What to Do When You’ve “Finished” Skyrim (part 3)

In keeping with the rules of this adventure, I am still avoiding using fast-travel to get around Skyrim, as well as avoiding use of the wait feature. I am also not traveling by carriages. My only method of travel is limited to on foot, werewolf, or on a horse. This game is being played at Legendary difficulty with most of the regular quests completed, so the quests I am doing are considered radiant, which to me means repeatable.

A New Day

Once again, Amaki’dar has several quests to complete in Skyrim. Florentus, from the Dawnguard, wishes for me to find an axe in a place called Bloodlet Throne, which is in the mountains in the south near Falkreath; I have a target to kill for the Dark Brotherhood in Ivarstead; I need to pickpocket Arcadia’s Flawless Emerald in Whiterun; Then I have to find a book called “Children of the Sky” in the ruins of Volunruud. I also forgot to steal a jeweled goblet from Romlyn Dreth’s house in Riften. Since this one is the closest, Khajiit will start with that one. This one departs Fort Dawnguard on foot. May the road lead me to warm sands.

I sneak along behind Babette for two minutes, and she runs and hides from a wolf. Some vampire! BAH!

I sneak along behind Babette for two minutes, and she runs and hides from a wolf. Some vampire! BAH!

Turdas, 12:25 AM – I remember that vampires tend to roam in the night hours between 10 PM and 5 AM or thereabouts. I meet Babette once again in the open, and her victim was a khajiit wearing ebony armor. Tough armor. Makes me hope I never have to fight her, but lil’ Babette knows I’m the Listener for the Dark Brotherhood, so this is one vampire I don’t have to worry about.

Yet as I walk away it occurred to me – what happens if Babette encountered anything else on the road? I grin and sit around to wait a while. I hope to see if anything happens. Before long, Babette yells, “Why are they hurting each other? Ahh! I’m getting out of here!” But she’s standing still as an elk runs about as if from a predator. I wonder if this is one of her little ruses to tempt human victims into getting close enough for her to bite them, but then a wolf bounds out of the underbrush and chases Babette, who runs and cowers fearfully!

This kid killed a khajiit wearing ebony mail, yet runs from a lone wolf? Maybe Babette really only found the body and drank it’s blood… after all she has no weapons on her I think, and she doesn’t use any magic to avoid the wolf at all, but merely and meekly seeks a hiding place, crouches, and covered her head with her arms. I step in and kill the wolf, and Babette walks away, saying she has to get back to the sanctuary before dawn.

Ah ha. Well I’ve seen enough!

Can you see the shadowmark?

Can you see the shadowmark?

Back in Riften, I successfully steal the jeweled goblet and returned it to vex. My next burglary is also in Riften. This time it’s an ornate drinking horn in Valindor’s house. I go over and pick the lock to get inside. Much to my surprise there is a thief inside the house already, and Valindor isn’t home! The rogue thief is already injured and starts running to and fro like a chicken with it’s head cut off. So I cast Calm on him, and he sits down at the table and has a drink! Weird!

I calm a thief down and he sits for a drink like he owns the place.

I calm a thief down and he sits for a drink like he owns the place.

I steal the horn and get out. Once outside, I wonder what will happen next, but I shrug it off. I wasn’t going to stand around waiting for the Calm spell to wear off and see if the thief tries to make a run for it. I got back to the Ragged Flagon and hand the horn over to Vex. The next job is the retrieve the jeweled candlestick from Belyn Hlaalu’s house in Windhelm. This time it can wait a while. It ought to still be there later. Time to head out of Riften and traverse Skyrim once more!

Ivarstead, the Bloodlet Throne, and Volunruud

Fury spells are fun to cast in cases like this.

Fury spells are fun to cast in cases like this.

5:50 AM, and I’ve just left Riften, turning west to get to Ivarstead. Instead of following the road, I’m going through the wilderness until I chance upon the Rift Watchtower, which seems to be home to orc bandits. I clear them out and continue through the woods, collecting butterfly wings and flowers along the way.

Once I get there I find the target easy enough. It’s a beautiful barbarian, who’s wearing Stormcloak Officer armor and wielding a two-handed axe. She’s standing in plain sight just outside the inn, so I come up with an idea. I sneak off behind the inn and stand next to a tree in the shadows, right near the river, and I cast a fury spell at her. She drew her weapon and started attacking the guards, and they killed her. And yes, you can get credit that way. As long as the target dies, whether by your hand or otherwise, you’ll complete the quest. I still had a hand in it simply by casting the spell of course, so of course it works.

Ah, this is where the vampires play with their food methinks!

Ah, this is where the vampires play with their food methinks!

3:46 PM – I reach the Bloodlet Throne, so now it’s time to see where this Dawnguard Rune Axe is. The keep is larger than it appears to be, most of what I explore is underground in some icy caverns. I guess vampires like the cold. I eventually fight my way down into the deepest part of the place. Two arrows is enough to make the master vampire turn invisible and make a run for it while another vampire and three death hounds chase me as I chase the master vampire. Trust me, chasing an invisible enemy is the most obnoxious thing to do!

Beautiful Axe. I wonder if Florentus will let me keep it...

Beautiful Axe. I wonder if Florentus will let me keep it…

My archery skill has reached 51, so I select the perks that allow me to recover twice as many arrows (Hunter’s Discipline) and a 50% chance to make all but the most powerful opponents stagger (Power Shot). I find the axe in a chest near where the mast vampire had been sitting. It looks beautiful. Florentus said that if used against the undead, it’s power increases, but diminishes each dawn. I wonder if I ought to test that, but I shrug and slip the axe into my bandolier.

8:37 PM – I exit the keep and decide to run wild as a werewolf for a change. I take a few shortcuts, ignoring the roads much of the way, dash past 3 guards as I go through Riverwood, then take to the woods again and reach the plains before Whiterun just as my werewolf form wears off. I did encounter some bandits well before Riverwood. Killing them and eating their hearts extended my time just enough. In fact the timing was perfect. I change back, re-equip my armor and bow, and run across the fields and head into Whiterun.

Aela the huntress. Sometimes I wish I could have my own armor just like hers, but I can't put green warpaint on me. Maybe if it were in red... nah, I like green!

Aela the huntress. Sometimes I wish I could have my own armor just like hers, but I can’t put green warpaint on me. Maybe if it were in red… nah, I like green!

My timing was a bit off this time however. While I arrived in Whiterun at about midnight, it had to stand outside Arcadia’s Cauldron and wait till it’s after 1 AM before I can pick the lock and sneak inside. Still, I manage to pickpocket her as she sleeps and I leave without detection. Now with her emerald in my pocket, I head into Jorrvaskr. Aela pays me 300 gold for the snowy sabre cat I had killed in Winterhold, and I ask her for more work. Now I have to go clear out a troll lair known as Clearspring Tarn. First though I want to head to Volunruud to pick up that book for the college, then I’ll head back up to Dawnstar and speak to the night mother once again for another Dark Brotherhood contract. But while I’m in Whiterun, I head into my house, Breezehome, and store a lot of things before going to sleep. I only sleep for six hours, waking up in time for the stores to open so I can sell anything I don’t need.

Normally you have to go into two separate areas of Volunruud to get a sword and an axe to put into the door. Thankfully I've already done that months ago, so the ceremonial weapons are still there.

Normally you have to go into two separate areas of Volunruud to get a sword and an axe to put into the door. Thankfully I’ve already done that months ago, so the ceremonial weapons are still there.

Fredas, 8:55 AM – Setting out on foot once again I head north of Whiterun. I encounter only a Khajiit skooma dealer, so I pickpocket all his things, carefully, and then kill him. I head straight to the doubel doors in Volunruud, since I’ve been in here before. The ceremonial sword and axe are still in the doors, so I just go inside and kill a few draugr and a ghost, get the book out of a chest, and get out.

On my way back to the College of Winterhold.

On my way back to the College of Winterhold.

I return to the Dawnstar Sanctuary, and the nightmother sends me back to that wary outlaw in Riften again. He must have a lot of enemies. Still, since he pays 1200 gold per kill, it’s almost worth it, especially if I don’t get caught! I leave Dawnstar and return to the College of Winterhold to give the orc in the library the book he wanted me to find.

Yes, when will the 4E 402 almanac be available, sir?

Yes, when will the 4E 402 almanac be available, sir?

Arneil’s Endeavor

6:39 PM – While I’m still at the college, I go visit Arniel. The last time I saw him, he asked me to use a sort of soul gem, bringing it to three separate Dwarven Convectors, putting the gem inside, and casting Arniel’s fire spell at it for three seconds. He’s trying to discover how and why the dwemer disappeared instantly, and his last project didn’t work, so I had to take the warped soul gem to use in the convectors for him. Once that was done he told me that the final piece would be arriving soon. Well it’s been a few days, so I go check up on him to see how he’s coming with his experiment. I mean if he’s successful, he might be able to contact the dwemer themselves! Needless to say I am intrigued.

Quit pouting! I'll get you another balloon!

Quit pouting! I’ll get you another balloon!

Well today he’s distressed to no end. He already paid Enthir to get something for him, and Enthir isn’t holding up to his end of the bargain. I go talk to Enthir. After all I am guild master of the thieves guild, and while Enthir isn’t as criminal as he’s let you believe, he does serve as a fence and will buy stolen goods. Still, I just have to wonder if he’s really failed to uphold his end of the deal or if this is a Thieves Guild scheme I’m not aware of. Turns out neither is the case: Enthis has no idea what he shipment is, in fact Arniel is the one who made all the arrangements. All Enthir did was arrange for someone to deliver the item from Morrowind. The courier made it as far as the Rift, but has now disappeared along with the package. I can only hope to find whatever it is soon, wherever it is.

Don't you ever get tired of bread? What about a pizza? Or a taco?

Don’t you ever get tired of bread? What about a pizza? Or a taco?

I travel south to Windhelm, and I break into a house to steal the jeweled candlestick for the guild. Ah yes, a jeweled candlestick. The dark elf who owned it snoozed on as I snatch it off his dresser and sneak out.

A jeweled candlestick up for grabs. So easy to be a thief.

A jeweled candlestick up for grabs. So easy to be a thief.

Loredas, 1:05 AM – Now I’m on my way back to the Rift once  again, although this time I know I have to clear out a troll lair. From what I can see, it’s located along the mountains bordering the volcanic region in Eastmarch and the forests of The Rift. In fact, the troll lair is directly south from Windhelm, but I know I’d have to take a winding mountain path to get up there. So I decide to ignore the roads for the time being and cross the rumbling, steaming, volcanic area.

There was a blizzard as I was running from Winterhold to Windhelm, but I got tired of it and shouted Clear Skies. Look at the wonderful northern lights, and now I don't have to shovel snow from my sidewalk!

There was a blizzard as I was running from Winterhold to Windhelm, but I got tired of it and shouted Clear Skies. Look at the wonderful northern lights, and now I don’t have to shovel snow from my sidewalk!

I eventually end up at Darkwater Crossing, after taking part in a battle between bandits and vampires with help from Stormcloak guards. I remember the best way to get to the troll lair, having been in there before, and I take the road along the side of the mountain, occasionally following a dirt path that serves as a shortcut. As predicted, it was a zigzagging walking up the side of the cliffs bordering Eastmarch and The Rift. I find the cave in due time, and discover only one troll inside of it, and only one arrow was all it took to kill it.

The volcanic area of Eastmarch, just south of Windhelm. Not only are their cracks in the ground where steam comes up, but there are also pools of water and geysers. They're no old faithful, but still... whatta sight.

The volcanic area of Eastmarch, just south of Windhelm. Not only are their cracks in the ground where steam comes up, but there are also pools of water and geysers. They’re no old faithful, but still… whatta sight.

I stand outside the cave, trying to spot my house in Windhelm from my view point, and reflect for a minute. I’m now at level 73, my archery is at 54 and my sneak at 46. Now I decide to see if I can focus on Arniel’s Endeavor. According to Enthir, the courier is somewhere in The Rift. According to my map, though, the courier is indeed in The Rift, and is in fact in Redwater Den, a place I know of to be a skooma hideout run by vampires. Why didn’t I think of this place before? I was ready to search troll lairs and bear dens. I should have known better. What’s more, the skooma den is directly south of where I am. So close. Coincidence? Hmm.


Continued in part 4: https://amakiowlaf.wordpress.com/2013/06/02/what-to-do-in-skyrim-part-4/


R.I.P. Adrianne and Belethor

Well at long last I started the Companions Quest line. The first random quest I did with them involving getting into a brawl with Carlotta. I remembered I helped her out once by brawling with the bard to get him to leave her alone. Now I had to beat her into submission for someone else. I wonder who. Haha. Then I went to retrieve a fragment of Wuuthrad, which is a legendary two handed axe that once belonged to Ysgramor, the founder of The Companions. As a side note, the name Wuuthrad means “elf grinder,” and Ysgramor was part of the war to rid Skyrim of the Snow Elves, so the name seems to fit. At some point in the past, the axe was broken into pieces, and the Companions of today wish to find them all and see about restoring the axe. I go and get a piece for my trial and once done, I’m a member of the companions. Then I go kill a wolf that had somehow gotten into some mill worker’s house, and then Skjor and Aela decide to reward me differently… The give me Lycanthropy… aka, they make me into a werewolf.

I’ve been putting this off for quite some time, because when you get lycanthropy, you no longer get benefits for resting, but I’ve been itching to get this done, so I finally went ahead and got it. After all, my sneak and archery skills are maxed out, and those two skills are the ones I rely on the most anyway. The rest will just take a little longer to level up, but then again I haven’t been sleeping in game as much anyway.

So the night of my first transformation, I run rampant in Whiterun, attacking guards, but I tried to be careful to avoid striking the civilians. I didn’t want to lose any merchants in the game. But eventually I started to get overwhelmed and just as my health was almost gone I made a run for it, heading between Arcadia’s Cauldron and Belethor’s General Goods with guards and civilians on my tail, literally. Then the screen fades to black, and when I can see again I’m in the woods with Aela. It’s time to go after the Silver Hand, the sworn enemies of The Companions, or so I believe. They hate werewolves, and so Aela and Skjor wanna wipe them out. Skjor had gone on ahead without us as I was recovering from my first transformation, so we gotta catch up.

Yet as Aela and I make our way into the keep where the Silver Hand is currently staying in, I can’t help but notice the lack of blood on the walls and dead bodies… then again I did pass up a door that was barred from the other side, so my guess is when Skjor went in there, someone might have locked the door to prevent others from following him. Guess we better find another way around.

Eventually we kill the leader, who calls himself “The Skinner.” Once he’s dead we realize that Skjor is dead as well. Aela wants revenge and tells me where to find another head honcho of the Silver Hand, and I leave the keep. Directly south of it is a lumber mill, and just then a courier comes out from around a building and delivers a letter… something about my inheritance? Oh no… With a sense of foreboding I open the letter. Seems Adrianne Avenicci has died. Well, guess that means I won’t be hearing her working the forge whenever I walk into Whiterun.

Later on when I return to Whiterun I make my rounds, going from store to store to sell a lot of the junk I’ve collected from my many adventures in Skyrim… Then I went into Belethor’s General Goods store, and instead of Belethor behind the counter saying, “Come on in! I’ve got something for just about anybody in here.” I hear a feminine voice saying, “It’s a fine day with you around.” I blink in surprise and I realize that Ysolda is behind the counter. While I did refuse to return a borrowed ring, I did help her get a mammoth tusk and some sleeping tree sap, so her reactions toward me are usually friendly. What was confusing to me though was what the bleep was she doing behind Belethor’s counter!? I thought she wanted to buy the inn and run that place? In fact, upon talking to her, she still seems to wish so!  Then as I browsed her wares, I saw that she was selling, among other things, a mammoth tusk!

Curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to visit the hall of the dead, which is an underground area where the dead are interred, like a walk in crypt with a lot of hallways. (Every city has one of these places, so if you notice that an NPC missing, you know where to find them if it’s the worst case scenario.) I go inside and I find two new-looking coffins. One is for Adrianne, and the other, as I feared, was for Belethor. Yet when I got the message from the courier, he only gave me one letter of inheritance… then again Belethor never gave me any quests, so since I didn’t do him any favors, I guess that means he never decided to bequeath anything to me.

So now it seems that Ysolda has taken over Belthor’s General Goods… though I’d have thought his assistant Sigurd would be running the place. Maybe he’s content getting firewood for everyone. Fine by me! Thanks for the wood Sig! Just set it down right there, thank you so much!

Just for the record, I didn’t kill them, haha. At least I don’t think I did… I blame the vampires.

And while I’m in the catacombs, I loot the coffins for the store keys. Hey, I am in the thieves guild… might as well be prepared!

Amaki’dar in Morthal

Well, when I finally arrive in Morthal, there’s a group of men gathered just outside the building where the jarl resides. Seems like the town is upset about a couple of things. One is a resident wizard who’s moved in. I go chat with him and he seems to be a nice fellow, and I buy as many spell books as I can and learn a lot of magic spells. I doubt I’ll ever cast them and it takes time to level those kind of skills, but you never know when you might need it!

This lady speaks in riddles and rhymes… makes me wonder if her grandfather was Dr. Seuss or Alan Poe…

The other issue is a little more stressing. It seems a house was burned down recently and two people died in it. The basic story I learn is that the man, named Hroggar, who lived there had a wife (who remains nameless) and daughter named Helgi, and those two perished in the house fire. The very next day,  Hroggar had moved in with some other woman named Alva. The whole town thinks he set the fire and murdered his family so he could pursue this younger love interest of his. The jarl asks me to find out whether this really was an accident or a murder. So I go to the remains of the house, which already has a layer of snow settling upon it.

That’s where I found the little girl ghost. I try to ask her some questions but she wants to play hide and seek first… and I have to wait till after dark to find her. Spooky. First I deal with ghosts in Rannveig’s Fast, now this? I’m starting to wonder if I’m turning into a Ghost Buster or something. I’m certainly not Scooby Doo… I’m a Khajiit, not a Great Dane! Still, I shrug my shoulders and head into the inn to wait until nightfall…

I’ll have a Whopper with extra lettuce, hold the mayo… large fries… and a chocolate shake… make it thick!

I can’t find the ghost girl in the village, so then I try the graveyard. That’s where I see one of the graves has been exhumed, and a woman is standing over it. The woman tried to attack me, and I realized she was a vampire and killed her before she could harm me. Then I hear the little girl’s voice coming from the coffin. It was Helgi alright, and she explains that the woman I just killed was Laelette, and that she was trying to make Helgi into a vampire but the fire got to her first. As Helgi finishes talking, a man approaches.

This guy’s name is Thonnir, and he recognizes Laelette, and discovers to his horror that she’s a vampire. I asked Thonnir about Laelette, and he said he thought she went off to join the Stormcloak Rebellion, which was why she disappeared for a long time. He did notice she started spending a lot of time with Alva before she disappeared, and yet weeks before that she despised Alva. I assume that Alva might be a vampire as well, which meant that Alva made Laelette into a vampire in the first place. Thonnir denies it, though, trying to convince himself that Laelette met her fate in the swamps, but I decide to try and prove that Alva is a vampire.

I sneak into Alva’s house, and sure enough Hroggar is there, and he tries to kill me when I come in. I ended up killing him in the end, and I go into the basement where I found an empty coffin and a journal belonging to Alva. Turns out Alva was sent into town on orders from a master vampire named Movarth Piquine to kill the guards in the town of Morthal, and then the coven of vampires could move in and have a constant source of blood for their powers as well as protection from the sunlight. She seduced Hroggar and enslaved him, then made Laelette into a vampire to serve as a sort of handmaiden and told her to kill Hroggar’s wife and daughter, but something went wrong and sprouted all the suspicions and that’s when I came into the picture with my investigation.

I bring the journal to the Jarl, and she commends me for finding out the truth and asks me to finish things up by slaying Movarth. Half the town is waiting outside for me, including Thonnir who wants vengeance for Laelette (thankfully he’s referring to Morvarth and Alva’s turning Laelette into a vampire and not to me killing Laelette the vampire. Whew!). We head off to Movarth’s lair and when we get there I ask if I have to do this alone, and Thonnir wants to come. I tell him it might be better if I dealt with this alone, and he agrees, saying that he’s not the fighting type. Then he and the other villagers walk away calm as anything.

WAIT! That’s it? No arguments!? I thought you wanted revenge! GET BACK HERE YOU— oh nevermind!

I roll my eyes and head on into the lair and kill all the vampires I find, including Movarth. Staying hidden in the shadows and striking out with my bow and arrows is my primary tactic. One thing I did learn was the vampires were immune to poisons… but their thralls aren’t. Thralls are mindless servants of the vampires, like Hroggar was. They may be slaves, but they’re still human at least, so I save my poisons for them.

Once I’m done cleaning their clocks, I head outside and run back to Morthal to report my success to the jarl…


Never fails. I come out of a vampire lair and a dragon swoops by to attack the village.

I stop… and look up… and see a dragon flying past me and roaring a challenge. Oh joy. I draw my bow once again, wondering why I even sheathe my weapons around here at all, and prepare to fight.

Amaki’dar: A Kajiit’s Travels Through Skyrim

So we get retirement benefits and a good health plan in here, especially since we’re working out of the cistern? Right?

I decided to take a trip back into Skyrim on my level 50+ kajiit, but when I started to suffer one crash after another I decided to look it up. I lowered my shadow qualities to the lowest setting (which is “low”) and set Two settings to zero… And I noticed two things. One, the graphics in the game were not as smooth as they used to be and shadow quality is low of course; and two, the game seems to be performing better. I noticed getting onto a horse is faster now for some reason. I started a brand new game to be sure that my issues were resolved, but after participating in a drinking contest with a fellow named Sam down in the Bee and Barb in Riften, the game froze on the loading screen where it was all black and nothing happened. So much for wishful thinking. I shrug my shoulders, restart the game, and re-accept the drinking contest challenge from Sam. This time it worked and I woke up in Markarth as intended. Occasionally I still encounter a few errors, and I don’t know why they occur. I removed most of the mods I had installed and also installed two mods that were called “unofficial patches” for Skyrim and Dawnguard that fixed many issues in the game, like the tree that didn’t update itself when you completed a quest chain, or Lydia sitting in your bedroom all the time and never sleeping in her own bed, and many others I won’t name because there’s too many!

In any case, I started a new game, and it works a little better as far as gameplay can go… and it doesn’t crash as often. So maybe the issue is over level 50… I’ll find out eventually, I’m at level 25 right now.

Basically, my tale may not be as epic as an illusionist in Skyrim, which is a person who only uses illusion magic and… nothing else. But I’m more adaptive. More learned. More furry, to be sure. So let me go ahead and give you my two septims of the day…

It’s been about five days since I escaped from Helgen. I was simply trying to cross the borders of Skyrim and I got busted. It’s what happens when your sneak skill is low, you’re wearing light colored clothes, and it’s broad daylight I guess. Rule number one from now own: work from the shadows… at night! So just before they could chop my head off and feed me to the dogs, a dragon shows up and wreaks havoc. The Nord soldier Ralof had chatted with me on the ride into the village, and I felt more sympathy to him than to the guards, so when the dragon was wheeling about overhead, I was faced with two options. I could enter the keep with Ralof, or I could enter another part of the keep with one of the guards. Now this guard didn’t find my name on the list and was told to send me to the block anyway, and he did nothing to prevent my possible execution. The moment the dragon arrived, it was Ralof who helped me to my feet and led the way into a tower for some reasonable shelter from the dragon. Guess who I went with? So long Imperials. I’ll scratch your faces later! Let’s go Ralof.

After several adventures, I discover that I am Dragonborn. Basically I can slay dragons and steal their souls and learn how to shout like them. Shortly after that I hear that I can learn more of The Voice from the Graybeards, but they’re located way up on a mountain top, and I was in no mood for climbing. Instead I took a carriage to two different cities. First I went to Riften. No real clue led me here, but it was the only city on the other side of a mountain I didn’t want to climb, so I went there. After shaking down the guards, I get in and chat with a guy who’s watching the streets. I bribe him and ask him several questions about The Dark Brotherhood, the Thieves Guild, and about the Black-Briars, the family that seems to have Riften in their pocket, and the thieves guild at their back. I ask how to join up and I get pointed to a man name Brynjolf. He offers a job right there and then. Fortunately it’s something I was somewhat familiar with. Lockpicking, yes… pickpocketing, no… but I handle the job without getting caught. Then I make my way up in the ranks until I got the goldenglow job. I figured if I was going to open the safe I’d need a key, so I decided to brush up on my pickpocketing, just in case.

And that led me to Windhelm, where I found a beggar who offered training in the art of sneaky pocket picking, and each time I paid her for the training, I picked my gold right back out of her pockets. So I learned twice as fast!

Now I take you to last night. I was walking through a mountain pass, trying to avoid climbing the thing, and I saw three people off the side of the road. “You there! Traveler!” I froze. Being a Kajiit, I had night vision, which meant I could see them so well they might as well have had spotlights trained on them. The one who spoke wore vampire armor, and from the look of his nicely trimmed-bearded face, I could swear he was a leader. Yet glancing at the other two people who stood before him, they were Vigilants of Stendarr, people who hunted down Daedra worshippers, werewolves, and vampires. For a moment I was in actual doubt. I thought maybe they were accusing him of being a vampire and he was calling out to me for some reason, maybe to plea for his case.

Instead, since he saw me already, I readied my daggers.

The moment I got close enough, they started to attack. Yep. They. Turns out the two Vigilants standing by were vampire initiates, wearing the vigilant armor. They had this trap in mind for a while. Hang out on a country road at night and ambush a wary traveler. Nice. I kill the head vampire first… and the rumors are false. I knew it. So killing the lead vampire won’t topple the fledglings. Shame they aren’t that fragile… So now I have to kill the other too. Once they’re dead, I notice the two corpses of the real Vigilants of Stendarr nearby, stripped naked and only having a few gold coins on them. I guess I came along before the vampires could take all the loot. Either that or vampires don’t like gold.

Well, I love gold, so I don’t think I wanna be a vampire. Unfortunately, I contracted the disease that would make me one in a few days unless I cured myself in time. Tick-tock, tick-tock! I turn tail and run back towards town. Across a river I draw my bow and aim up, and fire… the hawk lands a few feet from me and I collect it’s beak and three feathers… I eat one of the feathers and just like that – cured of Sanguinare Vampiris! Easy Peasy! I just hope I wont get a hairball from this.

I head back down the road once again and I find myself at the same spot of the vampire attack. It’s been hours since I was there last; in fact, it is now daytime, but one thing I notice is that the bodies are all gone. The other thing I noticed was a kajiit. It was a thief, just like me, and he came up to me and said, “Hello, sister! I saw you approaching and I thought you could use these. See you around!” and he gave me five lockpicks and left! Guess thieves won’t try to hold you up on the road when you’re wearing thieves guild armor! HA!

See ya later, brother… I guess I was one of a litter of three… and he was the one they kept… I’m the one they threw away. =^.^= Meow.

Well, no sense putting off this mountain climb. They say there’s no refusing the summons of the Graybeards, yet I lasted this long. Let’s go see if they’re put out by how long I’ve keep them waiting.

Amaki’Dar in Whiterun

Amaki'Dar in Whiterun

So last night as I’m walking in the street, I hear the guards yell at someone and turn to see two vampire thralls attacking one guard, so I run into the fray. Wielding two daggers I cut down the two thralls and I think to myself, “Okay, two vampire slaves dead, where’s their master?”

And I turn around just in time to see Adrianne get attacked by the vampire. So I go ahead and kill the vampire, but alas I was too late.

The next morning I receive a letter of inheritance, bequeathing me with 100 gold, minus 10 gold for the local tax. So yeah, one of the local merchants in this area is now dead.

Good thing I know how to craft my own items. I’m a blacksmith only as a personal hobby. Guess this also means that Idolaf has to go elsewhere for his weapons, haha. No way am I gonna be smithing his needs for the war effort, seeing as how he supports the Empire.

I myself am planning to join the Stormcloaks. First day in Skyrim I nearly get my head chopped off by the Imperials, so yeah, forgive me if I don’t like the Empire.

Anyway, now that Adrianne is dead, I have her forge all to myself, and her husband runs the store inside and can still sell me supplies if I need any. Still, it’s one less merchant I can sell my extra loot to. :/


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