tillers!

Well, Owlaf finally made it. She’s a Tiller now, a member of the faction at Halfhill in the Valley of the Four Winds. Now she has all the space she can possibly own to grow her crops, fully upgraded with sprinklers and pest control, and a plow for when I wanna till soil or whatever. There’s chickens, pigs, sheep, a cat, a dog, and a yak. And a Mushan, which is a really big reptile that grazes in a field nearby. The most important thing here is the opening up of crop space. Now I can grow 16 plants a day. I’ve been growing whatever I needed so I can stock the guild with feasts. We haven’t started raiding yet, but I’m hoping it will be soon.

My completely updated farm. Growing pumpkins today. Halloween is around the corner ya know. ^-^


Kite Surfing With Style!

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This isn’t flying, it’s wind surfing with style!

In Pandaria, the taxis are kites. You literally stand on a kite and it flies you from point A to point B. And it turns out you get to ride on one for free. At level 90, if you’re working on the reputation for The Tillers, you might just get a daily quest from Farmer Fung. The quest is called Water, Water Everywhere, and to do it you have to talk to the flight master as if you were going to another town, and you’ll have a dialogue option where you’ll say something along the lines of, “Hey, this farmer guy said I can use one of his kites to water the fields.” and then she’ll lend you one and it flies along a path that goes all over the Heartland and you throw buckets of water down upon the dry spots of the fields.

Well, I’m Best Friends with Farmer Fung, and it turns out when you raise your reputation with him, you unlock some of his more exotic kites. There’s the standard red kite of course, which is available right from the start. Then you unlock the high-altitude blue kite, which flies higher and thus lets you throw buckets of water at a wider area of crops. After that it’s the swift yellow kite, which flies low and fast so you can get to all the dry patches faster. Finally, when you’ve maxed out our friendliness with Farmer Fung, you get to ride on the dancing green kite, that… well, makes you dance while you’re riding on it! That’s one way to water the crops! I’ll take it!

Now I really wish we could make our own kite mounts, especially a dancing one… it’d say make it an Inscription-craftable mount, which takes parchment, ink, enchanting dust, a couple of wooden staves for the frame, and some windwool cloth. I’m sure Blizzard would add a reagent for this that costs upwards of 12k gold just to make it more “rare”… if by rare they mean gold sink, but it’s doable. A kite you can fly on at your own leisure that makes your character dance on it? I want one! LOL

Owl’s Green Thumb

I can grow cabbages and scallions in the virtual world, but I can’t save an orchid or have a tomato plant thrive. -,-

The garden. Four Scallions growing in the field.

At Half Hill, I met a Pandaren who needed some help, and being the kind and thoughtful druid I am, I decide to lend a hand. Or paw… or hoof… depends on what form I’ve shapeshifted into. This Pandaren’s name is Yoon, and he had inherited his farm from his grandfather, who passed away recently and left the farm to him. Now Farmer Yoon feels dedicated to growing his own farm and becoming part of the Tillers, which is a farming faction of Pandaren. After growing some cabbage, I start growing some Scallions. One I had to pull up in the ground a little to help it grow, one was dry and needed water, and two others were infested with insects. I managed to solve all those problems easily.

Now I get to wait until tomorrow to harvest the things. I don’t think I’ve ever even had scallions… I don’t even know what they are. Yet I seem to be growing these better in the game than in real life. I’ve killed orchids and my tomato plant kept suffering from insects and made only tiny little tomatos that were not all that good. -,- My spider plants are looking great though!

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